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  1. This was when it was on for 90 minutes so there was a lot of stretching things over and over
  2. Thanks for the background on this character. I actually prefer her style over other matriarchs. I loved Nancy Hughes on ATWT but she was very domineering and interfered a lot. And I’ve seen clips of Bert Bauer on earlier GL clips where the character was difficult
  3. I don’t remember a lot about Mary Mathews. But it doesn’t seem like she was a real strong dominant matriarch like a Nancy Hugh’s or Alice Horton
  4. I forget. Was there any special event or storyline done on the first hour long episode in 1975?
  5. So sorry to hear this. She seemed pretty sharp in the interviews
  6. I probably have an unpopular opinion but I sometimes rooted for Rachel because of her upbringing. Yes she was a bitch in the early days but the women on this show were so “uppity” like Alice Lenore Pat Liz. They treated her like trash even after she reformed and was with Mac
  7. I think Mary Hartman Mary Hartman took several elements of this show. The opening was a windowsill, it featured a female heroine (not at all like Vanessa), and she had a sister with issues
  8. Another byproduct of the miserable Dobson Era. Lowpoint of the history of the show
  9. Well Kim was always aware of Lisa’s feelings toward Bob. I think friendship overrode things going further
  10. Which she regretted letting him get away the rest of her life
  11. I think Victor Newman on Y and R is a similar prototype for the JR character type. Personally I’ve never seen the fascination for the Victor character
  12. What do you think about Nancy’s tribute episode? It was nice they honored her. I thought it was a bit gimmicky with everyone given a day to do or donate something in her honor. Almost like a sitcom episode
  13. This is a terrific suggestion for an ending Sadly in the last months of the series instead of focusing on veterans a whole episode was devoted to a family funeral featuring a new character few cared about
  14. And wasn’t Katherine Chancellor on Y and R so drunk that she forgot she had a child? I’m forgetting but if so that has got to take the cake for forgotten children
  15. Sometimes I think the show should have ended sooner even though it would be sad no matter when But if the network and sponsor is not behind it and encourages the show to do innovative things, it is at the expense of the history, writing, veterans, and long time viewers of the show Makes me wonder what has made the 4 remaining soaps survive when ATWT , GL, OLTL, AMC did not. My guess is demographics and at least Y & R has maintained continuity with the major families
  16. What about Love is a Many Splendored Thing? Watched it growing up. Good in the early years with Donna Mills Leslie Charleston David Birney
  17. So tragic what they did to her character. She should have been the focal point of the show to the end. AMC was usually associated with Susan Lucci and Erica is a similar prototype of Lisa. Who was the character most associated with ATWT in the end? Probably Carly who was okay but not part of the show’s legacy.
  18. I always loved Ellen. One more slap in the face to the show’s history I always thought it was strange that Nancy and Ellen were best friends and appeared to be in the same age group when really Ellen was best friends with Nancy’s daughter Penny
  19. For those mourning the loss of these beloved soaps it looks like the replacements are not doing much better. ATWTs replacement The Talk is last in overall daytime ratings. The network probably isn’t too concerned since it is cheaper to produce and draws the desired demographics. Maybe people are tiring of talk shows The Chew didn’t last after replacing All My Children and that GMA thing doesn’t seem to be doing well That show that replaced One Life to Live (Revolution?) lasted a few months and the slot was saved by General Hospital Let’s Make a Deal seems to be doing ok after Guiding Light It airs in a different morning time slot in many markets than the soap it replaced
  20. I don’t think many writers have a grasp of Midwestern small towns. A multi terminal airport, large hospital, business tycoons with private jets
  21. I think Oakdale is supposed to be a suburb of Chicago. Wherever it is I’ve always pictured it to be very affluent. Since most of the women are very active and successful there would likely be stores and boutiques to cater to the town’s clientele or they could travel to find designer clothes.
  22. They should have been like Dallas and made this era a bad dream. Such terrible writing and disgrace to long time fans
  23. She also was Marianne Randolph on Another World before ATWT. Beautiful actress
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