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Some results of the SOD focus group poll

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Character most wanted to return?

Jack Deveraux took top honors, followed by Vivian Alamain. Kristen Blaked as played by Eileen Davidson also made the list. A few old timers were hankering for a little Eugene Bradford.

What storyline are you most likely to FF through?

Fans aren't fond of Steve and Kayla story and they've topped this list. "The reason I would fast-forward through Steve & Kayla is because they have completely stolen John's history and given it to Steve. John was the original pawn and now it just seems the writers have decided to just rehash and old storyline. I like Steve & Kayla, but give them their own story," declares A. S. Anything involving Willow or Tinda Lau was a close second.

Which character would you watch everyday?

Marlena and Sami were neck-and-neck in this race. "Marlena is the heart and soul of Days, mostly because of the strength and charm of Deidre Hall brings to the character." says N.P.

What couple would you like to breakup?

Hands down the top couple was Shawn and Belle. "I am sick of the 'Shelle' show," sighs D.S. Adds L.M., "Both characters were put together too young. The characters have never done anything independently, their stories have always revolved around each other."

What was the worst episode ever?

"Marlena floating over the bed when she was possessed," in 1995 clocked in at No. 1, followed closely by 1999's Garden of Eden and the night in 2005 when John and Kate had sex in the penthouse, while Roman and Marlena got busy on the island.

What was the best episode ever?

Bo and Hope's 1985 wedding, followed by Steve & Kayla's on the yacht in 1988. "I bought my first VCR specifically for Bo & Hope's London wedding," sh ares R.S. John and Marlena's pier reunion in 1991 and affair in 1993 got alot of votes.

What other shows do you watch?

While many only watch Days, Y&R and GH popped up the most.

Final Grade:

With 10 being the best it's ever been Days rated a 6.5 with viewers.

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