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DAYS: Tuesday June 5

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Lot's of interesting developments today and just plain goodness.

Bo/Hope discussing investigating the vendetta was so wonderful. Love how Bo was concerned about Shawn and Belle staying at Victor's. Hope pointing out that Victor's out of town is interesting, as well. Bo was adorable saying that Caroline would ground them. And Hope's come back about never being too old - absolutely precious! Doug and Julie's arrival was great. Anyone else find it interesting that the dialogue was so potent as far as them staying around for a while, staying with Alice, and Julie learning the secret doughnut recipe? That's a bit...ominous, no? I missed the flashback when talking about Doug's Place; was it real or recreated? What did it show? I thought the letter revelation was done wonderfully.

I'm so over the hairbrush, so I was glad to see that resolved today. I thought it was lame that Willow hit her head and there was no blood. I mean, it was driftwood, from the looks of it, so she must have hit her head hard, and yet, no blood. Pity. But yay for head trauma. I wonder if the Jan Spears-like ending was a nod to those speculating that Willow might turn out to be Jan. Blake Berris was great in the aftermath. Nick is such a good guy, such a great Horton, just in the way he is - flawed, but good-natured.

The writing in this triangle is horrible. If EJ isn't evil, Lucas is annoying and lame. He really does have little dog syndrome, doesn't he? He can't see that he's not helping his own situation by being the way he has been. I get that he wants to protect Sami, but come on. The fact that they had to fight with him to get him to test the food was ridiculous. You'd think he'd jhump at the chance to make EJ out to be a fool, so he'd have it done just to see. Part of the way Lucas is being written is in character, but part of it is such utter EJ propping, it's ridiculous. He's not being written as Sami's partner, and that's a crime, IMO, because that is what they are, whether EJami fans like or not. I like EJ and Sami, but I don't want to see them happen at the expense of another character's identity, which has been limited to begin with.

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