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  1. So no episode from the HIV story from Winters week? Does that seem wrong to anyone else?
  2. An odd thing to focus on while failing to mention that not a single soap currently on the air has a woman HW or EP.
  3. How many people are on the show? Does the show tape for just 3 months? That's a lot less money than a soap that tapes year round (meaning you have to pay crew year round) and has a contract cast of 25+ people. Gotta do a cost benefit analysis. Are the ratings and demos for soaps good enough to justify how much they cost to produce annually?
  4. I don't know, the way Brad Bell spoke it seemed like he was always pretty gung ho on recasting Ridge. Ronn and his wife made it VERY CLEAR how they would feel about recasting Ridge and Brad did it anyway.
  5. I think these two episodes are probably the best I've seen from Moss. The first clip is one of the few times I have actually seen him be able to actually squeeze out some real tears smh
  6. This. Brad and JFP and Sussman and JFP both would have been dreadful. Brad has no talent and is only where he is because of nepotism and Sussman is the most boring writer on the planet.
  7. Hey everyone, great news! Nikki N got back to me and said she has full episodes that she will put on the Onedrive (I gave her the link). She said she has a ton from 1993 that she will share. The only issue is the episodes are in a vault or stored away somewhere and it might be a month before she can get to it because of COVID-19
  8. Yes it seems so. I assume she has entire episodes because she seems to have almost every Ridge/Taylor scene - especially from 92-97 or so. Unless she found someone who does Taylor and Ridge edits? I sent her a note on YT, sometimes she responds. Hopefully she has some full episodes she's willing to contribute to the vault. I still wish we had dates for those clips. There are so many, would love to see them in some kind of order
  9. I see that all of those Taylor and Ridge clips that were put on You Tube are being put into the OneDrive. Does anyone know the dates of any of those clips (especially the stuff before 1996)? They all seem to be labeled weird as hell but there's a lot of stuff there.
  10. Yikes at B&B's numbers though....
  11. Pretty sure it's all Brad Bell
  12. Yes please! I have been looking for 1999 and 2000 especially!
  13. Honestly weddings are boring. Unless someone gets shot at one, I would rather they not. But I agree the Nikki and Victor episodes have largely sucked (still better than anything B&B has done)
  14. The same person who does the Taylor and Ridge clips for B&B is clipping Kevin and Lucy's story from the time they met.
  15. Their choices are so terrible. Dreadful.
  16. Agree. Also Sandra Nelson never felt like a clown to me the way Stafford often does. Some of her and Michael's antics were OTT but she never felt like a straight up joke. Alex was the only Diane IMO.
  17. This is honestly a weird view because of the extenuating circumstances. I have found the ratings for all the soaps during this pandemic pretty awful. People are FORCED to stay home. Nobody is working, stay at home orders are in place in almost every state but a few - and even when soaps were showing new episodes ratings were down from the previous year. Meanwhile, cheaper to produce talk shows are able to provide new content during the entire pandemic and a lot of them are seeing better ratings than they have in years. I get being optimistic, but when people actually go back to work and things are back to normal, what is the expectation for soap viewership? People were shut in and forced to stay home and still not watching soaps in signigicantly large or increased numbers.
  18. LOL, I remember the story being quite popular so I don't think you're alone. If we're going to show stuff from the Princess Leila story, they can at least show the snake dance.....
  19. Two Liam weddings? I can't! And LOL of course they're going to leave out quite possibly the most iconic B&B wedding of all time. Hilarious
  20. Honestly, they could have kept this episode. It's nice seeing Victoria Rowell and Jeanne but....
  21. I was about to complain cause I could do without seeing stuff from 2004 but its much better than what B&B and GH are doing.
  22. Thanks. Also looking at these clips and I remember how much I hated how much storylines cenetered around Rick and Bridget. It was overkill. I think if you're going to focus that much on childcharacters - the really young ones - the actors need to be really strong (a la Hayden Panettiere as Lizzie on GL)
  23. Thanks for the link to the 1996 and 1997 German episodes. I really hope they do1999 and 2000 because those years are nearly impossible to find. Also, watching this episode and WOW, Hunter leaving for Melrose seemed to have them scrambling to change the story (and Grant's intro was messy as hell - making out with Taylor, dating Michael, sleeping with Sheila - so odd). I read the show knew for a while that Hunter was fielding other offers and she was likely to leave - I can't fathom why they went so far with Grant/Taylor only to have her leave the next two weeks if they were given notice from Hunter. I would really like to know what the plan would have been had she stayed. I don't think any of the arc would have happened with Ridge and Grant becoming friends and Grant and Brooke starting an emotional (and physical though they didn't have sex) affair behind his back. It's clear they just pivoted to Brooke after Hunter left.
  24. They have shown this episode sooo many times.
  25. Well guys apparently the Canadian episode that aired today (they are a day ahead of the US) was an episode from 6 weeks ago. So there seems to be some questions about whether or not a classic episode is actually airing tomorrow
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