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AMC: SOW Scoops

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Thanks to ZnK's Jules

Public Opinion:

Laughing with Lish

During Ryan and Annie's wedding on All My Children, Alicia Minshew reminded me why she is such a great comedian. It's not just her delivery of a line; the way she ran around the grounds was hysterical. Kendall is a riot. What Thorsten Kaye (Zach) brought to it all was an unfazed, bemused look of "There goes my crazy wife again, but I love her." He called her on her bathroom B.S., and in addition to the great line where he asked if she'd hog-tied Greenlee to her car, he never looked at her. He just stared at Ryan and Annie and called Kendall on her antics. Comedy gold!

Jules, via e-mail

Mail Call: The jury's still out on NuGreenlee.

Viewers' Voice: Was Bianca and Zoe's exit handled better or worse than you expected?

50% I don't care. I'm just glad they're gone.

26% It was better than I expected.

24% It was worse than I expected.

Secret Wedding: Jacob Young married Christen Steward on May 13 in New Jersey. Many of Young's co-stars attended the ceremony, including Alicia Minshew, Bobbi Eakes, a very pregnant Sydney Penny and Thorsten Kaye, who came with partner Susan Haskell. "It was a beautiful wedding--and short," reports Kaye. "My favorite kind."


Miss: Ryan and Annie's big, fat, weak wedding on AMC

While Days demonstrated how to garner a warm receptin for a nuptial party, AMC's Ryan and Annie's wedding crashed.

Not only was Annie's family completely MIA, so were some of Ryan's friends: Erica was dissolving her marriage on live TV, while Ryan's "best friend" Bianca had left town a mere week earlier. If the dearly beloved of Pine Valley could not be bothered to gather together to bear witness, why should viewers?

Anyone who did tune in was confronted with a couple who had no rooting interest. Worse, the two central women were virtual strangers. Making things more confusing was that the actress who actually looks like Greenlee is playing Annie. If Rebecca Budig could have been lured back to the role, fans would have been cheering for Greenlee to stop the wedding. Instead, a new face was scampering through the woods. (Watching Sabine Singh and Alicia Minshew's Kendall mincing through a forest in heels was hilarious.)

The fashion show at the engagement party was an unintentional howler, and what bride would pass up a horseback ride in her wedding gown before the reception? Nothing says "romance" like the scent of manure.

AMC might have won points for allowing Kendall and Zach to anticipate Greenlee disrupting the wedding (at last--characters who act like they've seen a soap opera), but the treacle had already been ladled on too thickly. (Witness little Kate bouncing on the bed and exhorting her mother to "practice kissing!" with Ryan. [i think they meant Emma.]) Ryan's vows were surprisingly cloying for such a fan fave. It's a wonder he resisted mentioning her incredibly lucky...withdrawal from that dodgy sperm bank.

All the elements were there for a classic soap wedding, except rooting value for any of the three people involved. Perhaps that is what AMC intended, since Ryan was arrested at the reception and the marriage was declared invalid?

Hopefully when Ryan ties the knot for the fifth time, it will be with someone he--and we--truly care about.


Week of May 28: Ryan confesses to Annie.

Babe makes a surprising decision when Greenlee reveals her secret.

Jack gives Erica an engagement present.

Amanda stuns JR with a kiss.

Josh catches Greenlee's attention.

Can't Miss: June 1: Colby (with Sean) makes a devastating discovery.

Week of June 4: Kendall is appalled by Greenlee's betrayal. Annie makes a troubling discovery about Ryan. Greenlee plots revenge on Zach.

The main scoops story is that Krystal buys the roadside bar.

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