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Another car accident befalls a Salem citizen this week on DOOL, and this time Kayla is the victim.

Bo rushes to her side at the hospital after the mysterious crash. "Kayla manages to tell Bo that she was run off the road by two cars," previews MBE. "Kayla thinks EJ is behind it."

Marlena relays the news of Kayla's accident to Steve at the mental institution. When she leaves, he hatches a plan that gets him sent to the hospital so he can tend to his Sweetness. "But Kayla is upset that Steve is there," sighs MBE. "Once again, he's jeopardized everything by breaking out of the mental hospital."

Certain that EJ orchestrated Kayla's crash, Steve races off to even the score. Kayla phones Bo to warn him that Steve is running free. "Kayla would rather have Steve arrested than loose and making things worse by shooting EJ," explains MBE. "It would ruin any chance of a future they could have together."

Before Bo can get to him though, Steve attacks EJ and warns him to steer clear of Kayla. Afterward, EJ goes to the hospital to see Kayla and insists he had nothing to do with the accident.

"Kayla is tough with EJ," warns MBE. "She says she's going to prove he was behind everything and take him down. Kayla is driven by her love for Steve. She wants EJ stopped and taken to trial. If EJ is behind bars, the hold he has on Steve would be broken and he'd be on the road to recovery."

So to speak.


'Spotlight On' is with Stephen Nichols - 1-page interview thingie


Sneak Peeks

Week of April 9

Philip and EJ plant a bug in Bo's house.

Bo asks Chelsea to move in with him and Hope.

Philip posts reward flyers on the island to find Belle and Shawn

Nick admits to "losing" police evidence.

Can't Miss - Monday, April 9 - Sami and Celeste plot to off EJ.

Week of April 16

Steve pushes the limits at the mental hospital.

EJ leaves town for personal reasons.

Chelsea flirts with Max for revenge.

Sami and Celeste further their plot to kill EJ.


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Chelsea/Max? Oh, I thought we were done witj incest vibes...

Sounds like lots of Bo and Hope next week with these spoilers and the CDN TV Guide ones for this week have. Marlena sounds like a one day appearance again but that will change.

These sound exciting. Better then I thought.

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I'm glad they are at least acknowledging that chelsea and max dated..I liked Chelsea and Abby's talk about Max today...I'm glad Abby asked Chelsea's permission to hang out with Max..because that would be weird to have your best friend date your ex..

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    • That set was awful. I hated the architecture of the house too. The characters were a bust with the writers not knowing what to do with them. In season one there are several episodes where they are not even shown or they are given few lines. I guess they are the Chris & Tracy Partridge of Knots Landing....

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    • Thanks for all the info. I did not know about some of that. That explains when Sue Ellen did her movie, she did not include Pam. I figured she would have the them do the scene of when J.R. caused her to fall that caused the miscarriage or show the flashback of it. Victoria was right to leave if they were not willing to pay her the same rate as Duffy. She got screwed because of Duffy leaving and then he gets paid the big bucks to return. I have come to dislike the Bobby character somewhat. Duffy seemed to get more smarmy/hammy as the show progressed, especially after his return. I always hated how Bobby threw Pam under the bus where Jenna was concerned. Even in the first year, Bobby would drop everything for Jenna and then acted like Pam was being ridiculous when she was a bit jealous. They resolved Charly was not Bobby's in that episode, but then when Jenna returned, they started that crap all over again. I might have cared if Fairchild had returned to the role and it was better written, but Presley did not impress me enough to care about Jenna.  I also thought it was a mistake to kill off Kristin so fast. She could have driven story for years. Since they did kill her off, they should have had baby Christopher to really be J.R.'s and have Bobby and Pam keep the secret for years. Maybe have little Christopher start to exhibit devious tendencies as he started to grow up. 
    • I’m not watching but people are saying the Muchova/Sabalenka match is great.
    • I think we're nearer the tipping point where SCOTUS will have to finally be overhauled, tbh. It will take time but it's rattled the general public.
    • Was she up for the part Julia Stiles got, I wonder? Dexter's equally crazy mate? I'd assume so. Claudia and Johnny were weirdly intimate together from the jump (and again, I felt it suited the very gothic characters) so I'm not sure I fully agree with that complaint, though I can understand not wanting it to be made more textual. I've seen too many women like Sarah Brown dismissed as crazy or irrational over the years only to be vindicated through the passage of time. So I'm sure Sarah has a lot of very valid and true complaints about her ordeals with her ex, some of her work at GH, etc. But I'm not sure what she wanted Jackie or others to do, or about what instance specifically.
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