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  1. Wow, this new Times piece on Harvey makes me feel physically ill. He really is like a soap supervillain, but soooo many other people have blood on their hands as well.
  2. Please let there be screencaps, as I'm not really into sitting through this show at the moment.
  3. I suspect this will have wide-ranging consequences in global politics.
  4. Interesting news. ABC is prepping an Alec Baldwin talk show. Not sure where it'll fit in their schedule given Kimmel's firm placement at 11:35 pm, and I doubt they'll give someone as high-profile as AB the Seth Meyers/James Corden graveyard slot where Nightline currently sits. Just something to keep an eye on.
  5. Oh sh!t. ALSO: Bryan Singer claims that Fox wouldn't allow him time off to take care of a "gravely ill" parent:
  6. Slight tangent, but she's pretty much the perfect choice to replace the disgraced Charlie Rose.
  7. I haven't seen her yet, but she can't be as bad as Vivian Jovanni, can she?
  8. It's crazy. The Fox execs warned him that "they would not tolerate any unprofessional behavior" before he even started. So they were willing to take a risk on him knowing he could implode at any point. I'm sure there's an exposé coming, and he's been contacted over the past few weeks to respond to various claims as journalists vet stories from his alleged victims in preparation for pieces. He has a longstanding rep for being unstable (remember Halle Berry reportedly telling him to "kiss her black ass" on the set of X-Men?), so the coming bombshells have to be pushing him over the edge. Speaking of Singer AND Spacey, look at this:
  9. Faulkner

    HBO's Looking

    They had THE BEST soundtrack. A good mix of popular stuff like Erasure and little gay gems. I was obsessed with this when it played over the end credits.
  10. Sorry, I'm still not able to access when I click "Continue reading" on my phone.
  11. He was certainly better than his resume, for sure. He was often a jackass, but at least he was nice eye candy in his prime.
  12. From what I saw: DAYS: C Y&R: C B&B: D
  13. They announced their divorce in March, so I'd guess it's been finalized by now.
  14. I wonder why we can no longer view these on mobile. Am I the only one with this problem?
  15. Clearly, Eileen's 10x the actress that Amelia is, but at least they are now writing to AH's limitations. I'm finally not imagining "What would Heather Tom do in this scene?" HT can play icy, of course, but you can always see the volcano threatening to burst behind it with her. AH is just cold and flat, and it works with how Victoria is written now. Just make her a villain and be done with it. Mishael Morgan's delivery is starting to grate on me a bit lately. She just reads as a bit forced and artificial. I get that some of it is Hilary's theatricality, but she's getting a bit Brenda Dicksony at times.
  16. How funny. I suppose Agassi couldn't do it full time. Edit: just saw that Agassi is staying on.
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