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SOD March 83 news and stories

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Hope you all enjoy this look back at what was hot and happening all those years !

*Joe Mascolo admitted to feeling angry about the character's direction before being killed off.

"When I was first approached about appearing on the show ,I said yes for one reason...writer Pat Falken Smith.When she was forced to leave,the quality of the writing went with her. Stefano,who started as a character of such wonderful potential,evolved into nothing more than a stock villian"

Mascolo insisted the producers felt one way about the character,he another,so he gave notice.

*At Search for Tomorrow,Joanna Lee has replaced Fred Bartholomew as executive producer.Many actors on the show seem delighted with the switch,hoping for faster ,more sensible plots.It wouldn't be unreasonable to look for character and storyline changes on the show.

*Ryan's Hope which recently rehired original creators Claire Labine and Paul Avila Mayer,has wiped out the entire Kirkland clan,including veteran actors Peter Haskell and Christine Jones.Labine and Mayer have chosen to center once again on the Ryan family,bringing back Frank Ryan(Geoffrey Pierson) and the original Pat Ryan (Malcolm Groome).

Claire, who was brought back to the drama to give it some of it's heyday spark,is only contracted to November.

There is a rumor the show may be cancelled to make way for the new Agnes Nixon-Douglas Marland soap tentatively titled "Love Without End".

*Now that Steve Frame has been killed off once again on Another World,look for a final(?)reconciliation between the show's most popular couple Mac and Rachel.

Storyline titbits

AMC- Back from a trip to Japan,Palmer unexpectedly drops by Daisy's house and is stunned to see David Aaronsen walk out of the bedroom clad only in a towel.

AW- Steve's family and friends hold a memorial service in his honour.After delivering an emotional eulogy at the gathering,Quinn understands she must do what Steve would have wanted -keep Frame Construction running.

ATWT - In her room,Annie gets a call from President Reagan,congratulating her on the birth of her quads.Thrilled,Annie suggests to Jeff they name their youngest daughter Nancy- mostly after Nancy Hughes,but partly after Nancy Reagan.

Capitol - Kelly refuses to go to Julie's birthday party because Myrna knows her true identity.Trey laughs at Kelly's fear of his stepmother and she tells him that Myrna will let loose with what she's got..."and she's got plenty".Trey goes without Kelly and wonders what she meant.

DOOL - At the DiMera house,Tony tells David and Renee he's not Stefano's son.Renee pretends to be surprised and when David confronts her,she tells him it's the first she'd heard of it.Renee assures him it won't change their relationship at all.

EON -Nicole insists she had no intention of revenge on Nora-she just wanted Miles' name cleared.When she arrived at the studio.Nora was waiting.When thev tape was rolling.the viciousness in Nora drove Nicole to hate the woman even more."I remember nothing but a blind rage.I looked around for something and seized the nearest weapon.."she reveals.

GH -Ignoring Scotty's pleas,Lee refuses to defend Heather.Instead public defender Jake Meyer has been assigned to the case.Heather steers him to checking out Susan's blackmail of the Quartermaines.

GL-At Springfield High,Phillip gets caught cutting classes and is suspended for 3 days.He begins to make plans to visit the Bahamas until Justin gets wind of his plans.

OLTL -Becky is surprised and pleased when Bo kisses her.Head over heels in love with hin.she's not about to get involved until she shakes the feeling he's not over Delilah.

RH - Jill informs Seneca that if he were married,he and his wife could have a baby-if the lady in question were so inclined.However,getting custody of Arley is another matter.Seneca,fixing his gaze on Jill and quickly announces to all assembled at Ryan's that he's about t otake the plunge again.

SFT - Cocerned for his grandaughter's health,Stu has a doctor examine Liza.The lab results are startling-Liza is pregnant!

Y&R -Since Charlie is on an extended vacation,Eve is preparing all of Victor's meals - what Victor doesn't know is that Eve is slowly poisoning him.

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    • What a lovely conversation with Hayley, and the surprise visit from Melanie and Mary Ellen was the cherry on top. Hayley has great energy. 
    • @Kane After reading your profile of Linc Beecham I have some questions 1. What ever happened to his brother? 2. Why did Rebekah need Linc to marry into Zona's family if the Beechams were rich enough to take over AE? 3. Did you have a favorite Linc (of the two actors)? 4. Was Zona short for Arizona?  It is such an unusual name, even for a soap.  Or was she created by a writer known for odd character names (Eben, Egypt, and Staige come to mind)?
    • First off I wish his parents were on the canvas. I'd also like to see him have scenes with Stephanie and the vets on the show. The six or so gay characters should be on the canvas too with the arrival of Andrew.  Ron can't write anything of value for the gay characters. It truly is disappointing. Ron is too busy writing annoying and repetitive one liners for Leo. The worst gay character left on the canvas. I wish they'd give Andrew more than a supporting role but I highly doubt it will happen.
    • He is yummy. Most if not all his pictures are of him shirtless on Instagram.
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