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  1. The Nikki/Paul/Christine stuff felt labored and who cares about Cane/Lily, but I thought the Jack/Ashley scenes were ok in isolation. I prefer seeing them battle instead of another Jack/Victor rehash, and it follows up on story that Sally had set up. The details seem not to be fully thought through, though.
  2. The flashbacks remind me of how fresh Sonny seemed back in the day. A gay guy introduced without any coming-out angst and the full support of his family was a novel but long overdue character for soaps. And he was charming. Jennifer brought up Abe shooting Brady.
  3. LOL at the Avants (plus Rick) as the glorified Christmas choir for the Forresters. It's actually disgraceful what they've done to that family, but not at all surprising.
  4. I think James Reynolds is actually quite effective and affecting in scenes where his grief is quieter like today. It's only when they force him into scenes where Abe is caterwauling and Norma Desmonding that he goes off the rails. Casey Moss is doing very well, but I hope that they flesh out his depression. People don't just bounce back from these depths. But RC isn't one for social issues or serious stories.
  5. I wonder, if Mal indeed was fired, if Sara Bibel and Beth Milstein will be steering the ship (since they are basically co-HWs now, per Toups). I also wonder how responsible they are for the erratic storytelling we've seen lately, and, if they are, do they need to get the steppin' as well.
  6. There were reports that JT would be revealed as a domestic abuser.
  7. Whoa. Well, I saw the tweets from Jamey that the controversial proposed JT story was overruled by CBS/Sony. They can't be happy with the continued ratings declines, so it wouldn't be surprising.
  8. I really like JT. Thad has a spark and a sexiness that none of the other male stars of this show has.
  9. Today when there are shrinking budgets and shrinking casts, it can be detrimental to have families too big. Gone are the days when ATWT can have a thousand Snyders and Hughes and still have budgets for a bunch of random floaters to mix things up. At a certain point you start limiting characters' romantic options.
  10. Oh I don't disagree re: Buzz. He could be hammy, no doubt. But when he's on, there are few actors who are better. (I gotta say I wasn't a Buzz/Jenna fan, but GL was becoming so terrible around that time, and they really dulled Jenna's early edge to force that pairing.) I had very little use for the Coopers except Harley after they killed off Nadine. Weirdly, I have only enjoyed Robin in the clips I've seen of her as Gina. Haaaated her as Janet, and I couldn't be bothered with Heather (her early GH years pre-dated me). But she is so much fun as Gina, and she and JD had such snap as a couple.
  11. I know Justin Deas isn't popular on this board, but he had amazing chemistry with Margaret Colin (obviously on and off screen) and Robin Mattson.
  12. Sure, but the very authority she reported the crime to was shown not to be trusted. It's just a very mixed message.
  13. Someone pointed out the hypocrisy of having Marcy Walker give that PSA at the end of each episode asking victims of rape to report the crime to authorities and then having Eden's rapist It's vile and undercuts the entire story. But, again, the more I watch and the more it seems like Eden and Cruz are in their own little corner of Santa Barbara. Julia makes her appearances as do Sophia and Keith. But where's Mason and Kelly in this story? Perhaps the person who edited this story together cut out their involvement?
  14. I didn't like Sally's writing, but I also expressed trepidation about who could replace her. This isn't 1987 when there was a ready bench of good, experienced soap writers who could step in (most of them have passed on or are out of the business) and Y&R is such a unique show in all aspects that it really needed to be shepherded by a Bell acolyte. Well, we had Kay Alden. Who else would be better than her? I know a lot of people share the theory that MY sabotaged SS/KA in order to wrestle full control of the show in the way he's used to in Britain. That wouldn't surprise me, but the show still feels aimless in a similar way even though Things Are Happening. It's just a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing. Still no stakes. I don't entirely blame Mal, though. This show has been gutted in the past 10 years. That's not an easy fix. The Newmans are completely zombified, and there is not one rootable or compelling male character on this show. Not one. You can't just purge 2/3 of the cast and start over, which is what needs to be done at minimum. You may as well cancel the show in this day and age.
  15. ^Wack taglines but LVP is the MVP as usual.
  16. Yikes. I couldn't find a birth date for him, so my bad if I assumed wrong. Man, they really infantilized his character, even on a show filled with pathetic man-children like Billy, Nick, and especially Cane. They've written him like a man in his mid-to-late 20s, if not younger.
  17. Meryl Streep responds to Rose McGowan: http://deadline.com/2017/12/meryl-streep-answer-to-rose-mcgowan-harvey-weinstein-twitter-tweets-sexual-harrassment-abuse-rape-1202229441/
  18. Yeah, this show clearly centers solely on the Newmans and (to a much lesser extent) the Abbotts and anyone else is disposable at this point. They'll bring in someone short-term to shake things up until they burn out of story. Phyllis, Sharon, and Chelsea have traditionally been useful solely as incubators for Newman spawn. (Post-GT, Phyllis's connections to the Newmans has been downplayed, but I'm sure a Summer recast will happen eventually. Not sure how long they can milk this rom-com stuff with Billy, but it was wearing thin a long time ago. Phyllis may make her way back to Jack if/when the Dina story comes to a conclusion.) An influx of Chancellors (Mac/Chance/Nina, et al) I think is wishful thinking, and where's that money coming from to support SEVERAL new cast members? Doug Davidson's days as a contract player are probably numbered, so that could open up some budget. MCE feels superfluous, but we all know someone in TPTB (if not MY) is biding their time for an Adam recast. And Nick needs something/someone to do in the meantime. They are not going to let him go without a love interest and Phick/Shick redux don't seem on the table. There's always Lily/Hilary but...
  19. I believe it was Chuck Pratt (which makes total sense) and Anne Howard Bailey.
  20. I'm sure if Justin Hartley hadn't booked This Is Us, Adam would still be devouring the show. Not saying that Nick or Billy are these great characters. Just that the show has seen them as somehow indispensable in recent years, which is also a huge problem. Y&R's leading men are ciphers.
  21. I know, and it's a problem. The show had put all its eggs in the Adam/Nick/Billy basket for so long and never invested in anyone else seriously. They were absolutely determined to make Billy work with all of the recasts.
  22. I am not thrilled with Daniel Hall, but the show does need a man of Scotty's age on the show, if not him. We've all complained about the lack of viable 20-40 year old men on the canvas in recent years. I mean, Bryton is IT in that age range as far as contract actors. There are too many actresses on this show just floating aimlessly.
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