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  1. Hmmm. I wonder who pressured Armie to make this statement...
  2. Yeah, it's not a show I run home to watch by any means, but it's passable soap in spite of the budget. With Y&R going back to foolishness, B&B just about unwatchable, and GH so hollow and easy to ignore, that's the high bar we have now.
  3. My favorite part of the ODAAT intro was always Mackenzie Phillips dancing, and Isabella Gomez did it justice, so I'm good. 🙂
  4. Oh I think Jo Willie is gorgeous. He's a bit like a young Muhammad Ali.
  5. Tsonga and Pouille get all the attention, but Herbert is an underrated hottie.
  6. Dorinda is the best non-original cast HW in the history of all of the U.S. franchises. And by a WIDE margin.
  7. I found this song twee and obnoxious the first couple times I heard it, but now I love it. This is also cool.
  8. Not sure if there's a thread on this, but I'm watching Netflix and Hulu more and more, even if it's just for old TV series like Cheers and Hill Street Blues. Plus, today Amazon Prime Video just launched on Apple TV, so I'm more inclined to watch it now. I'm in the market for more suggestions on what to sample. So feel free to post movies, classic TV shows, original series and other little-known titles you enjoy on the streaming sites. I've been obsessed with this Japanese Netflix reality series titled Terrace House. On its face, it's a typical show about six young and attractive singles living together while looking for love, but it's refreshingly free of the contrived drama and cattiness of American reality series. Like people actually solve conflicts and respect each other like grown-ass adults without sacrificing entertainment value! The real X Factor of the show is a panel of comedians who break into the action from time to time to talk sh!t and provide welcome commentary about the houseguests. The cast members come and go from the house regularly, so the dynamic stays interesting. And if you have the smallest fascination with Japanese culture and etiquette, it's worth checking out. The first available season is Boys and Girls in the City set in Tokyo, which is much better than the next season Aloha State in Hawaii. A new season in currently filming in Japan.
  9. Taylor's only there for the off chance she'd sell copies (even though she's barely recognizable), and she gave Time her only interview since she started promoting Reputation, which is a coup for them. But if anything Rose McGowan should be in her place.
  10. Ha. You have such a type. None of the three really does it for me, but I'd go for far left. It really wouldn't surprise me if Ron went there. He's all but telegraphed it.
  11. Would be truly innovative if they just did a Will/Sonny/Paul throuple/poly relationship like these guys.
  12. I think part of it is also the charges of racism after the call for Conyers to resign without the expectation for Franken to do so as well.
  13. Kirsten Gillibrand is calling for Franken's resignation. Also:
  14. Wow, this new Times piece on Harvey makes me feel physically ill. He really is like a soap supervillain, but soooo many other people have blood on their hands as well.
  15. Please let there be screencaps, as I'm not really into sitting through this show at the moment.
  16. I suspect this will have wide-ranging consequences in global politics.
  17. Interesting news. ABC is prepping an Alec Baldwin talk show. Not sure where it'll fit in their schedule given Kimmel's firm placement at 11:35 pm, and I doubt they'll give someone as high-profile as AB the Seth Meyers/James Corden graveyard slot where Nightline currently sits. Just something to keep an eye on.
  18. Oh sh!t. ALSO: Bryan Singer claims that Fox wouldn't allow him time off to take care of a "gravely ill" parent:
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