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Y&R Spoiler: Gloria's Friend, Evan and More

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QUOTE(Chris B @ May 16 2007, 04:43 PM)
Latham has shown that she loves Gloria, not so much Jill, so I'm pretty sure they will just dumb down Jill in favor of Gloria. I don't even think Latham knows how fierce Jill is because she doesn't care a bout the history of the show.

I'm sure there will be a good episode or two, but no follow through.

I would not be surprised if Jill is the matron of honor at Gloria's wedding the week after.
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Where did you read this , because I hope it not true.? I hope Nick comes back and he and Sharon get back together.

I hoping the truth will come out about Gloria Tainting the cream and Jack can get his company back so Gloria and her family including Kevin can go to jail.

Since Lauren knows the truth her statement was don't hide any more secret, but she didn't tell Gloria how wrong she was unless I miss something. That fact Gloria has her own son helping her drugged Jill and TiMin and break into Jack computer, spy on them at the office , they should get some time for this. But, Gloria been getting away with been a con artist and liar since she arrived in town.

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Adding more for you all to check out:

Brad gets jealous when Neil decides to bring Devon on board for a new client

Lauren dumb butt gets wrapped up in Gloria's scheme with Evan

Colleen learns what her daddy and Aunt Sharon have been up to

Jill pleads with Kay to let Ji Min stick around

Will's pathetic butt pops the question to GloHo

Amber weasel's her way into Extreme Catwalk (set up for to get busted down the line)


Gloria's butt is called for her DNA (Happens sooner than you think)

Sharon and Brad's affair makes the rounds to all of Genoa City (I swear Latham is reading my blog)

A slip up from Gloria reveals to Jill that she was the one that gave her coffee that added boost

Nikki resumes control over NVP

John pays Sharon a 'fatherly' visit

Brad is SLAPPED in the face with purjury charges (HALLELUIAH)

Lily could be the one to blow Amber's world up in her face

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May NVP fall flat on it's ass with Nikki running it. Victor will be off looking for Jr., Jack sold it and Phyllis is on "leave". Nikki will proceed to run that company into the GROUND and I hope Phyllis sales her shares while they still have value and watch Nikki crash and burn because she's gonna be more concerned about her damn campaign that the company she bitched and moaned to Victor about getting back for her.

Amber is even more stupid that I thought. Going on TV is NOT a good thing to do when you're an internet porn star. What does she think people will see her in her clothes and not notice her? And isn't Extreme Catwalk filmed in LA where her ex-in laws are? I see her world crumbling in her face in due time.

LMAO! Brad gets charged with perjury! :lol: I'm glad Sharon didn't lie for that asshat. I just hope he doesn't tell Bardwell about Phyllis' "threat" but does tell him how Nikki strongarmed him into having Phyllis arrested.

For some strange reason, I see Gloria's scheming ass messing with the DNA test so it doesn't match hers, but I'm PRAYING she gets her just desert because she's gotten away with too much crap. And may Jill's fist find her way to GloWorms face!

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I see that those are the "devious deeds" Jill finds out about, and am wondering if she even finds out about the Tainted Skin Cream.....

Like someone else mentioned here recently, we seem to get a "GloHo Reveal" tease about once a month....It reminds me of Passions....

GloHo would fit in perfectly on Passions, she could be a new love interest for Julian....I would love to see GloHo and Rebecca fight and scheme over Julian..... :lol:

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