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  1. They stopped showing this one, but it's forever etched into my brain. Oh and this.
  2. Things just got uglier with the Russell Simmons story. Meanwhile, PBS' late-night lineup continues to take hits.
  3. I'm seeing a lot of tweets about this re: Salma.
  4. You're welcome! Little Girl Blue? It's on my list. I have a lot of things to watch over the holidays. Whoa. Hulu really went all in with the TGIF content.
  5. Very cool! I'll check it out. I like podcasts about musicians telling their own stories like Song Exploder and And the Writer Is..., so this looks right up my alley. On Netflix, I just started watching the Tom Petty documentary "Runnin' Down a Dream" directed by Peter Bogdanovich. It's long (nearly four hours), but it has some great interviews and performances.
  6. Yeah, I don't see Mariah/Scott chemistry either. I think CG needs a person as sharp as she is who can spar with her, and that person is not currently on this show. She is a rare talent. They aren't doing Scott any favors by taking an ill-defined "leading man" and immediately making him a cad. And somehow the beleaguered Sharon will be the bad guy in all of this.
  7. Whoa on Ryan Lizza. Had that huge career high this year followed by a sharp plummet off a cliff.
  8. I watch Y&R maybe two or three days out of the week, but I check in on the other soaps when I have the chance more out of habit and curiosity. Y&R is the only show I have a deep attachment to since I've watched since childhood in the mid-to-late '80s. Most of the characters and actors (Nina, Dru, Jill, Mamie, HT/Victoria, Hope, Victor) I enjoyed are long gone, ruined, or sidelined. My watching got a bit more sparse after 1999 or so due to college or work obligations, and frankly the show just wasn't as compelling. But I suppose I didn't realize how good the early 2000s had been when the show *really* went off the rails circa 2005-07. As a lover of the genre, I've watched pretty much every U.S. soap that aired after 1987 except LOVING, which didn't air in my hometown. My mom watched Santa Barbara, ATWT, AMC, GL, and Y&R and later DAYS, and I knew all those shows well. OLTL during Gottlieb/Malone was an obsession, but GL was my favorite until 1993-94 when Nancy Curlee left and the Labines lured me over to GH. Then GH got bad and I went back to GL around the Annie/Reva drama. Then San Cristobel happened, and I just gave up. I loved Hollyoaks around the John Paul/Craig story. I've also watched EastEnders and Corrie/Emmerdale to a far lesser extent. I'm not really that interested in the U.K. soaps at the moment, as there are just too many other things to watch these days that don't require a deep dive on Wikipedia.
  9. This was the funniest RHOA I've seen in a long time. It sort of reminded me of the RHONY Mexico trip this past season. Flat Marc. "He in prison!" Marlo deep-throating the bunch of grapes. Too hilarious. Glad they've realized that we don't want to watch endless toxicity, and even though everyone but Sheree and Cynthia were pissed at Porsha, they managed to have an enjoyable trip.
  10. Yeah, any boost BO would bring to the Af-Am vote would be far outweighed by the anger he'd provoke from Alabama's right-wing segregationists, who'd be more motivated to turn out. It's not very smart.
  11. I can imagine if Felicia or Kristen came back, they'd have to invest in some non-Forrester age-appropriate men unless the idea is for them to pursue $Bill. But maybe it would be good to get him out of the Katie/Brooke/Steffi vortex.
  12. I like Ingo too, and Winsor would have looked ridiculous as TK's younger rival brother. (WH was much younger than Ronn Moss, but he's a few years older than TK and looks it.) But... yawn. Rinse, wash, repeat. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but Brad Bell hires great staff (actors, writers, producers) and completely hides their light under a bushel. It still boggles my mind that two of the greatest script writers who have ever worked in this genre, Patrick Mulcahey and Michele Val Jean, work on this show, and it's no better for it because the man at the top is so incompetent.
  13. Because his name is all over the news, I present Giancarlo Stanton.
  14. ^Margaret Colin is great. So glad she's had such a lovely, lucrative career as a character actress and the long marriage to Justin Deas. (What is he up to anyway?) She was excellent in Arcadia with Billy Crudup on Broadway. Sad that Tom Wiggin wasn't able to chime in on his time on ATWT as Kirk, but I understand that MC is the bigger draw and therefore the focus.
  15. I won't dispute that Sheila's return was a big surprise on many levels. That was a huge secret to keep under wraps. But the execution of it was soooo poor. It had little impact at all. And the show itself basically treats her as a day player waitress these days, so it's easy to forget the surprise. In typical Brad Bell fashion, he took a big splashy opportunity (like Maya coming out as transgender) and totally wasted it due to his chronic ADD and lack of discipline.
  16. Waiting for CLB's Twitter meltdown in 3, 2, 1... The Fisher-Baldwins had been a pox on this show for far too long. But I suppose this is only the beginning. We all noted that MY's new story model with lots of different locations and characters featured every day wouldn't come cheap.
  17. Yeah, they're living in some kind of parallel universe with most of these choices. To each one's own, but B&B is the worst it has been in years in almost every way. But I feel bad for those who have to cover this genre. I can't really think of many "bests" to speak of for this year on any show.
  18. In some ways Claire and Diana are two sides of the same coin. Phylicia Rashad had the same icy imperiousness on The Cosby Show. I think the role fits her pretty well. I just hope she lingers for a while longer.
  19. Hmmm. I wonder who pressured Armie to make this statement...
  20. Yeah, it's not a show I run home to watch by any means, but it's passable soap in spite of the budget. With Y&R going back to foolishness, B&B just about unwatchable, and GH so hollow and easy to ignore, that's the high bar we have now.
  21. My favorite part of the ODAAT intro was always Mackenzie Phillips dancing, and Isabella Gomez did it justice, so I'm good.
  22. Oh I think Jo Willie is gorgeous. He's a bit like a young Muhammad Ali.
  23. Tsonga and Pouille get all the attention, but Herbert is an underrated hottie.
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