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  1. I uploaded them the last days. They are not FROM me though. I used my old computer last week and noticed I had loads of old episodes and somehow I realized some of them weren't in the vault. I downloaded most of them on Youtube in 2019 before accounts were taken down. Some of them are from Nikki's old Youtube, some of them (1996-1997) were downloaded directly in this thread. The others I don't even remember. Here is what I added (or improved) 1296 1379-1381 - 1992-09-22 to 1992-09-24 1428-1432 - 1992-12-01 to 1992-12-07 1437-1438 - 1992-12-14 to 1992-12-15 1440 - 1992-12-17 (December 16 was posted twice so I removed the incorrect version and added 12-17) 1446-1449 - 1992-12-28 to 1992-12-31 (1446 only the 2nd part) 1450 - 1993-01-04 (2nd part only) 1451 - 1993-01-05 and 1453 - 1993-01-07 (In 2 parts) 1454-1457 - 1993-01-08 to 1993-01-13 (1456 last 30 seconds are missing) 1459 - 1993-01-15 (Awful quality, sorry) 1463 - 1993-01-22 1466 - 1993-01-27 1995 - 1995-03-13 (til I realized it was already there, but it's a different version and slightly better quality) 2262 - 1996-04-04 (first 40 seconds missing) 2425 - 1996-11-21 2441 - 1996-12-17 (could be 2442, I'm not sure) 2462 - 1997-01-16 2467 - 1997-01-24 2488 - 1997-02-24 2532 - 1997-04-29 (more complete and better version than the previous one but still incomplete) 2787 - 1998-05-01 2914 - 1998-10-30) (In 2 parts) 3751 - 2002-03-08 3809 - 2002-05-30 3893-3894-3895-3896 - 2002-10-01 to 2002-10-04 (were already in the vault but these have better quality) 3902-3903 - 2002-10-14 and 2002-10-15 (3903 was already in the vault but only in French) 3906 - 2002-10-18 3953 - 2002-12-27 October 2022 is still a mess between 3896 ad 3902. Seems like some english episodes dont match with the French and German versions. I know some numbers are incorrect and 1 or 2 episodes are missing but I couldn't figure it out. @rsclassicfanforever if you have episodes #3896-3902 in German could you add them to German folder please? Also note #1592 (1993-07-26) is incorrect. #1595 is posted twice. #1592 is not there. Feel free to delete all these 1992-1993 episodes once the better versions come. I also wanted to add 4075-4125 (2003) in German (from rscassicfan's Youtube) but it looks like the vault is full again. I was about to upload #4075 but they won't let me. Hope @ChickenNuggetz92 has seen it.? BTW thanks again for the airdates/numbers document @JellyBean Still a few inconsistencies apparently but this is still the best (and easiest to read) version I've seen. Great job!
  2. Amazing job @JellyBean ! Thank you. I've been looking for these episode numbers /dates for a while. I already had most of them except 1992-1995. As another user mentionned, the dates on imdb are off and the ones on reichundschoen.de are definitely incorrect for these 4 years. For 1996-2021 everything is on Soapscentral and can be easily verified on other sources. 1987-1991 is 99% correct on imdb but we already have them in the vault with the correct airdates anyway. There were a lot of talks about airdates of episodes around #1700, I think you've figured it out. Still some disagreements about some dates in January 1995 I see. I hope you'll figure it all out. (Could you add a new download link once it's updated?) 2 questions though. 1) Did episodes really air on Saturday and Sunday in July 1993? Example: #1584 and #1585 aired on Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 ? Can anybody confirm? 2) I have explanations for most pre emptions (often Christmas, NYE, Thanksgiving, March Madness, Tennis, Trials or special reports for politics) but not all of them. Anyone knows why the following dates were pre empted: - September 7, 1992 // September 6, 1993 // September 4, 1995 (I assume the 3 dates were pre empted for the same reason. I know Fridays are for USOpen tennis but couldn't figure out the reason for Mondays) - February 21, 1994 - December 30, 1994 and January 2, 1995 (I assume it's because of New Year,... but they usually only pre empt 31 and 1... can anyone confirm?) - January 26, 1995 (I know January 24 was pre empted for Clinton's SUA (Unless it was Simpson's trial again?) but why January 26?) - May 23, 1995
