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ALL: Most Annoying Characters

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All My Children

Kendall Slater - I'm not a fan of AMC, but I do watch it from time to time. And every time I watch, this woman has to always be on my screen, I swear. She gets on my nerves more than any other character on that show, including Babe. I don't know if it's the writing or Alicia Menshew's performance (I never got to see Sarah Michelle Gellar), but there is something about her that I can't stand. Kendall is so cold and judgemental to everyone when she doesn't have the greatest past of her own. She's quick to call someone out and then if someone does it to her, she's pissed. And I know that Kendall is supposed to be a b*tch, but she doesn't come off as a b*tch to me. She's more of a hag with no life.

As the World Turns

Maddie Coleman - Maddie annoying me I blame on the writing for the character. When she first came to Oakdale, I loved her. She was funny and sweet. It was a nice relief from the melodrama that is Will and Gwen. But then Jean decided to give Chando her own storyline and that is where it all started. That was the mistake. Her personality quickly changed, almost overnight. All of a sudden, she was having dreams about the sexual assault. She was affected by this, when she first came on, we had no idea. And now, she hasn't recovered in my eyes. The storyline is over, but Maddie still annoys me. Maybe that's because I'm a Jade fan. :)

Dusty Donovan - Dusty annoys me in thinking that he's right and everyone else that thinks against him is wrong. I wanted to slap the smug look off of his face when Craig came back to town and wanted to spend time with Johnny. Dusty kept saying that Johnny was his child. Newsflash, Dusty! Johnny is not your child. And then he was trying to turn Lucy against her own dad to get what he wanted. Dusty Donovan is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

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I decided to end the long explaining my reasons unless asked to. I'll just list now.

All My Children

Kendall Slater

Ryan Lavery

Jonathon Lavery

The Bold and the Beautiful

Ridge Forrester

Nick Marone

Days of our Lives

Carrie Brady

Hope Brady

Patrick Lockhart

Colin Murphy

Jan Spears

General Hospital

Jason Morgan

Jasper Jax

Sam McCall

One Life to Live

Antonio Vega

Cristian Vega

Michael McBain

John McBain

Natalie Buchanan

The Young and the Restless

Jack Abbott

Jana Hawkes

Adrian Korbel

Cain Ashby

Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle)

Brad Carlton

Victor Newman

Nicholas Newman

JT Helstrom

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ATWT.....KATIE Peretti Frazier Coleman Kasnoff!!!

And I used to think it was just the writing....but now I think it's just something in the way Teri Columbino acts that annoys the living crap out of me. Even today, while in a "hockey rink", she just can't help but be ANNOYING while trying to be a "fan".

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Okay. Say you fall in love with a woman. She had a drunken one night stand with some scumbag. The scumbag goes to jail. You love the woman, love her child. Soon, you grow attached to the child. You begin to love the child as your own. Then, the woman..the love of your life, dies. She asks you on her deathbed to take care of the child as your own. Don't let the scumbag come back and take the child, she tells you. After she dies, you hold onto the child. He's all you have left of the woman you once loved. You form a bond. By now, you actually think of this child as your own. Then, the scumbag gets released from jail. Automatically, he wants the child back. Then, to make matters more complicated, your ex-girlfriend (the scumbag's daughter) is torn between her love for her father and her love for you/wanting to keep the child safe.


tell me you wouldn't take the situation to your advantage, all the while wanting to up-hold your solemn vow to the child's mother that you would care for it and protect it from its biological father, a shady man who's done his fair share of evil.

You wouldn't. Simple as that.

I agree with you that Dusty is annoying. But it's because he walks around with a sinister smile, thinking he's the sh*t and everybody wants him on their shoe.

But it ain't like that :P (I actually think that it's the way J.P. writes the character. When Hogan was in his first years and there was the Paul/Dusty/Rose triangle, I didn't detest him as much as I do now.

And as far as Craig....he's a bad, bad man. And soap character or not, if I came across him in real life, you couldn't pay me a million dollars to put a baby in his arms!! Knowing him, he'd just use the poor thing as leverage to get what he really wants: money, power, control.

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