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Days: TV Guide May Previews

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Days of Our Lives — Adrienne returns!

*Who exactly is the father of Sami’s unborn baby? No one knows for sure, but we’re betting it’s EJ. After all, tying the Bradys with the DiMeras biologically could pave the way for fascinating drama and cement the feud for generations to come. As Lucas and Sami’s wedding approaches, look for a big surprise.

*After he comes out of his coma, John and Marlena revel in their newfound happiness — until, a new crisis arises.

*Shawn and Belle return to Salem for Sami and Lucas’s wedding. But when Claire is in danger, expect the unexpected.

*Can Kayla stop Steve’s mission of evil before it’s too late? Will we ever care?

*Celeste takes centre stage when Tony DiMera returns to the show May 24 — expect a doozy of an umbrella storyline this summer.

*Adrienne comes back on May 1 to help Steve and Kayla. But where’s Justin?

Fearless prediction: We learn that the father of Sami’s baby is really Stefano DiMera!


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I read the shelle preview, as if they make it home for Lumi's wedding..Which would be awesome if its true....and the Celeste spoiler totally intrigues me..I'm so happy that Hogan is using Tanya Boyd, its about time someone used Celeste again..

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