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I'm going on hiatus


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After much thought, I've decided it's time for me to take a long break from this board.

Those on the board that know me are aware that the last few weeks, I've been very aggrevated by the sudden barrage of nasty antagonists, bitter fights, and vicious poster targeting that has hit SON. This board has always been unlike the others in many ways for the better, but certain people are making it no better than the worst.

That, in combination with the utter chaos that my personal life has turned into, is reason enough for me to say goodbye for now.

When things, both personal on this board, change for the better, I will be back.

But until then, after tonight, it's time to say, "ciao bellas".

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Even though I believe you are the one that started the Salem Lumberjack Union, I'm going to miss your posts around here. :lol: While we disagreed on Willow, I remember us agreeing on a lot of things DAYS related. It's going to be sad to see you go.

So until next time, PEACE!

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Not sure if you'll be back to read this before you leave for awhile, but like everyone else has mentioned, you'll be missed!! I know I'm still somewhat of a newbie, but you always made me feel comfortable here!!!

I hope things start looking up for you, we'll all keep you in our thoughts.

Peace man,


:) :)

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