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Y&R: OMG I dont think it is Dru that is being killed off.

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From SOD: (SoapZone)


(Y&R Cover Story. Big Pictures Of Dru & Sharon)


Drucilla's Deadly Exit

Sharon Goes, Too!

IN! Soap Vet Joins Y&R

(Billy Warlock)


Phyliss and Sharon are fighting on a cliff, Dru tries to intervene, and Dru and Sharon end up falling off of the cliff. Sharon is determined dead from hypothermia. As for Dru, her status changes when the mission is switched from search and rescue to search and recovery.

Billy Warlock

No character name, but he joins the show in the contract role of Jack's campaign manager


Does this mean that Sharon is the one thats gonna be dead and that Dru is just going to be presumed dead?

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So much has been built around Sharon. I just can't accept this. It's not even that I like her. She's ok, but not one of my favs. But she's so involved in the little Newman click and we haven't even had the reveal with Brad and Victoria. This just can't be. :unsure:

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