  3. I hope it goes on until (at least) late 1995! Then we still have almost (99%) everything in German for 1996-1999 (still 7 missing episodes in 1999) in case they stop it. 2005-2020 are now complete and 2000-2004 are already well filled in English or German, despite a few gaps and not so good quality (but I can live with that ) So, 1992-1995 in English would be awesome, but yeah I count my blessings. I'd have been happy with 10% of what we have in the vault. I could never thank you guys enough for everything you're doing. Special thanks to @rsclassicfanforever for the 1990s episodes and @BoldRestless and [email protected] for the German missing episodes from 2005-2009. I'm also very pleased to see SHEILA is back. I just hope they don't humiliate her character like they did in 2017. They need to pick a side with her. Either they redeem her, make her a nice, transformed person who learnt from her mistakes, she surprises everyone and comes on top. Or they make her the full-blown supervillain she used to be.... She wreacks havoc and terrorizes everyone like she did during her run in 2002-2003. If she can make Steffy's life a nightmare and snatch Eric away from Quinn in the process, I won't complain, LOL. Just don't make her a cartoonish, brainless character who pretends "she has changed" like they did 4 years ago. There are already enough hypocrites on this show. Besides I find the Dr. Finnegan dull as hell until now, Sheila will definitely make him and the story more interesting. Also they'll have to respect Sheila's history and not rewrite everything. Explain the circumstances/timing of his birth, and more flashbacks and hints of her reigns of terror and her times with Eric. They can do better than 2017. Anyway I'm happy they brought her back but I'll restrain my expectations for now. I'm happy to see so many Sheila fans in this discussion. We should all like Sheila OR love to hate her. People who don't care (or are totally opposed to her comeback), aren't true B&B fans, IMO.
  4. Thank you! Can @BoldRestless add these 50 episodes to the vault in the 2003 German folder? I'm busy now... if not done I'll do it by next month. @rsclassicfanforever Please do you have these 6 episodes from 1999 in German? If you do, 1996-1999 would be practically complete, barring a few incomplete episodes. #3118 (August 24) #3121 (August 27) #3145 (October 4) #3146 (October 5) #3147 (October 6) #3150 (October 11) And @Heartless Angel can you check if you have the missing 2002 episodes in your collection? (3772, 3782, 3843, 3844, 3869, 3875, 3888, 3896, 3901 (or 3902), 3912, 3921, 3926, 3932, 3933) Someone uploaded the whole year a while back but these missing episodes were never completed. And last request, can someone verify if these 1995 are already in the vault? This video is 6 hours long and there is also another episodes added today on this channel. (I cannot dowload it, not sure why) If someone has time you could divide this long video into 18 episodes and find the accurate dates and numbers.
  5. Wow. Huge thank you to all the uploaders!! Especially the 2 people with the emails "hayron ivy'' and ''happy valli'' for the 2000 episodes and all the German episodes we are getting right now!! You are the bests! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
  6. @Heartless Angel Take all the time you need! 5 years if that's necessary. If we can complete 2005-2009 100% one day I will never thank you enough! I (and other uploaders) already added episodes that aren't on Youtube (I uploaded #4850 and #5353-5354 last week, for instance) A year ago I also added #4538-4560 in German... that's where the list starts. I will repost the updated list here just in case (that way everyone can see it) 4539 (second half) 4561-4563 4575 4585-4587 4589-4599 4601-4604 4607-4609 4612 4614-4621 4668 4674 4708 4729 4737 4762 4833 4836-4845 4847-4849 4851-4857 4860 4867 4878-4882 4896-4898 4909 4917-4918 4920 4939 4948 4951 4962 4981 5001 5022 5038 5055-5056 5098-5099 5101-5103 5105 5127-5128 5137 5267 5275 (second half) 5308 5344 5350-5352 5355-5358 5368 5373 5381 5453 5466 5547-5549 5618-5620 5623 5630 Some episodes in the vault are in German, French or Spanish though. If someone wants all episodes in english I can readjust this list. Use this site for the aidates. They are all correct for the 2000s... http://www.history.soap-reichundschoen.de/4000_-_4999/4000_-_4999.html PS: could someone make order in the October 2002 folder, and verify the dates and numbers? The "BB by year" file indicates everything is complete between #3893 and #3911 but I think 2 episodes (possibly #3898 and #3901?) may be missing. The 6 files "2002-10-04-To-10-17'' are a mess. Seems like some scenes were cut? The first file (1.85 Go) has 6 episodes (2h) but there are 10 episodes between October 4 and October 17. The French episodes also seem different from the English ones (for instance #3900) I spent 2 hours trying to link these episodes with the correct airdates and numbers but I didn't succeed.
