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  1. What is the deflection? The excuses people make for Sally are hilarious. The show had 16 weeks or something of record low demos under Sally who could not have cared less...you know what nevermind. You love Sally, it's cool.
  2. 1. It's 2017 so saying that you "don't want people to see color" or "don't want people to see gender" is problematic. 2. Not only did she have no plan for the characters, she didn't watch the last 10 years of the show. Who thought it was a good idea to hire her? 3. She just made up everything she said in her interview to Logan? Why not just decline or postpone it? What? 4. She made it pretty obvious she had no intention of staying in the job long. She wasn't committed to it. It's awful that her brother died, but her commitment was gone. 5. The entire thing about Greg was nonsense, SHE was the one who wrote Kevin and Chloe's reunion so what is she talking about? He wasn't too involved with Chloe at the time SSM took over. They were finished. She reunited them. 6. It was CLEAR very early on that Sally cared more about that doc than she did about figuring out how to make Y&R better and she made that pretty clear in that interview. 7. A LOT of people here tried to blame a lot of the poor ideas on network interference and Mal Young...it's clear that Sally's failures were hers. She took a job just to take it. Her heart wasn't in it, she didn't care, she didn't think she'd stay long, she had nothing planned, she bs'd interviews and made stuff up as she went along for a show she hadn't watched in a decade. Just no.
  3. I mean, that's horrible, but then she needed to DECLINE THE INTERVIEW or postpone. Why the hell would she just "make up a bunch of stuff?" Also, she made it clear that she didn't even think she'd stay in the job more than 6 months. What a mess. Like why was she even hired? This was all so stupid.
  4. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2017/08/10/sally-sussman-speaks-out-on-young-and-restless-and-lesbian-love-story Some excerpts: Daytime Confidential: Mariah and Tessa kissed last week on The Young and the Restless. What was the genesis behind telling a story where two seemingly straight women fall in love? Sally Sussman: When I came into Y&R last September, I had one day's notice to start the job. I had been traveling in France with my feature documentary [Midnight Return: The Story of Billy Hayes and Turkey], and hadn't been watching the show for several years. So, I had nothing prepared and never have started a job like that before. But because of the change happening so fast, I had to jump in with both feet. While starting to write the daily shows, I came up with several stories that I pitched the network; one of which is the love story between Mariah and a new character named Tessa. This is a love story; it's not a gay story. It's about falling in love with a person, not a gender. It is about Mariah and Tessa's self-discovery and it catches them both off guard. People fall in love unexpectedly for all sorts of reasons. Some they understand; some they don't. DC: Per usual with LGBT stories on daytime, some fans are loudly voicing their disapproval on social media. Did you anticipate this? SS: Before the kiss actually aired and the audience was starting to sense where the story was going, I was told by CBS that they had been getting a lot of negative comments. Because I had been away from the daytime genre for 10 years, and was aware that many other soaps had done stories featuring LGBT characters — some as long as 20 years ago — I was honestly a little taken aback by the depth of the negativity. It made me quite sad. When I created Generations, my goal was to make the African-American families where you didn't see race. I had hoped with this story people wouldn't just see gender; they'd feel the honest love between the characters. DC: Y&R fans on social media are questioning the timing of your decision to retire and the launch of the story. Do you regret not being able to stay on and tell the story yourself? SS: The two events are not related; this storyline was approved last October. The material airing now was written in May because the show is three months ahead of air. I know a lot of fans got upset by the only interview I did while at Y&R, which was last October with Michael Logan. He had been faithfully watching the show throughout all the head writer changes and really wanted answers to the loose ends that were left by my predecessor. What he didn't know is that night I had to fly to Vancouver where my 61-year-old brother just died suddenly and unexpectedly. He was my last surviving family member and it devastated me. Thinking about future stories for Y&R was the furthest thing from my mind, so I just made up a bunch of stuff because I hadn't gotten the chance to write a long-term yet. At that point, I honestly didn't think I could make six months in the job. So I'm thrilled to have made it to one year. Also...Sally lets folks know that this was ALL HER IDEAS and she didn't have a bunch of network interference, she was in TOTAL control "But I take responsibility for every scene in every episode as it was all done by me. As head writer you can't farm this work out to your writers or anyone else; to do this job properly you need to be in the trenches on every episode and every scene. So if the audience liked what they saw, great. If they hated what they saw, then I feel badly and disappointed but I know it goes with the territory. I adored my writing team, most of whom I'd never worked with before. They were fantastic to work with, but your writers don't make up the shows. They look to you to guide them and tell them what is in each episode. The same goes for the network and Sony. They give notes of course and most of their notes are actually very helpful and thoughtful. I never had any issues with the network or their input; we had great long-term story meetings, lots of good back/forth; lots of laughter."
  5. The Ben actor is truly terrible. The show definitely needs more alpha males with his size and build (too many skinny long haired men who look alike on this show) but he is just a bad bad actor.
