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  1. I just updated the list of missing episodes between 2005-2009. I added #5587 and #5588 in Spanish (not available in English so far) and deletted them from the list And I added #4674 to the list (it was a mistake, thanks @BoldKara for the info) So, now that I've my account, I will copy and paste this list here. The first episode on Youtube is #4564 and the first one in the vault is #4538 (April 25, 2005) The LAST episode I couldn't find is #5641 (September 1, 2009) These episodes are neither on Youtube nor in the vault. 4539 (2nd half) 4561-4563
  2. @skebujebu I just took a look at my collection of French episodes. To be specific, I have everything since June 2010 until December 2019 (episodes #5821- #8230) MINUS : - May-June-July-August 2012 (episodes #6301-#6403) - November-December 2013 and January-February 2014 (episodes #6699-#6775) - Also a few ones missing between October 2014 and January 2015 (episodes #6917-#6999)... I kept 50% of them. Outside of these 8 months I have 99% of the episodes. I got #5821-#6300 from a French Youtuber who uploaded his episodes during quarantine last year, but her account was
  3. Hi everyone ! So happy I finally got there. I'm Jennifer (I'm sure a lot of users will recognize me, I'm active on other message boards)... I follow this thread since November 2019, but I wasn't able to register on SON until this week. I tried different ways but it was always unsuccessful. All I got was a message telling me my account would be approved soon, but then nothing. Thank you to ladynerry and her message last week. I contacted Xtoups and Errol Lewis and they finally approved my account. I watch B&B since around 2004-2005 and I always dreamt of being
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