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History of Executive Producers and Head Writers


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If anyone has more information, please PM Toups


<b>1969-1977 </b>

Doris Quinlan


Joseph Stuart


Jean Arley


Paul Rauch


Linda Gottlieb


Susan Bedsow Horgan


Maxine Levinson


Jill Farren Phelps


Gary Tomlin

<b>2003 - January 13, 2012</b>

Frank Valentin




Agnes Nixon


Gordon Russell & Sam Hall


Gordon Russell, Sam Hall, Peggy O'Shea


Sam Hall & Peggy O'Shea


Sam Hall


Sam Hall & Henry Slesar


Joyce H. Corrington & John William Corrington


Sam Hall & Peggy O'Shea


Peggy O'Shea & S. Michael Schnessel


Peggy O'Shea


S. Michael Schenssel


Writer's Strike


S. Michael Schenssel


Craig Carlson


Michael Malone


Michael Malone & Josh Griffith


Michael Malone


Peggy Sloane, Jean Passanante, Leah Laiman


Jean Passanante & Peggy Sloane


Claire Labine & Matthew Labine


Pamela Long


No Head Writer Listed

<b>1999 - 2001</b>

Megan McTavish

<b>2001 - January 31, 2003</b>

Lorraine Broderick & Christopher Whitesell

<b>February 3, 2003 - March 7, 2003</b>

Josh Griffith

<b>March 10, 2003 - March 22, 2004</b>

Michael Malone & Josh Griffith

<b>March 23, 2004 - November 24, 2004</b>

Michael Malone

<b>November 29, 2004 - December 10, 2004</b>

No Head Writer Listed

<b>December 13, 2004 - May 7, 2007</b>

Dena Higley

<b>May 8, 2007 - September 10, 2007</b>

Dena Higley and Ron Carlivati (Co-Head Writer)

<b>September 11, 2007 - February 14, 2008</b>

Ron Carlivati

<b>February 15, 2008 - May 1, 2008</b>

Gary Tomlin (Interim Head Writer)

<b>May 2, 2008 - January 13, 2012</b>

Ron Carlivati

<b>Note:</b> Strike episodes aired from February 25, 2008 to April 22, 2008 (42 episodes)

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