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  1. Yeah, I'm not buying Hilary as nuOprah. It doesn't feel like an authentic transition. This is the umpteenth time they've ended the show with a Cane/Lily cliffhanger. Do they really think we're that invested in this story?
  2. I didn't see it as a writer's oversight. I saw it as Phyllis playing the victim and misrepresenting things, which is in character for her.
  3. Weird that Victoria told Devon that JT's "wife" served him with divorce. Uh, Mac is Devon's first cousin. Beall is such an auteur. You can recognize one of her scripts right away.
  4. That was a great scene. Remember those days when soaps actually used music effectively? Guess that was one skill JFP had. You never could tell watching her Y&R. Sad to know it was all downhill for GL from there, but the entirety of Springfield mourned Maureen. It's different from these days when people on soaps die for easy shock value and are forgotten within weeks. I recall how angry I was when Nadine was killed by Brent Lawrence, and she was treated like a day player. They gave Maureen the closing credits the day she died. Soaps only usually do that sort of thing when actors pass away in real life.
  5. Unless Courtney Hope booked another gig, that's just sloppy writing. What was the point of bringing the Spectras back? Between turning the Avants into the resident black holiday gospel choir and Sheila into the happy server collecting tips at the Olive Garden, BrADD Bell strikes again.
  6. Oddly, it didn't feel like a Victoria-heavy month even those she led in episode count. Of the actors in the top spot, only MO/Abby really drove story. MM and CK are the first black actors to make Y&R's year-end top 10 since KSJ in 2006!
  7. This show only has one story going: Bill/Steffi/Liam. And it's crazy that the catalyst for it, Sally, only appeared in ONE episode the entire month. Brad Bell is incompetent.
  8. Nice! I love Cabernet. My dream was so plain as day, but oddly Anna Stuart had long hair (like she did on The Doctors) and AMC was shot on film in it. My legit first soap dream. Go figure. Happy 48th, AMC.
  9. From my perspective, Billy Flynn is trying to play it as supercilious. Like, "How cute. I laugh at your flimsy attempt to steal my company." But I do think, like many soap actors, he falls into lazy habits as others say. That's why the ones who attack each episode with full commitment day in and day out like CS have my respect.
  10. I like Don Diamont, but not. a. damn. bit. of. liquid. fell from his eyes during that emotional fight with Liam. He just cannot play that kind of material. And I thought Liam was going to pass out from the loss of blood from the dead-eyed look SC was giving in those final moments before Liam walked out. Directing fail.
  11. Max Shippee is attractive no doubt, but I can't help but feel he's out of his depth in high-drama scenes in which he's up against the likes of Eileen Davidson, Beth Maitland, Marla Adams, and Peter Bergman. That last scene didn't work for me at all. Outside of Traci's scenes with Dina, this episode felt like a big step back in a week of stronger-than-normal episodes. And Cane/Lily? Blah, who cares?
  12. More women come forward against Paul Haggis, who is accused of multiple rapes. http://www.vulture.com/2018/01/director-paul-haggis-accused-of-multiple-rapes.html?utm_campaign=vulture&utm_source=fb&utm_medium=s1
  13. What was that face Stefan/TC was making when Abby walked in on him naked? Creepy Harvey Weinstein vibes.
  14. Dickolas returned with a vengeance today. Just like Sharon's scenes yesterday, the Nick/Chelsea arguments today were surprisingly well-written. They felt like a real couple attacking each other.
  15. Yeah, this post-holiday week is a strange time to re-launch shows. Nick Offerman has dropped a TON of weight since Parks & Rec. He's awesome in this episode.
  16. Ditto. Just saw from Ben Rothenberg that Thomaz Bellucci was serving a five-month ban (ending this month) after testing positive for a substance, but was seen to be not at fault due to a tainted supplement.
  17. Nick Offerman looks GREAT.
  18. Meh. I was so excited for this Aussie Open on the chance that we could see all of these veterans returning from the sidelines, but I'm not interested in watching Federer vulture another tournament untested.
  19. The mid-1990s were, of course, trash, and the show had so many departures of pivotal players in short succession (Bev, Sherry, Ellen Parker, Rick Hearst, Leonard Stabb, Melina, Nia Long, Monti Sharp, Morgan Englund, Vince Williams, Kimberly Simms, Jean Carol, Beth Ehlers and Mark Derwin, the deaths of William Roerick and Larry Gates). So that left the show reeling, and so many recasts of big roles were meh (Marj, Ron Raines, Michael Dietz, Jennifer Roszell, Liz Keifer, Frank Grillo, Barbara Crampton, Rebecca Budig, et al). For me, 1997 was sort of a strange outlier. You had Annie's awesome reign of terror, which almost by necessity couldn't be maintained. (They tried disastrously with Signy Coleman.) You had the accidental chemistry of Beth Ehlers and Grant Aleksander (before Beth Chamberlin came in and ate the show and Harley became the humorless harpy she was from then on). Abby and Rick could have re-ignited the Bauers, but again, they couldn't figure out how to build on it or simply didn't want to. For a moment, they presented us with shiny objects that masked deeper problems in the show in hindsight. And then shortly thereafter was Ben Warren, all Cassie all the time, the San Cristobal crew, the mob, Clone Reva, the list goes on, and everything went to hell.
  20. GL was really destroyed around 1994-95. It just never really recovered for me, even though I enjoyed the Reva/Annie/Josh, Phillip/Harley, and Abby/Rick stuff around '97. I even liked the Drew/Selena story. But what I loved about the show, the feeling of Springfield as a community, was gone.
  21. I loved Gilly too. Her relationships with Roger and Alan-Michael were so complex and compelling. I still get pissed about Lucy Cooper and that obnoxious pipsqueak-voiced Sonia Satra. I never really had the same love for the show after that, and I started watching GH more and more at the time. Amelia Marshall never got a role worthy of her again really, including Belinda. And the less said about Passions the better.
  22. Finola is the first actress in DECADES Michael Easton has had chemistry with. So miracles do happen.
  23. I thought Scott Clifton did a great job, but yeah. Liam's a punk. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood was giving us the Tammy Faye Bakker tarantula tears. She's great, though. B&B has an awesome group of actors they absolutely waste 95 percent of the time or miscast.
  24. Or Diane/Nikki at Jabot with the amazing aerial shot and Diane repeatedly slamming Nikki's head into desk. I was more impressed with the dialogue here as they were both spilling all the tea. Glad they actually remembered recent history.
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