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Ryan & Annie's Wedding

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From NY Daily News:

An unceremonious start to a marriage on 'AMC'


Melissa Claire Egan takes a dip at the hands of Cameron Mathison while practicing their wedding dance.

Ryan and Annie get hitched next week on "All My Children," but as always, there's a hitch.

"Ryan has no idea Greenlee is back in town," says Cameron Mathison (Ryan), referring to his character's ex-wife. "He thinks Kendall is up to no good trying to break up the wedding, because everybody knows Kendall is trouble."

But it's Kendall who runs into Greenlee - first at a spa, where they share a phony rapprochement, and then lurking around the outskirts of Wildwind as the ceremony is about to start.

"Ryan sees that Kendall is very agitated, a little bit off," says Mathison, "but he doesn't know why. It's because Kendall knows Greenlee is around, checking out the grounds. Without anybody knowing, Kendall locks Greenlee in the playhouse to keep her from spoiling the wedding."

Ryan and Annie start saying their 'I do's."

"There's kind of a cute little moment where the minister says, 'Does anybody here have any reason why these two shouldn't be wed?' and Kendall is running back from the playhouse. She shows up at the wedding and everybody's like, 'What the hell is going on?' Kendall says, 'Oh, no. Not me. It's fine. I was just going to the bathroom,' or something. It's a cute curveball. The wedding goes on. But then Greenlee escapes from the playhouse."

Viewers know that Greenlee still has a thing for her ex-husband, and that Ryan has a pretty poor record with wives.

"This is No. 4," says Mathison. "He married Gillian for money. Then Gillian for love. Greenlee to spite Kendall, and now Annie for love."

Ryan and Greenlee did eventually fall for each other - before she learned Kendall was pregnant with Ryan's baby and left town.

"You think this is going to be another interrupted wedding, but it doesn't happen," says Mathison. "She has something else planned. Something bigger."

"AMC" brought in Louis van Amstel from "Dancing With the Stars" to teach Ryan and Annie how to dance for their wedding reception, where that "something bigger" does indeed happen.

"The funny thing is, I had a meeting with 'Dancing With the Stars,'" says Mathison. "They tried to get me for season three and season four, and now I'm meeting with them in May for season five. It would be hysterical. The way I see it is that there's no possible way I can make it past three or four weeks. Hopefully, I can charm my way to maybe the fifth week. That's my goal."

He won't get much help from his alter ego. "Ryan's not a great dancer," Mathison quips, "but Cameron's worse."

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