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  1. Wow. Huge thank you to all the uploaders!! Especially the 2 people with the emails "hayron ivy'' and ''happy valli'' for the 2000 episodes and all the German episodes we are getting right now!! You are the bests! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  2. @Heartless Angel Take all the time you need! 5 years if that's necessary. If we can complete 2005-2009 100% one day I will never thank you enough! I (and other uploaders) already added episodes that aren't on Youtube (I uploaded #4850 and #5353-5354 last week, for instance) A year ago I also added #4538-4560 in German... that's where the list starts. I will repost the updated list here just in case (that way everyone can see it) 4539 (second half) 4561-4563 4575 4585-4587 4589-4599 4601-4604 4607-4609 4612 4614-4621
  3. @rsclassicfanforever and @Heartless Angel Thank you so much! I've been waiting for the missing 2000-2001 and 2003-2004 episodes for so long. I hope someone can download all these episodes and add them to the vault properly, in the correct folders. Do you have some episodes from the "Episodes missing list 2005-2009"?? 2008-2009 are almost complete but there are still big holes in 2005-2006 (episodes #4836 until #4857 minus #4846 and #4850, for instance)
  4. Thanks, @BoldRestless You just learnt me something. I added these 15 episodes in "2003" and "July 2000" folders. I hope everything is ok. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you ChickenNuggetz92 for your updates. I added new episodes between 2000 and 2008... I'll make the list here. - The 19 episodes in December 2018. Someone asked September-December because these episodes aren't on Youtube. I don't intend to do before September. Episodes until #7925 are on Youtube. - Episodes #5353 and #5354 in 2008. They are missing on Youtube. I removed these 2 episodes from the “episodes missing list 2005-2009''. 5350-5352 and 5355-5358 are still missing. - Episode #4850 in 2006 (Darla's death). Also removed this ep
  6. I'm not complaining about B&B...Yes, I think the soap used to be better. Yes, I think the dialogs are too repetitive and many other problems. But it's still better than what I've seen the last 2-3 years. Vinny's storyline is different from the usual love triangles. I get to see SC and DD in something other than waffling between 2 women. The acting is really good. I think the storyline is going to get more interesting in the coming weeks. So far it looks boring but there are supposed to be twists and surprises... I hope we get a very soapy twist no one saw coming... at least tha
  7. So the Vault is full, that's what I suspected. I suggest we don't delete anything for now. Especially not the photo archive, which only takes a few Mo. Even if we delete some episodes the problem will resurface as soon as we post new stuff. Let's wait until ChickenNuggetz92 sees these messages and see what she says.. BoldKara I will post episode 7976 and 7979-7997 and 8330-8389 as soon we have enough storage again.
  8. I just finished uploading 2018 episodes that aren't on Youtube (September, October and November 2018)... I was going to start with December and by the end of this week I intended to add August, September and October 2020... but it tells me "Error, quota exceeded" Does this mean the Vault is 100% full?? Or did I exceed my number of uploads in 1 day? Does ChickenNuggetz92 have informations? I hope this problem can be fixed. I'll try again tomorrow. Soapsuds I didn't even know there was a tennis thread. Thank you for the info, maybe I'll visit it one of these days.
  9. Yes, I posted the same thing last week. Omar and Taylor's wedding aired in late November and had the numbers 1924 and 1925 according to all my recaps. I will list the missing episodes in 2018 and I'll upload them by the end of next week if it's ok.
  10. I don't understand why Youtube stopped upoading after #7926. I was the one uploading the 2020 episodes to the vault in the beginning. But someone else took over since episode #8440 in January. I can upload the episodes #7927 to #8389 in the right folders if you want. I have them all in quite high quality (250 Mo) But if Marquise already has them I'll let you handle it. Thanks. If no one does it I'll start next week with #7927 - #8000. EDIT: I see the 2019 and 2020 episodes were added today. Not sure why a new foder was created for each episode with .srt files, though... I can't
  11. Hi. Thank you to whoever is uploading in 1994. I just hope some angel will compress these episodes one day. I can watch them but cannot download when it exceeds 1Go. January 3-10 are perfect. I wish the same can be done for the rest of January, February and other 1994 episodes. Also 1701 in 1993. Maybe I'm wrong but I think the airdate for Taylor and Omar's ''wedding'' is incorrect. Both sources I have indicate #1924 or #1925, aired in late November. Can someone check this up? Thanks to the person who numbered these episodes... These numbers with the correct airda
  12. Thanks skebujebu. Just a reminder of the missing episodes in 1999. These 7 episodes are missing in the German folder and aren't in English either. #3070 (June 17, 1999) #3118 (August 24) #3121 (August 27) #3145 (October 4) #3146 (October 5) #3147 (October 6) #3150 (October 11) Hope you'll have some of them. Thank you Marquise for your last answer, by the way. Also hope to have some more from February-December 2000, some day.
  13. Thank you Marquise for #2762. I just finished downloading the episodes from 1999. In 1996 1997 and 1998 everything is available (though a few are incomplete), but some are missing in 1999. 3117, 3119, 3120, 3122, 3123, 3148, 3149 and 3151 are missing in the German section, but fortunately they are in English. (thanks to the person who uploaded the 1999 English episodes) However these 7 episodes are neither in the German folder and they aren't available in English either. #3070 #3118 #3121 #3145 #3146 #3147 #3150
  14. I can't believe we've completed the first 1000 episodes in English... and in such high quality. Huge thanks again to all our Angels. If I read the thread correctly, these episodes are from a Dutch channel. I don't know how you manage to download the episodes, but I'm very grateful. Does anyone know how frequently they air these episodes? 5 episodes a week or sth else? And do you know UNTIL WHEN they'll continue? We're currently in 1991. I hope they keep it going until (at least) 1995 (episodes #2170...). Even if I've to wait until 2025 for this, it will be worth i
  15. I just updated the list of missing episodes between 2005-2009. I added #5587 and #5588 in Spanish (not available in English so far) and deletted them from the list And I added #4674 to the list (it was a mistake, thanks @BoldKara for the info) So, now that I've my account, I will copy and paste this list here. The first episode on Youtube is #4564 and the first one in the vault is #4538 (April 25, 2005) The LAST episode I couldn't find is #5641 (September 1, 2009) These episodes are neither on Youtube nor in the vault. 4539 (2nd half) 4561-4563
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