  7. @rsclassicfanforever and @Heartless Angel Thank you so much! I've been waiting for the missing 2000-2001 and 2003-2004 episodes for so long. I hope someone can download all these episodes and add them to the vault properly, in the correct folders. Do you have some episodes from the "Episodes missing list 2005-2009"?? 2008-2009 are almost complete but there are still big holes in 2005-2006 (episodes #4836 until #4857 minus #4846 and #4850, for instance)
  8. Thanks, @BoldRestless You just learnt me something. I added these 15 episodes in "2003" and "July 2000" folders. I hope everything is ok. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you ChickenNuggetz92 for your updates. I added new episodes between 2000 and 2008... I'll make the list here. - The 19 episodes in December 2018. Someone asked September-December because these episodes aren't on Youtube. I don't intend to do before September. Episodes until #7925 are on Youtube. - Episodes #5353 and #5354 in 2008. They are missing on Youtube. I removed these 2 episodes from the “episodes missing list 2005-2009''. 5350-5352 and 5355-5358 are still missing. - Episode #4850 in 2006 (Darla's death). Also removed this episode from the list. - 4 episodes in 2005. Episodes #4501, #4502 (in 2 parts), #4504 and #4505. (4503 and 4506-4510 were already in the Vault) - August 14th 2003 Part 1 (#4110) was missing in 2003. Part 2 was already in the Vault and I added part 1. - 17 new episodes in 2004 : #4280 to #4296, episodes from April and May 2004. (4276-4279 were already in the Vault and these 17 episodes are from the same channel.) EDIT: Now I notice #4292 was already there... Delete one of the 2 versions if you want. Also added #4387 (September 17, 2004) but I'm not 100% sure about the number for this one. Someone verifies it please. - 4 episodes in March 2001 : #3513, #3514, #3516 and #3517 - 5 episodes in May 2000: #3303, #3304, #3307, #3308, #3309 and 2 episodes in December 2000 #3448 (first 5 minutes are missing) and #3449. EDIT : I just realized 3303 isn't in English. Don't know which language it is, sorry. - If anyone is interested, I've episodes that are already in the Vault but in 2 parts.... I've them in 1 part and slightly better quality: - #3336, #3337, #3338, #3339 and #3345 (5 episodes) in July 2000 - #4113 until #4122 (10 episodes) between August 19 and September 2, 2003 (Maybe BoldRestless or someone else can delete these 15 episodes and I'll add mine in 1 part) I think that's all I have. If I find other new episodes I'll add them. I hope someone will continue to upload in 1991 after #1090... thanks!
  10. I'm not complaining about B&B...Yes, I think the soap used to be better. Yes, I think the dialogs are too repetitive and many other problems. But it's still better than what I've seen the last 2-3 years. Vinny's storyline is different from the usual love triangles. I get to see SC and DD in something other than waffling between 2 women. The acting is really good. I think the storyline is going to get more interesting in the coming weeks. So far it looks boring but there are supposed to be twists and surprises... I hope we get a very soapy twist no one saw coming... at least that's what Bell promised. The Quinn/Carter affair changes us from the usual one-night-stands or emotional affairs. The 2 actors have chemistry. They took the betrayal to the ongoing affair level, which is something we haven't seen since Brooke/Deacon. They aren't dragging things out at all, it's actually moving fast. The reveal and the fallout will be huge.
  11. So the Vault is full, that's what I suspected. I suggest we don't delete anything for now. Especially not the photo archive, which only takes a few Mo. Even if we delete some episodes the problem will resurface as soon as we post new stuff. Let's wait until ChickenNuggetz92 sees these messages and see what she says.. BoldKara I will post episode 7976 and 7979-7997 and 8330-8389 as soon we have enough storage again.
  12. I just finished uploading 2018 episodes that aren't on Youtube (September, October and November 2018)... I was going to start with December and by the end of this week I intended to add August, September and October 2020... but it tells me "Error, quota exceeded" Does this mean the Vault is 100% full?? Or did I exceed my number of uploads in 1 day? Does ChickenNuggetz92 have informations? I hope this problem can be fixed. I'll try again tomorrow. Soapsuds I didn't even know there was a tennis thread. Thank you for the info, maybe I'll visit it one of these days.
  13. Yes, I posted the same thing last week. Omar and Taylor's wedding aired in late November and had the numbers 1924 and 1925 according to all my recaps. I will list the missing episodes in 2018 and I'll upload them by the end of next week if it's ok.
