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Thanks everybody for the birthday greetings! They made my day!!!!!

For the last week and a half I have had a TON of family in for a family wedding! Kinfolk everywhere,almost walking on top of each other!

Some were supposed to go home today but their flights were cancelled due to bad weather.

Am I bad to be praying for clear skies on Wednesday?

Don't get me wrong,I LOVE my family but I am "dog-tired!!!!!" :)

Dan,Dan,Dan!!!!! Thank you for that GL clip! It was great! What a classic! Roger(Michael Zaslow),Holly (Maureen Garrett),Ed (Mart Hulswit and the mention of Mike (Don Stewart)!!!

This is what Soaps should be about! That was great stuff from Jerry and Bridget Dobson! People who think GL is great now should look up the classics like this. THANKS!

And again,thank you to everybody who wished me a happy birthday.


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