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  1. Yeah these have been super underwhelming (and this is my first time seeing these). To be fair so was the Y&R episode - have no clue with EB won an Emmy for that.
  2. Apparently that Supervising Producer of Bold and Beautiful, Casey Kasprzyk, did a radio interview and this is the recap: https://wgnradio.com/roe-conn/ He said they went back to filming and he had a very unusual assignment. He had to go to a "doll " store to purchase some "sex dolls" for use in filming romantic scenes. Since the actors cannot be closer than 6' away, they will artfully put wigs on the dolls to represent one half of the couple and then reverse it and have a second doll for the partner. These will be interspersed in the way that it will look like there is "romance" going on. He also said that they have asked spouses of some of the characters if they would be willing to stand in in some of the scenes and they have several "yeses." He said these dolls are quite expensive and he bought a mid priced model for $1300 and was going to go back to purchase a male model. They can use wigs on them to match the character's hairstyles and we will be seeing things like "an arm around the shoulder" or cheek and hair, or if in bed, the body form
  3. Who won an Emmy for that episode? And why? I am confused, I thought it was a great VR episode but I didn't see anything from anyone else really.
  4. This is either the 3rd or 4th Sonny themed week. That is utterly ridiculous and completely absurd.
  5. Well that brings up a good point - I am honestly baffled that not one of the 3 soaps airing reruns decided to just air a storyline for a week rather than the one-offs. You're not getting the beginning, middle or end - its just the middle (and sometimes the end) of random stories. I think the repeats would have done better if they would have selected a story and showed it for a week. Something like the reveal that Nathan got HIV from Keesha or Veronica shooting Nikki.
  6. EXCLUSIVE: The Young and the Restless is poised to become the second U.S. daytime drama to return to the set. I hear the producers for the soap have sent a letter to the cast and crew, notifying them of a tentative plan to restart production on July 6. As is the case with any production plans during the pandemic, which are in flux because COVID-19 conditions change daily, I hear July 6 was listed in the letter as a goal, not as a firm restart date.
  7. Nope. They kissed but never had sex. She never slept with Thorne, Grant, nobody but James that one time. For a while I thought it was actually something Tylo requested but then she returned and allnof a sudden Taylor was sleeping with Thorne, Nick, Rick etc
  8. Taylor should have stuck with Pierce. It is bizarre how the show constantly teased her with other peoplebut never gave her a love interest outside of Ridge. From 1992 - 2002 the only person that Taylor had sex with besides Ridge was James (once).
  9. Did we really need two Cassie episodes?
  10. Lol I know the other soaps are happy for B&B to be the guinea pig. I will say a few days isn't a big deal but it does seem they weren't as prepared as Brad claimed and it kind of takes the wind out of the sails after doing all those interviews about how ready they are. But if B&B doesn't have enough tests for their small ass cast I don't know what Y&R amd GH are going to do.
  11. How accurate I also find it weird that people are like 'Steffy is going to date a black man!' She already has. She dated Marcus. And Taylor had a thing with Reese (Black), Hector (Latino) and Omar (Indian) so......
  12. I don't get why this is being made so complicated. Just don't write love scenes? People do know that tv shows were on the air for years without love scenes right? I don't see why stupid gimmicks like blow up dolls are necessary. Focus on business stories - Forrester, Spectra, put Brooke back in the lab, get back to fashion. I don't get why this is so difficult to do for 4-6 months? To be honest, blow up dolls and the rest of this foolishness takes far less creativity than actually writing a good quality story. Brad has no talent though so of course this would be his solution. He can't go without a dumb triangle and random plot point hook up that amounts to nothing.
  13. I am so embarrassed for the actors. Also whose spouse would want to do this? Why can't Brad just avoid love scenes for a while?
  14. WTF? Preserving those passionate on-screen kisses will involve a bit of creative camera work, and the magic of editing. Each actor will go through the motions separately, performing inches away from the camera. “They’ll look like they’re nose to nose, in the throes of passion,” Bell says. “But they’ll be shooting scenes all by themselves.” Simulated sex scenes, though, will require more than clever camera work and creative lighting. Bell says he plans to use a combination of stand-ins and blow-up dolls. Actors’ spouses, who test negative for the novel coronavirus, will join their partners for love scenes that involve touching. Life-like dummies will fill in for more intimate on-camera work. “We have some life-like blow up dolls that have been sitting around here for the past 15 years, that we’ve used for various other stories — (like) when people were presumed dead,” says Bell. “We’re dusting off the dolls and putting new wigs and make-up on them and they’ll be featured in love scenes.” https://www.forbes.com/sites/dawnchmielewski/2020/06/16/the-bold-and-the-beautiful-is-back-with-a-plan-to-keep-social-distancing-from-stealing-the-sex/
  15. Writer Bradley Bell reveals that the show has been already working to overhaul the studio to allow for social distancing. “We’ve been at the studio and we’ve totally revamped the control room and the hair and makeup room,” he says. “We’ve got plastic dividers up and 6 feet distance between everyone in the booth. We’re going over all the precautions with the studio heads.” Original cast member John McCook (Eric) adds that the actual shooting of scenes will change, as well. “Now if there are four people in a scene, we’re not shooting all four of them at a time,” McCook explains. “We don’t want four actors on the set at once, so we’ll be shooting two people, and then they’ll reverse and shoot the other two people. So, it’s like doing a one-camera show, or doing film. I imagine it’s going to be a little difficult at first, but I am just so glad we’re coming back."
  16. https://deadline.com/2020/06/the-bold-and-the-beautiful-returns-production-covid-19-protocols-season-33-1202960103/ The daytime drama will resume filming its current season on Wednesday, June 17, at Television City in Los Angeles. There is no airdate set yet but the hope is for the half-hour soap to return to originals in early-to-mid July The cast and the crew were tested for the coronavirus today, with regular testing a key part of the new protocol. Everyone will work shorter days with staggered call times and smaller amount of cast on set at one time. To accommodate that, some of the scripts that had been already in the can were reworked.
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