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Whitney houston and Ray J(Brandy's brother)


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I was watching the insider the other night it they said Whitney was dating Brandy's little brother ray j. She's 40 something and he's in his late 20's. They then showed footage of them leaving a restaurant getting into a car together swarmed by the paprazzi. Can Whitney just focus on heself and not make any bad choices right now please, like britney. Apparently Ray J is working on her album with her, omg I'm getting bad flashbacks of whit/bobby old music video together. :(:(:( I hope this rumor isn't true.

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Ray J IS a LOSER. I can't stand him and his pathetic "singing" voice. My one wish was for him to STFU and put down the mic. Horrific.

And who the hell would want to see Ray J in a sex tape? What's with celeberties and sex tapes?

Whitney Bobby Brown was a prick, but Ray J is no golden ticket. Please, hooking up with that loser isn't going to make you popular again.

Ashton/Demi you are not.

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"First of all, let's get one thing straight, crack is cheap. I make too much money to ever smoke crack. Let's get that straight. Okay? We don't do crack. We don't do that. Crack is whack."

"Come on, 730? I wish. No. I wish that was making that money off of me, you could share it with me. No, no way. I want to see the receipts. From the drug dealer that I bought $730,000 worth of drugs from. I want to see the receipts."

"Don't pray about the drugs. Leave the drugs alone."

Let me leave Whitney alone. LOL! I'm waiting for that comeback, girl!

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    • I haven't watched yet, but that sounds promising. Perhaps not having a personal history with her as he does with the P&G soaps actually helped in that he prepared better.
    • I was just listening to Marquee Moon randomly the other day. What an incredible song and artist. R.I.P.    
    • I was probably the only one in the target age range at the time who was impressed by that lol.  ATWT seemed to me like GL's older (I know, I know, GL was first by a long shot, but you wouldn't have known it going by the cast members who were on the show by then), stable, more popular sibling, even if that popularity was waning.  As other soaps disappointed me, that sense of consistency started to appeal to me.  Even though I never found ATWT compelling long-term whenever I tuned in in those years, and of course it had as much turmoil behind the scenes as the other network/sponsor-owned shows by then.
    • Lol didn’t they kinda do that when GT’s Phyllis dyed her hair blonde?
    • The Rauch version seemed abruptly truncated in comparison to the full one—like the video and audio weren't actually edited at all for that, they just deleted a whole portion—but with a little money put in upfront to it could have worked.  So many memorable scenes in the early '90s had included that theme as background and/or picked up the next day and segued into that opening...even the brief hint of that music evokes memories for me.  Not to mention, they would have saved money in the long run without having to update cast photos or keep paying for new openings. I doubt you could prove a connection with ratings, but I actually think it's interesting that Y&R has remained the highest rated for so long and DAYS is (was?) one of the last soaps, while both stuck with their original theme songs.  And each theme became part of broader pop culture in some unexpected ways over the years: Mary J Blige, Close Encounters, etc.  Who's to say that kind of free publicity didn't help keep those shows on casual viewers' minds at some point?  But it's also a case of the chicken and the egg - a mainstream entertainment project would probably not give that kind of shout-out to a soap or its theme music if both weren't so familiar to people.
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