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  1. Geico and Progressive. And to a lesser extent, Allstate. I don’t remember insurance companies being this aggressive years ago. Just be glad Liberty Mutual has seemingly dialed back its campaigns.
  2. The video projection of Prince on the massive sheet was classy, but it unfortunately drew attention to how much more dynamic and charismatic Prince was in comparison to JT. It’s telling he only did one cut off the new album. I like JT, and he’s clearly very, very talented in many ways, but that was frenetic in a bad way. And he looked a hot mess.
  3. HA! I saw someone tweet almost exactly that same thing earlier today.
  4. JT is really getting roasted for this in all corners of social media. I think he and Prince mended fences before Prince died, but this is very distasteful.
  5. I so agree. Both him and Woody Allen. I’d guess Sony is having buyer’s remorse for taking Tarantino on.
  6. Uma Thurman breaks her silence, and interestingly the major villain of the story is... Quentin Tarantino. And she brought receipts. I wonder if this kills his career.
  7. I saw that on the news. That was very funny indeed. It seems like every news outlet is doing a variation on the “Clutch the pearls, Justin Timberlake is WHITE, y’all” story, and I’m finding it all very lazy and not particularly interesting or nuanced. See Vox for an egregious example: https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/2/2/16947136/justin-timberlake-man-of-the-woods-white-masculinity?utm_campaign=vox.social&utm_content=voxdotcom&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook
  8. I started listening to the album last night and was a little bored. I’ll give it a few more spins because sometimes it does take time for an album to sink in.
  9. Alex Winter, known from the Bill & Ted films with Keanu Reeves, reveals he was sexually abused as a child star in the ‘70s: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/bill-ted-star-alex-winter-says-he-was-sexually-abused-as-a-child-star-1081204
  10. The Pitchfork review really hammers the album. A 3.8. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/justin-timberlake-man-of-the-woods/ EDIT: Just finished the review. It is savage.
  11. My first CD, Green Day’s Dookie, was released 24 years ago today. Man.
  12. I don’t think they’d find many takers for 7,000 to 12,000 episodes of series that would still need to be reviewed for rights, digitized, edited, and tagged. (Even a long series like Gunsmoke had fewer than 650 episodes in its entire 20-year run, which wouldn’t have covered three years of a daytime drama.) The big streamers like Netflix and Hulu don’t have a ton of interest in classic content of any kind (old films, TV shows - this article explains why, and it rings true to my experience), much less something as culturally frowned-upon as daytime soaps, so they’d need to figure out some kind of niche service à la Britbox for British classics or Filmstruck for arthouse/Criterion films. It just sounds like a lot of work with not very much return on the investment. Reboots sound more plausible, but I think they’d go for something that skewed younger/hipper than the P&G soaps (like AMC) or has a longtime cult audience like Dark Shadows.
  13. Téa during that last OLTL run as well.
  14. Same with the Michael Muhney crazies. Thankfully they are ignored.
  15. Charlie Walk, president of Republic Records, has been fired from his judging role alongside Meghan Trainor, DJ Khaled, and Diddy on the Fox talent-competition series “The Four” in light of sexual misconduct allegations: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/charlie-walk-fired-from-the-four-on-leave-at-republic-w516196
  16. Reviews are coming in, and they are... begrudgingly positive to mixed.
  17. And yet I feel like much more was made of Will/Paul’s paltry appearances vs. Eli’s, which have been Plot Plot Plot Plot. They aren’t using his episodes to provide any shading or depth to the character. And that’s Ron Carlivati’s fault. He’s not doing a very good job with the newer characters.
  18. Thanks, @JAS0N47. So many of those top 10 feel like they are just spinning their wheels for all their airtime (Eli, Lani).
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