  6. https://www.tvinsider.com/320365/the-young-and-the-restless-daniel-goddard-daytime/ AN EXCERPT: You and Christel have performed all this with remarkable subtlety and restraint. It’s the lack of fireworks that makes the story unique. Christel and I talked a lot about that. Don’t forget, Lily slept with Joe Clark twice and there was no alcohol involved, so there’s a level of guilt on her part that stops her from coming at Cane with a vengeance. She’s not squeaky clean and this has allowed the humanity to play out, as opposed to it being all about anger and retaliation. Whenever you see the submissions for the Daytime Emmy acting awards, it’s always about the guy yelling or the girl crying hysterically. I’m not a big fan of that. I operate within a more quiet, grey area. I don’t get loud until and unless I absolutely need to. Ahhh yes because that's exactly what you want from the leading frontburner story on a daytime drama - no fireworks, muted emotions and whipers.
  7. She's already signed a new contract. I loved Wendy. I don't think she was a superior Dinah but that was mainly because once Cassie entered the picture there was a real real disservice done to her and the writing for Dinah. The edge with Phyllis is an issue, but it's a writing issue. It was one of the reasons Michelle left, she was sicking of doing nothing and just nursing Jack and felt Phyllis had been written well or true to form in a while. I don't really think Mal is the one to get back to that, but I guess we'll see. Also and not for nothing but Dinah was and always will be superior character to Phyllis. Phyllis hasn't been written well in about 10-15 years.
  8. Ugh. And the bad news keeps rolling on in.... Did you see the person who said they were going to quit Y&R and watch the church channel? Absurd.
  9. The article also talks about Jack still very much wanting to be with Nikki so he has to be careful messing with her daughter cause things are going so well for them. It's more about revenge against Billy and Phyllis than wanting her back or anything.
  10. I agree. But there's only so much a director can do if someone can't properly convey an emotional breakdown. He's a director, not a magician. Also on yesterday's show, Lauren and Phyllis were talking about the idea that was brought up 3 months ago about Chelsea 2.0 and Fenmore's. What? I forgot that was even a thing.
  11. Paraphrased from SOD: Phyllis meets with shady businessman Ben Hochman and suggests to him that Victoria is single and he should try to charm her to buy a piece of Brash & Sassy. He asks Victoria out to dinner and she agrees. They wake up in bed together and because of Victoria's head injury she doesn't know what happened. Hilary sees them and tells Jack who uses the info to try to break up Billy and Phyllis. So that makes two fake sexual harassment claims (Gloria/Jack and Cane/Juliet) and now two instances of people waking up in bed and not knowing what happened (Cane/Juliet being first) in a span of like 6 months. This show is really playing fast and loose with consent and just shady sexual situation these days. I don't like it.
  12. What atrocious acting today. Listen, when I saw Doug's tweet about JT and AH I thought it was bitter, over the line and unprofessional. But then I saw today's show and the awful performances from Heinle and Goddard and I can't imagine what it must feel like to be TEB or CLB or ED (who hasn't gotten a thing from this Dina story we can all admit) or KSJ or JW and be sitting on the backburner getting nothing material and watching those performances. It's almost insulting. They were dreadful (and CK wasn't that much better but at least she didn't embarrass herself). On another note, I honestly hope Mal scraps this traficking story completely. Who the hell is Crystal? Who is Zach? Why do I care about her or that he might be involved? Sharon Case absolutely deserves a fronburner story but I'd prefer it not be this. It's already a boring mess.
  13. Doug is going a little overboard now. He just retweeted this on his timeline and liked it (I don't disagree that they were on too much and it was obvious that some of the actors were starting to resent it but to put it out there publicly...)
  14. The affair was soapy and dramatic, I get why people were into it, the writing for them as a couple is dreadful. I suspect it's written this way because Sally didn't like them and maybe Mal is going to try to fix it but I'd prefer he not at this point and just have Phyllis dump Billy and honestly be single for a while? There was period around January or February where she was single and on a dating app or something and I thought they should have stayed with that. Bring on her mother if they need a story but tossing her in another relationship after the triangle last year and this dull triangle or whatever the heck it is now would be a terrible move. Put her in a business story now with Lauren and Fenmore/Jabot and then bring back Ronan or someone in a few months. And while Phyllis is single, give Ashley a love interest! It's absurd! When was the last time she had sex? Stitch?
  15. No worries. I'll edit mine too. I get why everyone is disappointed who liked them, I guess it felt like a lot of people asking why or saying it wasn't fair but without the ratings or demos there was no way to justify having them stick around. I think Mariah/Tessa should continue. I don't like Brash & Sassy. I actually think Brash & Sassy and GC Buzz need to go. Just go forward wit Jabot, Hamilton-Winters Group and Newman. Leave Brash and Sassy and Femores as smaller companies that are part of Newman (B&S) and Jabot (Fenmores) Sharon should absolutely remain sane I don't know about Victor, it still feels like they're not sure how to write him really. Dina should stick around but they should drop the whole Graham angle, who cares anymore?
