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Telenovela: Las Brujas de South Beach

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I'm sorry, people, I really had to post this, I had such a laugh watching the preview, you wouldn't believe it! :lol: Especially, when the "evil countess Vanessa" (:lol:) says "Atrapen a las hermanas!" :lol:


Las Brujas De South Beach is an enchanting, magical story about four very unique women who were all sisters in a past life.

These women have reunited in modern day South Beach and must come together to solve the mysteries of love and death that were left unanswered. Strangers to each other now, these women feel a common bond of sisterhood when they first reunite.

Join these women as they put their differences aside, unite their powers and strive to complete their mission of vanquishing the evil forces that once tormented them in 12th Century Spain.

Mystery, suspense, tears and most of all laughter will follow viewers as they enter the fascinating world of Lola, Catalina, Eva and Damaris.

A world where the strongest powers they possess are love and true friendship.

Welcome to the magic....

I'm gonna have such a time watching this trash... :lol: Here is the video preview:


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