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  1. We don't need "allies" like this. It's the very last thing we need.
  2. Considering the fact that he was the only headwriter that I remember ever penning a story line in which a black man is shot dead by he police, I think that had he lived into, even the late 1990s, Marland would have written a full-fledged, all out story about a resident in Oakdale who also happens to be a black man who is killed by the police and the fall out in Oakdale that happened as a result. Marland used to have a way of dabbling in certain storylines only to write full-fledged stories years later, perhaps when he felt that he would have a freer hand.
  3. GL tried to make Ann Hamilton's Mindy some type of 90s version of Annie Oakley. I just remember there were many scenes of her Mindy at Cross Creek taking target practice with a hunting rifle and wearing waders while fly fishing. It was quite a departure from the ultra-femme versions of Mindy that had come before. Although Smith had chemistry with a lot of actors that you wouldn't guess that she would. She had surprising chemistry with Benjamin Hendrickson in the scenes that I saw them in, as well as Andrew Kavovit, Scott Bryce, and Jon Hensley, Anthony Herrera and Greg Beecroft probably most of all. Those characters were nothing alike yet she had chemistry with them all.
  4. Nope, Tesreau's Mindy would more likely have reached up on tiptoe and popped Roger in the jaw after stomping on his foot, if Roger ever made a move, lol.
  5. And he's getting a multitude of pushback in his Mentions, as it should be. It's getting real across the pond. I'm considering the source but still...
  6. White supremacists and neo Nazis have always been 'all in' with domestic terror from the beginning so it is of absolutely no surprise that they'd be chaos makers in any situation where there is mass violence, especially with this current administration that appears to defend violent their actions. Despite Trump's attempts to back away from that quote about the shooting following the looting, the fact remains that he instinctively and freely quoted the words of an avowed white supremacist.
  7. The people who want to wreak the most havoc are the least likely to suffer the fallout. It wouldn't surprise me if there were/are many 'Bernie Bros.' among those crowds inciting violence. They're the main proponents of 'burning it down'.
  8. Eileen is deserving of a solo livestream. I hope she is free to talk about the good and the bad.
  9. Thanks @DRW50 I guess I'd better watch that video before it "vanishes". Bumping this onto a new page.
  10. From the beginning, I knew Trump was going to be an unmitigated disaster who brought a lot of destruction and suffering. Still, I cannot put into words how badly things are going right now.
  11. I suspect that this might have been because headwriters had abandoned the art of doing a detailed story projection and may have run into problems and either shortened/ended storylines earlier than anticipated. Hillary Bailey Smith did a great solo interview on a podcast for one of those soap magazines (or is it the only soap magazine at this point?) and she mentioned that Doug Marland used to write these highly detailed story projections that would encompass at least a year or more. I think that is why he was able to construct a story that went on for months and at times a year+ and keep it going. I suspect that all the old school head writers likely did detailed and expansive story projections. The great thing with a story projection that is highly detailed is that you can present it to other writers and everyone can really scrutinize it and it allows others to 'dig in' and add even more detail. Believe it or not, the more detail you put into it, the more freedom you have to make adjustments and 'tweaks' to each story when necessary. And a detailed story projection really helps when you have multiple stories occurring simultaneously. ATWT, toward the last decade had really poor B and C stories--hell, they could barely keep an A story going! That told me that the head writers in the last decade had likely ceased doing any type of detailed and expansive story projections, that is, if they were doing them at all. I actually think that none of the soap head writers do detailed story projections any more. Many look like they are making things up as they go along, flying by the seat of their pants.
  12. If I were to hazard a guess, I would choc it up to desperation. A lot of people seemed to think that any criticism would result in automatic cancellation of the show, even though that was not how it worked. There were angry letters and far stronger criticism of stories and characterizations for decades and the show survived and thrived because the show was fundamentally still a really great show at its core. Criticism, phone calls and letters are not going to destroy a great show. I think that many fans know, whether they would admit it or not, that the show was on a razor's edge of cancellation for those last several years and they were scared that the World would stop Turning. So any peep of discontent was squelched in favor of pretending that the content was good quality, hoping that would be enough to keep the show on air. Scott Holmes said it best, as bad as it was, he would've kept doing the show had it remained because of the security the job gave him. For many fans, the presence of the show provided them a measure of security by just being on air five days a week.
  13. Well, God bless Scott Holmes for speaking those truths! The quality of the show was not good in those final years. Whenever I tried to say it, there would inevitably be one or two persons who would try to paint me as a hater and a negative force. Who better to testify than someone who was actually living the experience?! Holmes came onto the show when the show was still fire, so he would know when exactly the standard dropped.
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