  16. What are you talking about? I just said I expect Mal to fail, I think it's a mistake to make him HW and EP, I hope they get a new HW fast and I respect Kay. It helps to actually read the posts. My point was simple, Sally's ratings and demos were terrible so there wasn't really a choice for Angelica or Sony from a business standpoint.
  17. Let me ask this honestly, what could Angelica and Sony really do? Sally was here for like 8 months and 4 or 5 of those 8 months she had record low demos. She was actually setting records for most weeks of consecutive lows for the show. What is Angelica supposed do in this situation? Add that to the fact that many people in the cast were vocal in their displeasure with the show....it honestly would have been borderline irresponsible for Angelica as an exec not to do something. It's a business. She never had a period of good or even decent ratings or gains. How would Angelica be able to justify giving her a new contract or keeping her on? Now the Kay part is what sucks. It feels like she is unfairly being lumped in with Sally's failures when I think Kay has every capacity to still be great. They shouldn't be seen as a package deal. Sally's flops are not Kay's and I wish Kay would have been kept on as a consultant. Also, Mal becoming the HW is such an atrocious idea and a stupid one. We saw this with Latham - it didn't work. We saw this with MAB - it didn't work. This won't be any different. It's too much for one person and Mal doesn't even seem to have enough experience as a HW to justify this. Even if this is temporary, given the show's track record with having people take on both the role of EP and HW, it is beyond stupid that CBS and Sony would be fine with this even for a short period of time. I hope they find a real HW and fast.
  18. Also...this article from Tommy on Kay and Sally being OUT lol (with a big ol' shot at DC) http://highlighthollywood.com/2017/07/48-hours-after-firing-kay-alden-sally-sussman-is-out-and-not-retiring-despite-tabloid-report/
  19. How in the world is anyone surprised by this? Sally's Y&R was boring, dry and dull as hell. I couldn't understand at all the praise it was getting on this board, it was absolutely awful as were her demos. The show was hitting 16 and 12 weeks straight of record lows in the demos, there's no way they were going to keep her around. Sucks about Kay Alden though, she deserved better than to have her legacy tied to this awful stint from Sally. Mal being EP and HW is a horrid idea and I hope it is only temporary. One would hope that after the fiascos that were MAB and LML as HW and EP they wouldn't actually make the mistake of doing that again. They need to get a real HW, maybe even bump up Janice Ferri Esser and give her a fresh, young co-HW
  20. So this has started some uproar on Twitter (and yes we all know Tommy is cray though this appears to be true): Kay Alden is OUT as a consultant and Sally has hired her 24 year old son as a scriptwriter (he has been there about a month, his onscreen credit is ADAM SAMUEL when in fact his full name is ADAM SAMUEL MORINA) http://highlighthollywood.com/2017/07/yr-in-crisis-sony-insider-says-ms-kay-alden-is-out-sussman-tried-to-hire-her-son-to-replace-the-venerable-writer/ I think Sally is getting fired when her contract is up anyway but I can't imagine her son has enough experience to justify giving him a job as a scriptwriter. Y&R has always loved nepotism but now both Sally's husband and son work on the show? I assume based on those releases about how bad the The Talk is doing compared to The View that Angelica will be making a ton of changes to the lineup anyway. The lead-ins will shelter some of the blame I'm sure.
  21. Yep, it was called 'The Clarence Update'. My grandma used to listen to him when she couldn't be home to watch the stories because she was driving somewhere
  22. Why does it have to be either/or? I don't want her crazy or a hot mess but she could also be doing a lot more than she currently is. I don't get why the bar is set so low for the writers. "Well she isn't crazy so I'll accept whatever" or for Hilary it's "well she has no motivation or POV or friends or real reason for her actions but she's on all the time." Really there is too much great tv being created on too many platforms to be accepting the bare minimum from soaps.
  23. Ehh, I don't think Sharon defending the Newmans or kicking Hilary out of the coffeehouse on their behalf made a lick of sense considering what they have put her through and how they have treated her. Also Sharon Case has alluded to being bored as hell herself. While I don't think we ever need to see crazy, nutty Sharon again what she is doing now is boring as hell. I also don't get the notion that the show loves MiM or Hilary. She basically just moves around the show as a foil to their favorites with zero motivation or reason for doing so. They certainly like her being a punching bag but I don't get the love since they haven't bothered to actually round out the character. Like on today's show, what is the purpose of Hilary going after Lily again? Kicking Lily while she's down for no reason is supposed to endear Hilary to who? They just use her because they don't want their more golden characters to dirty their hands so they have her do it and never give a reason for it. She's on a bit, but I don't see the benefit in it. Every other week someone is wondering if they're setting up a "who killed Hilary" story. And Lily and Cane are still fine. DG posted pictures of the family behind the scenes yetserday they were all taping on the Lane set together and seemed fine so Lily still isn't leaving or breaking up with him obviously.
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