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SteveFrame needs your prayers!!


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This is from his blog, announcing a temporary hiatus of his blog. Let's be sure to keep him in our thoughts & prayers!

Steve, take care buddy! :) We wish you the speediest recovery and all the warm wishes and hugs you could imagine!! :D

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Hey thanks guys. Got a few more minutes on the laptop. I may get to come home late Sunday or Monday now. I thought the problem was better but it actually is not as well as I thought it was. Guess that is why I don't have MD after my name. LOL

The doc does think I can skip surgery now so that is good.

Anyway thanks. Hopefully I will be back on soon and can peruse the boards more. This 15 minutes every so often on the laptop doesn't give me much time to look anywhere, but at least they let me have my laptop. LOL

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