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New Jersey Cops are losing their minds


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NJ cops are seriously lozing their damn minds. I listen to this radio show called "The Jersey Guys" on NJ101.5 in New Jersey and while they do make fun of a lot of things, they bring a lot of stories to light, such as the story below, which was released yesterday. Last month they talked about the officer naked in his car because "he didn't want to get his seats wet" and then in August they talked about the cops posing in Ocean City, MD. They rode these guys for months and it's hilarious.

They are currently being hounded by the the township of Jackson, NJ after they did a report on the drinking water in Jackson being unsafe (it's true, it's not). In response, they city lost some real estate deals and want to sue the radionstation. For those in the tri-state area, Jackson Township is where Six Flags Great Adventure is Located.

This makes you wonder though, are the cops in NJ losing their damn minds?

Cop suspended, others probed in drinking, vandalism case

The Associated Press

Published: Friday, October 28, 2005

Updated: Friday, October 28, 2005

ELIZABETH, N.J. (AP) - A police lieutenant has been suspended and others are being investigated after a cable television station filmed officers drinking on a city parking deck, smashing the windows of a vehicle, and bragging about shaking down a local business for free alcohol.

Lt. James Kearns, 37, was questioned by the department's internal affairs unit Thursday. He did not acknowledge any wrongdoing, said Donald Fraser, attorney for Elizabeth Policemen's Benevolent Association Local No. 4, which includes the Superior Officers Association.

Footage shot by News 12 New Jersey shows officers gathering on a parking deck near police headquarters, some in marked patrol cars. Some of the officers grabbed containers of beer, and one was recorded bragging about shaking down a local tavern for the alcohol.

One of the officers uses a nightstick to smash the windows of a vehicle, which Mayor J. Christian Bollwage said was a decommissioned police vehicle. Another tosses a beer bottle at a squad car that drives up to the gathering, then drives away.

"Don't come up here if you ain't gonna drink beer with us," someone is heard saying on the tape.

Police Director James Cosgrove told The Star-Ledger of Newark that the activity might have taken place on Labor Day following annual festivities at which 50 off-duty officers provided security at $50 per hour.

An anonymous letter about officers drinking on top of the deck while on and off duty led to a departmental investigation in August, the newspaper reported. On Sept. 6, Capt. Patrick Shannon sent a memo to Deputy Chief Michael Kucab saying that all patrol officers had been warned that on-duty drinking would not be tolerated. But he did "not suspect we have a drinking problem among our on-duty personnel," according to the memo.

No charges have been filed, but the department has contacted the Union County Prosecutor's Office, and plans to interview additional officers.


That's nothing, check this out


Cop who drove naked, totaled car, faces charges

3 officers looking at charges in alleged coverup after accident


Staff Writer

EDISON — A township police officer who drove naked and crashed his BMW into a delivery truck has been suspended without pay and could lose his job, authorities said.

The Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office recently charged Patrolman Ionnis Mpletsakis, 26, with assault by auto and hindering apprehension for leaving the scene of the July 20 crash, First Assistant Prosecutor William Lamb said.

“Mpletsakis also faces a motor vehicle summons and disciplinary charges that could result in his suspension or dismissal,” Lamb said.

A court hearing on the matter has been scheduled for Sept. 20, he said.

Three other Edison police officers face interdepartmental charges for attempting to conceal an accident involving an off-duty police officer, Lamb said.

Authorities will not release the names of the three officers involved in the alleged coverup because they are facing disciplinary, rather than criminal charges, he said.

“Demotion, reprimand, and/or forfeiture of vacation/personal days are potential sanctions for the other officers,” Lamb said.

The disciplinary charges against the three officers include failure to conduct a proper, thorough and complete investigation; neglect of duty; unprofessional conduct; failure to assume proper command of an investigation; failure to take proper action; failure to make a proper report and failure to report misconduct of another officer, according to Lamb.

Mpletsakis is also charged with a motor vehicle infraction of leaving the scene of an accident, Lamb said.

“These are evidential findings of an investigation conducted by the special investigations unit of the Edison Police Department,” he said.

“We undertook a thorough investigation of the evidence presented, and signed charges against those whom there was probable cause, who committed a criminal offense, and some form of violation of the rules of the Edison Police Department,” Lamb said.

Edison Mayor George Spadoro said he would not tolerate any improper action by an officer.

“Although it is premature to discuss an appropriate punishment for the actions alleged, the charges are serious enough that a finding of guilt may result in dismissal,” Spadoro said.

