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  1. Do they EVER mention Massimo? Or the fact that Ridge is not Eric's son? It seemed like once all of the Marone's left that was all forgotten and never mentioned I quit watching the show regularly like 20 years ago tbh
  2. Massimo and Stephanie put the plan in motion and then told Taylor after they did it but she kept the secret because before that Brooke had told Taylor she was going to take her family and her kids (basically). Brooke was even planning creepy play dates with Thomas so I couldn't blame Taylor for wanting her gone even though the plan went too far. Ridge went off on Taylor when he found out the truth, Brooke thought he would leave Taylor over it but he told her it wasn't happening and Ridge and Taylor got back together. It seemed mainly to be a setup for Ridge/Massimo conflict for the big dumb reveal that Massimo was Ridge's father (what was ever the point in that).
  3. Yeah he had issues with Brooke from the second he came on the show. His first story was teaming up with Stephanie to make Brooke think her father was dying so Brooke would leave town permanently. They paid off Stephen to pretend he was dying.
  4. Gotta say, I don't think there is an actress in daytime who sold sex and seduction better than Lynn Herring. It was just effortless. I keep thinking of other actresses that could do this scene justice and deliver it without it coming off as forced or cheesy or cringe and I'm coming up blank. I know one of her Emmy nominations came from a seduction scene - it was deserved.
  5. I agree. Flannery was always a pro but I vehemently hated the direction they took Stephanie - an unnecessarily violent villain and eventual rape facilitator. It absolutely ruined the character.
  6. They basically turned Stephanie into a rape facilitator to prop Brooke and Ridge. Having Stephanie tell him "don't take no for an answer" was so over the top and disgusting. I have no idea how Flannery stayed on that show as long as she did.
  7. I don't think she would have submitted. I agree she would have been deserving but I highly doubt she submitted.
  8. Katherine and Nikki drove me nuts. Maybe if Katherine wasn't always so pro-Victor I would have found them easier to tolerate but the way she shoved Nikki towards Victor and encouraged her to forgive him of any and everything was exhausting.
  9. I just find these embarrassing now. It feels a little "please put these out of their misery." I can't even be happy when deserving actors get nominated because the competition is so scarce and limited.
  10. On Monday, May 25, Los Angeles Dodgers player Enrique Hernandez makes an appearance at the invitation of Rick Forrester (Jacob Young), who aims to make love Maya Avant (Karla Mosley)'s dreams come true. This episode first aired on September 12, 2016. On Tuesday, May 26, R&B superstar Usher guests as Amber Moore (Adrienne Frantz)'s fling (and possible father of her child!) Raymond. Usher croons a tune at Insomnia Cafe (remember Insomnia?!), but bumps heads with Amber's then-boyfriend C.J. Garrison (Mick Cain). Lauren Fenmore dishes to C.J.'s mom, Sally (Darlene Conley), that Eric Forrester (John McCook) and Stephanie Douglas Forrester (Susan Flannery) are done-zo. This episode first aired on June 11, 1998. On Wednesday, May 27, Betty White pops up as Ann Douglas, who spars with daughters Stephanie and Pam (Alley Mills). Stephanie is furious that Ann, who turned a blind eye to her husband abusing her eldest daughter, does not want to return to Chicago. Meanwhile, Eric and Pam grow closer. This episode first aired on February 27, 2007. On Thursday, May 28, Gina Rodriguez joins Forrester Creations as intern Beverly, who catches Rick's eye. Rick's ex Amber warns Beverly away from her former beau. In Mexico, another of Rick's exes, Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), urges brother Thomas (Adam Gregory) to keep Rick's sister Hope (Kim Matula) away from Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton). This episode first aired on December 28, 2011. On Friday, May 29, former Let's Make a Deal host Bob Barker interrupts an argument between Liam and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). Barker bonds with Liam, while Wyatt makes a poor first impression on the game show legend, who plays himself...Barker then sucker punches Wyatt in the face! This episode first aired on August 28, 2014.
  11. I can't believe this is what they chose for the next theme week. This show could not be more of a flop if they tried. Jesus. Read the thread:
  12. I have a lot of issues with soaps these days but one of my biggest gripes is how anticlimactic and flat a lot of the big reveals and confrontations are - particulary for stories that some soaps spend months or even a year building (the horrid baby switch reveal on GH that was just a lot of Carly yammering on comes to mind). What a terrible, boring reveal for a story that lasted an eternity. I was just watching the scene below and thinking (despite the distracting music) that I can't remember the last time I really anticipated a big soap reveal or confrontation and it lived up to or exceeded my expectations or made me feel the way this scene does: What do you think have been some of the best confrontations on soaps? And are there any recent ones you actually liked?
  13. Who would know the difference?
  14. 1995 was a down year for both Y&R and B&B. Decent year for GH though
  15. So no episode from the HIV story from Winters week? Does that seem wrong to anyone else?
  16. An odd thing to focus on while failing to mention that not a single soap currently on the air has a woman HW or EP.
  17. How many people are on the show? Does the show tape for just 3 months? That's a lot less money than a soap that tapes year round (meaning you have to pay crew year round) and has a contract cast of 25+ people. Gotta do a cost benefit analysis. Are the ratings and demos for soaps good enough to justify how much they cost to produce annually?
  18. I don't know, the way Brad Bell spoke it seemed like he was always pretty gung ho on recasting Ridge. Ronn and his wife made it VERY CLEAR how they would feel about recasting Ridge and Brad did it anyway.
  19. I think these two episodes are probably the best I've seen from Moss. The first clip is one of the few times I have actually seen him be able to actually squeeze out some real tears smh
  20. This. Brad and JFP and Sussman and JFP both would have been dreadful. Brad has no talent and is only where he is because of nepotism and Sussman is the most boring writer on the planet.
  21. Hey everyone, great news! Nikki N got back to me and said she has full episodes that she will put on the Onedrive (I gave her the link). She said she has a ton from 1993 that she will share. The only issue is the episodes are in a vault or stored away somewhere and it might be a month before she can get to it because of COVID-19
  22. Yes it seems so. I assume she has entire episodes because she seems to have almost every Ridge/Taylor scene - especially from 92-97 or so. Unless she found someone who does Taylor and Ridge edits? I sent her a note on YT, sometimes she responds. Hopefully she has some full episodes she's willing to contribute to the vault. I still wish we had dates for those clips. There are so many, would love to see them in some kind of order
  23. I see that all of those Taylor and Ridge clips that were put on You Tube are being put into the OneDrive. Does anyone know the dates of any of those clips (especially the stuff before 1996)? They all seem to be labeled weird as hell but there's a lot of stuff there.
  24. Yikes at B&B's numbers though....
  25. Pretty sure it's all Brad Bell
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