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  1. Both the Lucy Show and Here's Lucy are both on Hulu, both are just surreal to watch. Here's Lucy almost feels out of its place and time. Not sure how both lasted so long except I suppose people were so use to see some variation of Lucille Ball air on Monday nights between 1951-1974. 

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    2. Neil Johnson

      Neil Johnson

      Both the Lucy Show and Here's Lucy eventually lost their original formats, and depended far too much on guest stars.  Both shows eventually became "Lucy Meets . . ."    Lucy Meets John Wayne, Liz Taylor, Jack Benny, and any other movie star you can imagine.  

    3. Soaplovers


      From what I've read, she only did the Lucy Show as a way to save her and Desi's studio Desilu... and the actress who played her teen daughter was popular... and I guess Lucille Ball threatened to retire if CBS didn't fire the actress.  Sometimes backstage is more interesting than the show... plus, a misunderstanding over salary caused a rift between Ball and Vance.

    4. DRW50


      Ball is one of those celebrities who the more I learned about them the less interested I became in watching their shows. 

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