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Some results of the SOD focus group poll

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Most like to come back? Drucilla came in first, followed by Malcolm, Ashley, John.

Most likely to FF-wd? Porn storyline involving Daniel, Lily and Amber. "It's boring and yucky and Amber's hogging the show." Other disliked stories include the J.T./Victoria/Brad triangle and Jack and Nikki's political race.

Who'd you watch every day? Phyllis, Nick, Sharon and Victor got the most votes.

Couple you'd like to break up? Fans loathe Brad and Victoria. "Brad and Victoria have the worse relationship ever." Sharon/Nick supporters wish Phyllis and Nick would split.

Worst episode ever? The ones centered aroung the reliquary story. "They were terirble - boring and unrealistic." Several mentioned classic duds like Brad in a cage.

Best episode ever? Many loved the 199 episode where N/S won custody of Cassie. Phyllis/Nick fans liked their initial hook-up. Many enjoy the Jack/Victor fued.

What other soaps do Y&R fans watch? B&B, followed by ATWT/GL. Many also watch AMC.

Final Grade: 7. "Instead of letting the actors do what they do best, the writers devise a story and then jam the characters in."..."It sometimes feels now that the EP, LL, pushes stories too fast.

ETA: I'll do GL/B&B tonite if nobody else has, here's 2-3 categories for each to hold fans...


Who'd you watch every day? Reva. Jeffrey came in second.

Worst episode? Josh and Cassie's first time hitting the sheets. Harley's superhero episode. The Maryanne Carruthers mystery. Reva's 1998 clone...and the cancer related stories.

Couple you'd like to break-up? Josh and Cassie.


Who'd you watch every day? Hands-down Brooke. Taylor, followed by Nick were also must-sees.

Couple you'd like to break-up. Nick and Taylor, by far. Rick and Phoebe were a distant second but had a lot of votes. Many would like to see Eric and Stephanie split as well.

Least-favorite episode? Any story where Brooke is place in an unfavorable light. Her running back to Nick after Ridge clobbered Rick. A very close second was Ridge having sex with a groggy Brooke. Another notable contender: Taylor's return from the grave in 2005.

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When I watched GL I loved Bradley Cole. I think Jeffrey is poorly written, but I do enjoy the actor. Still surprised he ranked so high with viewers now.

LOL! Thats the entire show! :lol: BTW, thanks for posting that Angela.

Also hilarious that fans HATE Brad and Victoria who have been shoved down our fricking throats for months. I should add that it's poorly written Pod!Victoria, not kick ass Heather Tom Victoria.

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GH results:

Which couple would you most like to see break up? Jason/Sam were the couple that respondents most wanted to see break up, followed closely by Carjax. " Jason should be with Elizabeth and Sonny should be with Carly." responds MP "Sam is a stronger heroine without Jason," adds M.C.

Worst Episode Ever: Alan's death

What former character would you like to come back? Laura by a Landslide! Followed by Brenda, then Robert and then Anna.

Which s/l are you most likely to FF through? Fans were critical of the ongoing saga of Liz/Jason/Jake; Mob violence took a hit.

Which character would you watch everyday? Sonny first followed by Luke, Robin, Patrick, Carly, Jason, Emily, and Noah.

Best Episode ever?

The wedding of Luke and Laura, MC hostage crisis got favorable reviews. B.J.'s death, Sonny's breakdown, Clink/Boom

People wished GH was more balanced and used the vets more.

Viewers also don't like the way GH writes for women like Liz and Alexis.

Compliments to GH:" Alan/Tracy/Luke storyline is really fun and very well acted."

I've loved Robin and Patrick together since day one."

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There are summaries floating around. The ones I remember are:

Missed character: Kevin, David, Evangaline

Story to FF: 1) Jessica and Nash, 2) Marty, 3) teens

Character to watch every day, Natalie: Todd, Viki

Couples to break up: Dorian and Clint, Adrianna and Rex, Jessica and Nash

Worst episode: Quarry sex

Best episode: Execution

Rating 1.5 out of 10

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Focus groups never really go in GL's favor(remember it's why they killed of Maureen), so I kinda expected some disappointing results regarding GL. OLTL and GL are the ones I find myself disagreeing the most with.

Jeffrey's the worst character created in Guiding Light history. Period.

I do agree w/the votes regarding the Josh and Cassie pairing.

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The B&B results are kind of embarassing.

The focus on recent events shows that still a lot of people are content with show though but I still had hoped for better results. It's very Brookie-fanbase-centric.

Y&R on the other hand is revealing. Anyone dare to tell me that all is sun and roses there... Hah, LML is nothing but a hack.

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I don't think this is an entirely accurate barometer for how the majority of fans feel about their shows. This could've been skewed by the fangurls too. Take B&B for instance. I know Brooke has a lot of fans but I feel that the show focuses on her entirely too much as does GL with Reva. Why they picked Jeffrey is a baffling mystery. The onliners seem to hate him.

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Hmmmm..."focus groups"...to me, the silliest term employed by soaps right after "storyline-dictated." Always looking for something/someone else to blame. :rolleyes:

I found this little contradiction particularly amusing:

That focus group doesn't seem to have a focus. :P

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