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  1. Not that it means much in the bigger picture, but Y&R and B&B both came through with fire episodes today.
  2. Totally. If Emmys meant anything anymore, of course. But she got so many different emotions to play, and she hit every note perfectly.
  3. OK, that was way more satisfying than I expected it to be. Who wrote today's episode?
  4. Especially the men who aren't Jack or Victor. Billy, Nick, JT, Scott, and (up until the convenient plot-driven now) Cane have all been these milquetoast "I need to FIND my purpose!" dudes. And Devon and Neil have had no impact on the canvas with their new venture, even though they are ostensibly movers and shakers. I don't want to sound all Hogan Sheffer here, but there needs to be some balance.
  5. Had a dream that I was watching an intense scene where Anna Stuart's Mary Smythe was laying into Erica about a large donation Erica made to the Chandler Foundation. An amazing match of wits between Stuart and Lucci. There was no context whatsoever, but I was so energized that I was going to come post here, "Wow, AMC was LIT today! Maybe our show is back?" Such a weird random dream, and I legitimately hadn't thought about AMC in forever. I need to stop drinking bourbon before bed.
  6. Wonderfully in-depth article. Thank you so much for posting this, @Paul Raven.
  7. Slight tangent but I didn't realize TV Guide canned Michael Logan's soap column, which is why he didn't do a Best of 2017.
  8. I get that Y&R couldn't do much worse, but I don't know how I'd feel with someone who may not have even written a short story writing a whole soap.
  9. I know that Kinkead, Parker, and Hayden all won, and Garrett, Edson, Carol, Ehlers, Miner, Hutchison, and Kanakaredes got nominated either during that era or shortly after due to JFP's infamous block voting tactics. Of course, it's an embarrassment that Bev was not once nominated as Alex (and Marj Dusay somehow was). And all of the other women were just as deserving.
  10. I was just thinking about what an embarrassment of riches GL had with its female cast in the very early '90s. So many types of the female experience represented: Maureen Garrett, Maeve Kinkead, Beverlee McKinsey, Amelia Marshall, Nia Long, Jean Carol, Ellen Parker, Sherry Stringfield, Beth Ehlers, Tina Sloan, Melissa Hayden, Kimberley Simms, Fiona Hutchison, Melina Kanakaredes, Rachel Miner, Hilary Edson. That's not to discount the equally wonderful men on the show at that time, but this is a female genre, and there was such richness, fortitude, grit, and complexity to all of these portrayals. Each woman had many, many opportunities to shine. How blessed were we to witness that in our lifetimes when soaps were already beginning to lose their luster? Maybe only the Labines' GH rivaled that in the past 25 years or so. Sorry if this has already been posted, but I stumbled upon this bizarre but charming story from earlier this month about Nancy Curlee Demorest befriending a former UNC basketball star she idolized in her youth. http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/college/acc/unc/article189171094.html
  11. Just saw Paris 5:59: Theo et Hugo, a French gay film on Hulu about two men who hook up at a Paris sex club, and we follow them in real time as they stumble out into the streets dick-drunk and into love. It begins with a long sequence of writhing bodies at the sex club, and it's extremely explicit, but what comes next is more profound, finely observed, and deeply romantic than anything I've seen in recent memory. Highly recommended.
  12. Serena lost, but then again she's never given a rat's ass about exhibitions. Novak has pulled out of Doha. If six months off hasn't fixed the elbow problem, I'm a bit concerned.
  13. Oh no Abby did not slap Sharon back! She deserved that wallop.
  14. Kate has looked amess all week. That horror yesterday with the drawstrings... Maybe it didn't register as much since I was spoiled, but I felt the Vivian reveal lacked impact. Some of that may have been the budget way it was staged.
  15. They shouldn't have gone there, period, as Carlivati can't do social issues. That's not in his skill set. They barely alluded to BLM, so it all felt superficial.
  16. I don't follow JW on social, but has she mentioned any health issues?
  17. I just watched the first season of Dear White People on Netflix, and Coco was a somewhat similar character to Hilary. Ambitious, cutting, calculating, willing to be somewhat cruel. She has all the markings of an obnoxious, abrasive bitch, but the difference is that we're always aware of her character motivations and her humble beginnings, which makes her sympathetic. Hilary just seems to be a thoughtless barracuda, and the shifts between that and the softer scenes just feel leaden and disconnected.
  18. James Reynolds was excellent in Monday's episode. The guy clearly can act.
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