  14. I don't understand why Youtube stopped upoading after #7926. I was the one uploading the 2020 episodes to the vault in the beginning. But someone else took over since episode #8440 in January. I can upload the episodes #7927 to #8389 in the right folders if you want. I have them all in quite high quality (250 Mo) But if Marquise already has them I'll let you handle it. Thanks. If no one does it I'll start next week with #7927 - #8000. EDIT: I see the 2019 and 2020 episodes were added today. Not sure why a new foder was created for each episode with .srt files, though... I can't open them anyway. But thank you. Yes, I will uploat 2018 when I have time (probaby next week). I don't think Sheila is coming back unfortunately. Some sources said she only visited the sets for a special event. We'll see. If Sheila comes back some day they may want to keep it secret until her first airdate, like they did in 2017. It's possible she will appear out of nowhere at the end of an episode, soon. Stay tuned. Hi rsclassicfanforever it's good to see you here. I hope you'll be able to share some of your German episodes some day. Especially 2003/2004 and the missing episodes between 2005 and 2009 (the list is posted in the vault in the 2000s folder). I know your German channel had ell the episodes in German between #3817 and #5992, before Youtube took the channel down. The episodes I desperately look for are the ones between #4000 and #4500. If you have them (or a part of them) I hope you'll upload them to the 2003 and 2004 folders. Soapsuds you have a very nice profile picture. I'm a great tennis fan too. This USO final between Zverev and Thiem was quite a match, wasn't it?
  15. Hi. Thank you to whoever is uploading in 1994. I just hope some angel will compress these episodes one day. I can watch them but cannot download when it exceeds 1Go. January 3-10 are perfect. I wish the same can be done for the rest of January, February and other 1994 episodes. Also 1701 in 1993. Maybe I'm wrong but I think the airdate for Taylor and Omar's ''wedding'' is incorrect. Both sources I have indicate #1924 or #1925, aired in late November. Can someone check this up? Thanks to the person who numbered these episodes... These numbers with the correct airdates are very hard to find between #1300 and #2000 (1993-1994). I'm still not 100% sure they are correct but I will keep these for now. If one day videoland airs until 1995, we will be able to change them. Regarding 1991... is it just me or we get a lot more than 1 ep/1 day (5 episodes a week)? I see episode #978 was added on February 22. Hardly more than 2 months later we are already getting #1078. That means 100 episodes in a bit more than 2 months. With this speed, we will be getting late 1993 episodes by May next year. This would be fantastic Also thanks for the 1998 episodes.
  16. Thanks skebujebu. Just a reminder of the missing episodes in 1999. These 7 episodes are missing in the German folder and aren't in English either. #3070 (June 17, 1999) #3118 (August 24) #3121 (August 27) #3145 (October 4) #3146 (October 5) #3147 (October 6) #3150 (October 11) Hope you'll have some of them. Thank you Marquise for your last answer, by the way. Also hope to have some more from February-December 2000, some day.
  17. Thank you Marquise for #2762. I just finished downloading the episodes from 1999. In 1996 1997 and 1998 everything is available (though a few are incomplete), but some are missing in 1999. 3117, 3119, 3120, 3122, 3123, 3148, 3149 and 3151 are missing in the German section, but fortunately they are in English. (thanks to the person who uploaded the 1999 English episodes) However these 7 episodes are neither in the German folder and they aren't available in English either. #3070 #3118 #3121 #3145 #3146 #3147 #3150 If you have those 7 episodes in German (or another language) can you upload them please? ----------------------------------- Between 1996 and 1999 there are also a few incomplete episodes. Sometimes only the last minute or the last 2 minutes are missing. Sometimes (for instance 2952, - 2955) half of the episode is missing. 3174 is incomplete in German but it's complete in English. Here is a list of the incomplete German episodes that aren't available in English: 2333 2345 2386 2809 2810 2834 2841 2846 2853 2861 2883 2895 2952 2953 2955 3144 3157 3163 3165 3166 3175 If Marquise, Boldrestless or some angel has these German episodes (or another language) and complete, I hope you can add them. Thanks
  18. I can't believe we've completed the first 1000 episodes in English... and in such high quality. Huge thanks again to all our Angels. If I read the thread correctly, these episodes are from a Dutch channel. I don't know how you manage to download the episodes, but I'm very grateful. Does anyone know how frequently they air these episodes? 5 episodes a week or sth else? And do you know UNTIL WHEN they'll continue? We're currently in 1991. I hope they keep it going until (at least) 1995 (episodes #2170...). Even if I've to wait until 2025 for this, it will be worth it . Regarding the 1996-1999 German episodes, I'm currently listing them so I can properly watch them later. I notice #2762 is missing and a few ones are incomplete... (around 10 episodes... I will post a list once I've finished...) There is also a 1/2 episode named "1998.avi" I was unable to find the correct number) Marquise , do you have #2762 and do you know the number of that half-episode in 1998? Thank you!