Mpletsakis told police officers he had gone with his friends on a boat and had consumed “three or four beers,” on the day of the accident, Lamb said.

He returned to the Edison boat basin at approximately 8:30 or 9 p.m., then drove to a friend’s house in Edison and swam in a pool for about 45 minutes, he said.

Mpletsakis told police he left his friend’s house around 10 p.m. to drive home.

“Mpletsakis did not want to get into his newly acquired vehicle, a 2002 BMW, with wet shorts, so he took them off and drove nude,” Lamb said.

Mpletsakis was traveling south on Route 27 near Vineyard Road when his 2002 BMW, which is registered to his father, Nikolas Mpletsakis, slammed into the rear of a 1998 International truck. The driver was Marvin Chevez-Hernandez, of Elizabeth.

Lemus Portillo, 32, a passenger in the truck, suffered a knee injury and was taken to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick.

Mpletsakis’ BMW was demolished, Lamb said.

Edison police responded to the accident. A naked Mpletsakis was discovered a short distance away by an Edison police lieutenant, he said.

“The lieutenant took Mpletsakis to his residence to obtain clothing and then returned him to the scene of the accident,” Lamb said.

The accident report completed by a responding officer included Mpletsakis’ claim that his car was struck by another vehicle passing him at a high speed and that the impact drove the BMW into the back of the truck.

“Mpletsakis was not transported to Edison Police Department headquarters for administration of a Breathalyzer or other DWI-related tests,” Lamb said.

The disorderly persons complaints will be transferred from Edison municipal court to another municipal court, he said.

The disciplinary charges against Mpletsakis and the other Edison officers will be handled internally by the Edison police, Lamb said.


Here's one even better


Edison cop, 32, charged with indecent exposure

Another officer’s son also arrested in Md. incident


Staff Writers

An eight-year veteran of the Edison police force has been suspended with pay after he was arrested and charged with indecent exposure in Ocean City, Md., police said.

Witnesses reported seeing the officer flexing naked in a third-floor hotel room window.

Police officer David Salardino, 32, of Edison, and another Edison resident, Brian Rossmeyer, 28, were arrested at 2:30 a.m. Aug. 3 at the Comfort Inn on 112 Street in Ocean City, said Officer Barry Neeb of the Ocean City Police Department.

“Officer Salardino has been suspended with pay, and we have commenced an internal investigation,” Edison Police Chief Edward Costello said. “We have to determine the disposition of the case as it stands in Maryland.”

Rossmeyer is not a member of the Edison police force, although his father, Otto Rossmeyer, is an Edison police lieutenant, according to Chief Costello.

Two young men from Pennsylvania were walking by the hotel when they heard a banging sound above them, Neeb said.

“They looked up and saw a naked white male standing in front of the hotel room window,” Neeb said.

The two men alerted the hotel’s night auditor, who accompanied the witnesses outside to find the naked man in “full frontal nudity, fully exposed, showing off and flexing his muscles to attract attention,” Neeb said.

Diners who had been eating in the Denny’s restaurant across the street, also witnessed Salardino’s alleged indiscretion as they exited the restaurant, police said.

“They were leaving Denny’s and said they heard a loud banging,” Neeb said.

They looked up to see Salardino exposing his genitals, Neeb said.

Witnesses reported Rossmeyer joined Salardino naked at the window but did not flex, police said.

Once a crowd began to gather below, police said the two Edison men quickly closed the hotel room’s blinds.

When police knocked on room 310’s door, Salardino answered it shirtless and in a pair of shorts, Neeb said.

Rossmeyer appeared to be sleeping on the bed, police said.

Salardino denied intentionally exposing himself. He identified himself as a police officer and said he took full responsibility for what happened, Neeb said.

“Although he apologized, he never admitted to exposing himself,” Neeb said.

Salardino suggested someone below may have seen him naked as he walked across the window’s threshold as he went to bed, police said.

“He said he was playing and being silly with his friend and perhaps it was possible someone may have seen him during their interaction,” Neeb said.

“I think it’s unfortunate,” Chief Costello said. “Salardino is an eight-year veteran, and up to this point no disciplinary action has ever been taken against him, there has been no situation like this,” he said.

Steven D. Cahn, Salardino’s attorney, could not be reached for comment on Monday.

The two men were released on their own recognizance. A court date has been set for Oct. 28 in Ocean City, Neeb said.

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