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  1. Oh that's from B&B, the terrible years. I have to say, Flannery is Flannery and they obviously let her do what she wanted but I kind of hated the change in Stephanie's attire and overall lack of care given to her appearance after a certain period. The clothes, the hair, all of it felt very out of character. I think again most of it was the show doing whatever it could to make Flannery happy so she wouldn't quit that crapfest earlier than she did but still.... In the same vein, they also started letting Ridge morph into Ronn Moss with all the ugly scarves and that nonsense.
  2. Man, Susan Flannery (and this writing) is MISSED. It really baffles me that soaps can't be more creative with the storytelling. They just recycle plot points instead of digging deeper. A man and a woman married for 20 years get divorced after he leaves her for a younger woman. Stephanie is in denial and believes he's just having a midlife crisis and he will eventually come back to her. It sounds simple enough but Stephanie's POV was written very well and more compelling than anything I have seen on B&B in ages. I seesaw back and forth between feeling really sad about what has happened to soaps, just thinking they're better off being cancelled and having a small glimmer of hope that at least one writer on one show will get it or possibly turn their show around.
  3. Hunter has been a mess the last decade or so but honestly, what is the purpose of a recast Taylor? Because recast Ridge and recast Thorne have been so successful? So she can return and battle KKL over some flop Ridge that nobody gives a damn about? Or because they need someone to yammer on to Steffi about how she and Liam are meant to be? Recast with whoever you want, the writing isn't going to change and the show still sucks (which is likely why HT doesn't want to return in the first place).
  4. Same tbh. I really think those two shows saw the sharpest declines in quality around the early and mid 00's and it felt so drastic. Other shows had already cycled through various writers and regimes - people with different visions for the show - but the Bell soaps had such a clear and steady creative vision for such a long time under Bill. When that changed you immediately felt it. Like you spent 15-20 years eating filet mignon at the best restaurant in town and then all of a sudden you go to that same restaurant and someone is trying to shove spam down your throat.
  5. Yep all the time. Y&R - It ebbs and flows. There is a lot of nonsensical crap that happened on that show after 2005 that I just flat out ignore. B&B - I don't pay attention to anything that happened after 2001/2002. Once Bill Bell got sick and was no longer involved in the show, the show went to hell. It was an obvious and rapid decline. I'm not really concerned about any plot points that happened after that. I just kind of pretend it was cancelled after Sheila went to jail. Shrugs. GL - Was the show still on the air after 2007? I like to pretend it wasn't. I also don't acknowledge any of the San Cristohell mess
  6. Further ruins? Brad Bell has been destroying all these characters for 15 years. There is very little value in being the last person on a sinking ship. I know some soap fans really believe in the "band was playing as the ship went down" mantra like there is some reward for being on a show when it is cancelled but I kind of believe at this point that people should gtf off the boat when you see its tanking (meaning she probably should have never agreed to return after she quit in 2002 since she has acknowledged that the show has stunk since 2001). This really applies to all vets on all the soaps now. There is very little value in returning to soaps in 2019 unless you need money - its gauranteed the quality of the material will be terrible lets be honest.
  7. Honestly why would any of the old crew want to return to this show? For what? Unless they really REALLY need a check I would not look twice at B&B. I am shocked that McCook is still there.
  8. Heard a few people say Hunter has no plans nor desire to return (and they have asked). Not sure what happened or if she is just sick of the show.
  9. A lot of the Taylor, Ridge, Thorne, Brooke stuff is still up on (the main focus of the clips is Taylor and Ridge though). It's unfortunate that full episodes or stuff for other characters isn't up anywhere. Boy is it hard looking at how entertaining the show was in 1997-1998 and how it became awful rubbish by 2002-2003
  10. Does anyone know why its so damn hard to find episodes from 1997-1999? I heard that those years did not air in a bunch of countries for some reason (like someone told me it didn't air in the UK)?
  11. I really think she only returns to collect a check and doesn't really care anymore. She drags the writing on the show A LOT on Twitter lol.
  12. On Twitter a week or two ago Hunter basically said something like the show has been nonsensical crap since 2001 so I doubt she is pressed to come back unless she gets bored and feels like getting a recurring check or something.
  13. Yikes. Those ratings are considered "surging"? Its rough out here for soaps
  14. Sharon Case wrote a very sweet note to Gina
  15. Nice of EB and random (since she's not taping anymore but still...) https://twitter.com/EBraeden/status/1127767671611637761
  16. Amelia Heinle posted a pic with Gina saying she missed her already. A bunch of people commented saying this sucks and she shouldn't be replaced and Josh Griffith liked a bunch of those comments. Umm, I'm confused. Wasn't he partly responsible for this? Anyway, the outpouring of love for Tognoni from her fellow castmates has been super sweet (and honestly a little shady to a returning MS on some of their parts). Sharon Case and Eileen seem REALLY upset about Gina leaving. Since she stopped taping last week I assume her last airdate is around the first week of June. And speaking of being shady on Twitter Mal Young immediately signed back on to be messy after winning that Emmy
  17. They're throwing a party for Gina Tognoni right now. The entire cast is there it seems and both Jessica Collins and Alice Hunter showed up.
  18. What a waste of time. After all this I highly doubt GT would even consider staying on the show and Angelica seems to stick to her decisions dumb or otherwise. On another note, Hunter Haley King had her bridal shower and GT was there. I assume she will be at the wedding too. I had thought that MS would possibly be there but it doesn't seem so.
  19. Well Gina said at a few events in 2017 she almost did not sign a contract that year and everyone got the impression that contract (the 3 year one she signed in 2017) was the last one she would be signing. I feel pretty confident she was going to leave in 2020 but the way they went about it is still dirty. As far as people blaming Stafford, she has never had the greatest reputation so thats why folks are probably jumping to that conclusion - though I do think she probably put feelers out there because how exactly would CBS even be aware of what was happening with her negotiations? Either way, whats done is done. The chance of any of these soaps getting significantly better because of some casting changes is...LOL
  20. LOL at "I'm not going to argue with you" and then writing a long essay that said not much. You do understand there are other streaming avenues besides the big ones like Hulu and Amazon and Apple? To say it is harder is absurd. What? People are getting HBO deals from web shows they make in their damn basement. I also mentioned her doing theater which she has wanted to do and is in NY where she lives. You know what, nevermind. Soap fans always act like its some big betrayal when actors want to do other thinfs. Didn't MS do a podcast and web show? They both flopped but attempts were made. There is entitely too much opportunity out there for anyone to see soaps as their only option. As I said, GT should leave soaps alone. You disagree, thats whatever lol.
  21. Being condescending due to lack of a rebuttal is about what I expected as a response tbh. Anyway, she should absolutely leave soaps alone (unless she wants a check but I think her husband's family has $$$ so probably not)
  22. This is a stupid stance, are you serious? Do you know how many actors have been fired from soaps and gotten work. Also there is Broadway there are a million streaming platforms, there are several opportunities and avenues for actors to work. And Gina has gotten gigs before; Sopranos, SVU, the Royal Pains gig she had to turn down because of her shooting schedule. She has recently mentioned frustration with not being able to audition or pursue outside work because of the Y&R shooting schedule and the commute. LOL and nobody outside of soaps gives one iota of a damn about what happens on soaps or with soap casting. This is 2019. Half the people in the business don't even realize these barely afloat shows are still on the air. I dont know what kind of goofy thought it is to think an actor goes to an audition and they say "oh no we can not cast her because she got replaced by some lady on Y&R"....LMAO!!!!!!
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