  19. I just updated the list of missing episodes between 2005-2009. I added #5587 and #5588 in Spanish (not available in English so far) and deletted them from the list And I added #4674 to the list (it was a mistake, thanks @BoldKara for the info) So, now that I've my account, I will copy and paste this list here. The first episode on Youtube is #4564 and the first one in the vault is #4538 (April 25, 2005) The LAST episode I couldn't find is #5641 (September 1, 2009) These episodes are neither on Youtube nor in the vault. 4539 (2nd half) 4561-4563 4575 4585-4587 4589-4599 4601-4604 4607-4609 4612 4614-4621 4668 4674 4708 4729 4737 4762 4833 4836-4845 4847-4857 4860 4867 4878-4882 4896-4898 4909 4917-4918 4920 4939 4948 4951 4962 4981 5001 5022 5038 5055-5056 5098-5099 5101-5103 5105 5127-5128 5137 5267 5275 (2nd half) 5308 5344 5350-5358 5368 5373 5381 5453 5466 5547-5549 5618-5620 5623 5630 5641 I really hope some day someone will complete them. (any language is welcome) Specially looking for #4836-#4857... we only have #4846 because it's Nick and Brooke's wedding and CBS uploaded this episode last year. But the other 20 episodes are not available.
  20. @skebujebu I just took a look at my collection of French episodes. To be specific, I have everything since June 2010 until December 2019 (episodes #5821- #8230) MINUS : - May-June-July-August 2012 (episodes #6301-#6403) - November-December 2013 and January-February 2014 (episodes #6699-#6775) - Also a few ones missing between October 2014 and January 2015 (episodes #6917-#6999)... I kept 50% of them. Outside of these 8 months I have 99% of the episodes. I got #5821-#6300 from a French Youtuber who uploaded his episodes during quarantine last year, but her account was shut down after #6300. I got #6404-#8230 from a friend who recorded them and uploaded them on a private Facebook group but that person deletted November13-February14 for some reason. So sorry I don't have January 2014. If anyone is interested in German episodes, I have November 2009-January 2011 (episodes #5688-#5992) in high quality.
  21. Hi everyone ! So happy I finally got there. I'm Jennifer (I'm sure a lot of users will recognize me, I'm active on other message boards)... I follow this thread since November 2019, but I wasn't able to register on SON until this week. I tried different ways but it was always unsuccessful. All I got was a message telling me my account would be approved soon, but then nothing. Thank you to ladynerry and her message last week. I contacted Xtoups and Errol Lewis and they finally approved my account. I watch B&B since around 2004-2005 and I always dreamt of being able to see the early years of this soap. My dreams have been fulfilled thanks to your amazing Vault ! I've downloaded everything I could and I already saved it on an external hard drive. I'm running out of time right now, but I intend to watch everything some day. Almost 3000 episodes between 1987 and 2002 (and hopefully more to come), I know I'll enjoy every one of them ! Thank you to all the angels who uploaded 1987, 1988, 1989 and 1990. The quality of these episodes is amazing. Thank you Marquise for your 1996-1998-1998-1999 German episodes. (I speak German, French and English so the language has little importance for me) Thank you also rsclassicfanforever for the 1991-1992 German episodes. (I know you have more in store... especially 2003-2004... I hope some day you'll share them with us) Thank you BoldRestless , thank you sheilaforever , ChickenNuggetz92 , thank you Nikki and thank you to all the other contributors. I have myself uploaded some German episodes in 2002 and 2005, and some English episodes from Tenplay. (German episodes 4538-4560 are from me, for instance) I'm also the person who posted the list of missing episodes from 2005-2009. I hope we'll get them one day. (I'm especially looking for the missing episodes between #4830 and #4860) If anyone is interested, I've a plethora of recent episodes in French. Pretty much every episodes between 2010 and 2020. I didn't upload them and I don't intend to... but if someone is looking for some specific episodes in French, I can upload them. I also have 300 episodes in German from 2009-2010 (episodes #5688-#5992) but we already have them in English. (if someone has interest in these German episodes, I can upload them) Again 1000 thanks everyone for your contribution. You've made all my dreams come true. I hope there will be more episodes to come (no matter the language) I will continue to follow this discussion and probably post more messages in the next few months. Best regards!
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