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  1. Josh! What's goin' on with TGL?! It's been ages!

  2. Thank you for taking an interest in FTL!

    I'd love to hear some comments, questions, or story ideas from you. :)

  3. You're awesome! Thanks!

  4. BTW on page 7 episodes 28 and 29 were the ones involving the Spaulding Boardroom scenes. In case you are interested.

  5. Hey!

    Okay first Josh left Cassie and she tried to kill herself so she was put into Ravewood. Then they got word that she had been moved to another hospital which burned down and she was presumed dead. Then there was a board meeting. And Cassie surprised them all to announce that Brandon Spaulding was her biological father and she had got her hands on Spaulding stock. She persuaded voters

  6. In regards to "Finding Your Light", I haven't read a lot of the earlier episodes since I've only come across your phenomenal story here in the more recent months. I just have a few questions: How is Cassie a Spaulding? How's the stock of Spaulding split?

    Anyways, please keep up the great work-- I look forward to signing in and reading another episode.

  7. Thanks for being a fan of the blog. I'm always worried that it takes a while for people to get into.

    I noticed that you're from State College! I graduated from PSU also. That's really cool! Go Lions.

  8. Let's see, we talk all day and I'm not a friend :(


  9. Great Ep! I'm really gettin' into this!
  10. OMG Thanks! I am so glad that you are enjoy and can't wait to here your comments!

  11. Thanks Ry for the quick response and just being the great admin that you are. :-)

  12. Anyone that's a fan of old school Guiding Light is a friend of mine! :-)

  13. Awesome, Awesome Job!!

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