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  1. hey there you person you....you are def. one of the coolest ppl here. glad I came back! thanks for being a friend, mate.

  2. Wow, Rick....that song will not go away LOL Ashlee Simpson - Outta My Head (Ay ya ya)
  3. That Robin and Patrick scene was sooo cute! I love it how Patrick was being coy and playful with Robin. As for Anna and Lorenzo...HOTT! I love the sexual tension between these two ppl who are on opposite sides of the fence. It works well.
  4. Awww Scrubs having a child! I love it. I love the closeness of Brenda and Robin. It's great. I really don't feel sad for Elizabeth. She brought it on herself. I kinda wish Sonny finished the job on Lorenzo, but that's just me LOL. Good work
  5. I am glad to see Patrick accepting of the Robin's pregnancy, and wants to be a good parent. Patrick has shown a growth in maturity here. I like the Luke/Lucky scenes. Way to go, Lukcy, for calling Luke out on his hypocrisy. Greaty eppy, guys.
  6. Damn...just damn...I can see the blood on Lorenzo's face, and see the actual events happening to him right now. That was god-awfully intense, that it sucked me in. I honestly didn't want the episode to end. Dead serious. You did a great job on this episode, guys. Fantastic all the way through. You really should be writing on the show. Then I would fine it enjoyable.
  7. Wow, I loved this episode, actually. Very intense, which is what I like about your stories. I did find it funny when Carly said, "my son" It made me think of Ryan Lavery Can't wait for the next episode.
  8. Wow, is all I can say. Just tell it how it is in regards to writing. There is truth to what you said. Writers should take into account what true hardcore fans have to say in regards to a story...and they will be the ones to bring in more viewers, and just have fun with it. Simple as that. I am anxious about this Halloween story and these explosive scenes you are talking about. Sounds intense. Good work as usual, folks.
  9. Damn, now Orpheus took Kate!! What an ending, Loved it! I hate Joelle. Can I slap her? LOL Great episode!
  10. NaVell J. Lee

    PCE: Episode 87

    Great episode. Jason and Brenda hugging and making nice? LOL I never thought that would ever happen! But they have a common bond now. Patrick better not be an ass about this pregnancy.
  11. As I just said before...well, damn! Marlena just told Roman's ass, didn't he? LOL It's about time Marlena stood up for herself again. That was definitely lost in translation on the real deal. Good to see her standing her ground and telling Roman how it is. It's what I like to see, individuals not being a couple. They are being that one person. Great job guys!
  12. Very good episode, again, guys. It's interesting to see Steve and Hope connecting the way they are in here. It just seems like a good transition/change for them to be away from their respective counterparts. They are Steve and Hope, not Bope, or Sayla, or whatever the hell their couple name is. Individuals, I like that a lot.
  13. Great stuff on The Insider, guys! Wow, I had no idea of this, really. But that is a great idea.
  14. Damn! Daphne has another child out there somewhere? That's going to be interesting, and the perfect person to lead this story is Tony himself. Great dynamic there! Marlena in therapy is excellent. I love how she is dealing with her inner emotions and guilt that she could actually have stopped something before it happened. Dude, you guys are excellent writers. Great job, the both of you!
  15. Brenda, Brenda, Brenda..to quote the SOAPnet marathon they had of her a few years back LOL Love the instant attraction between Lucas and Dante, but a bit weirded out about the Maxie liking Dillon front. Sorry, but it just seemed too...uncomfortable. Maybe b/c I think Maxie is just doing it to save her own hide. Overall, great eppy
  16. NaVell J. Lee

    PCE: Episode 85

    I loved the Kelly/Lainey scenes. You know the claws want to come out with Lainey, but I can picture it on their night out LOL I love Bobbie conniving the guard, and as usual the Q's. More seeing them here than on the real deal.
  17. I remember you telling me about MD for the show. That is really awesome, and I really hope it works out for the best. Congrats again!
  18. Liking Part 1 so far...I can't wait to see what else you have in store. But I am mostly looking forward to the Lucky/Sam stuff
  19. I love Darin Palmer...a man who is basically taking the job of a longtime DA and doing it better...heh, sounds like me and my job Twins...damn, you DID catch me off guard on that. Nice!
  20. NaVell J. Lee

    PCE: Episode 83

    I wonder if finding out about Alan is the first step of her admitting what she has done, and of her guilt. Loved the Monica outburst she gave Kevin. It is natural for her to be conflicted, and glad that Kevin realizes how she feels.
  21. Loved Jason finally getting a backbone and telling Sonny off. He really needed to stand on his own, and it was great. The Robin and Brenda scene made me laugh....what were you trying to say, Brenda looks familiar? Like Kelly Cramer? The Helena/Sam scenes are good, too. Makes me yearn for some Livvie Locke!
  22. Wow, you know what I find funny about this is that this would be wonderful material for Steve Burton on the real deal. *sighs* If only. Great episode, again. Love the connection of Jason and Carly
  23. Loved the episode, guys. Can I say that Monica is getting exactly what she deserves. Go Edward! And AJ certainly has room to talk when he laid the smackdown on Emily and Jason. Hypocrite...but he made valid points. LOL
  24. DAYUM!!! That was incredible!!! I loved the dynamic you used and how you are writing all the characters, especially Victor! Such a staple, to blow up the DiMera Mansion...it was great!
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