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  1. JY recently did an IG live where he confirmed he will not be returning to B&B. He moved away and it wasn't worth the commute basically. I wasn't crazy about his Rick but I didn't really like anyone in the role.
  2. Totally agree. I loved Hilary but Amanda is a dud and thats mainly because they have half-assed their way through the character. I saw it happening the second she came to town with Hilary's exact face and barely anyone had a reaction.
  3. Julie Pinson was so popular on Port Charles they killed her off the show before it was even cancelled lol. I don't think many people cared much about Eve nor her pairings.
  4. I have pretty much lost interest in these random episodes. The bloom is officially off the rose. I am not watching new episodes either but they would do better to pick a story arc or something.
  5. How in the world did I forget these scenes with David and Kat on GL? Was this the first time the N word was used on a soap?
  6. Rarely do I think you can credit a single writer for a couple but I think you can give MVJ almost sole responsibility for Kevin and Lucy.
  7. Usually they submit in the wrong (supporting) category because they feel they have no shot in Lead. Considering how limited the competition is and that there are only 4 soaps left I find category fraud ridiculous now. You're barely competing against anyone now (the great actors have all left and the ones who remain barely and tarely get material), the least you could do is submit in the proper category
  8. Was this when she was played by Brittany Snow?
  9. Ahh this was during the "I got an email from my wife saying she wanted me to sleep with her best friend and get her pregnant so I did" story Smh!
  10. Skipping next week. I would only watch the premiere and I have seen that a zillion times.
  11. I was honestly watching and thinking the episode did not hold up well at all. A little camp goes a long way. B&B has never been a show to really dig deep into its characters or their relationships but they could have done a little more than have Stephanie's every other word be tramp, whore, and ho and "you destroyed my family" over and over. We get it. And as far as being surprised this was Brad. He had a co-HW at the time but even saying that there was a NOTICEABLE difference and considerable drop in the quality of the dialogue between the argument between Sally and Stephanie earlier in the week and what aired today.
  12. Yeah. I thought the show pretty obviously nose dived in 1995 and 1996. Just bad. The one bright spot was probably Charles Grant.
  13. Same. I also just liked how stylish Colleen Dion's Felicia looked, down to the haircut. I absolutely believed she worked in fashion.
  14. Totally agree. I honestly don't think any of the recasts have gotten Carly right. I pretty much went from her being one of my faves to not caring about her at all after Sarah left.
  15. 100% agreed. I don't like Laura's Carly at all. She plays her like an annoying soccer mom with very little depth, nuance or subtlety
  16. I have never yelled HARD PASS so fast in my life. Isn't almost every episode of this show dedicated to Sonny and Carly? Gross. Monday, June 15, 2020: Episode 11232 (Original Air Date: 2/07/07) Sonny and Carly re-declare their love during the Metro Court hostage crisis. Tuesday, June 16, 2020 Episode 12898 (Original Air Date: 9/24/13) Sonny has gone off his meds and begins to spiral. Carly convinces him to resume taking lithium. Wednesday, June 17, 2020 Episode 13390 (Original Air Date: 9/14/15) Sonny is in critical condition after being shot. Sitting vigil in the hospital chapel, Carly reads the vows he wrote for her and remembers their ups and downs. Thursday, June 18, 2020 Episode 13412 (Original Air Date: 10/14/15) Sonny and Carly get married in the GH chapel, surrounded by their loved ones. Friday, June 19, 2020 Episode 13661 (Original Air Date: 10/12/16) Grieving for Morgan (Bryan Craig), Carly blames Sonny for their son's death.
  17. So nice to see a Spectra-centric episode with Felicia and Stephanie thrown in. The conversation between Sally and Stephanie was so fantastic. The more I see these episodes the more I realize that I will probably not like or watch this show regularly again.
  18. Just great scenes between Nikki and Jack. Incredibly well acted and well written. Jill in this dress and hat is killing me! Great to see Dina as she used to be (the current illness story has gone on entirely too long)
  19. I don't really like commenting on this because it feels very gross to me but I think a lot of the decisions she made regarding plastic surgery were a direct result of some things that happened in her personal life including some mental breaks. She clearly developed some type of body dysmorphic disorder. Anyway, I have to say, I quit being a regular viewer of B&B an eternity ago but I was suprised at how great she looked here in 2008:
  20. Hunter was the reason I started watching too but also loved the Spectras and Flannery. Actually, I realized the other day that I really had no use for the men on the show. I only really tolerated Ridge because of Taylor. But I loved Taylor, Stephanie, Sally, Macy, Sheila, and later Amber - the male characters I could pretty much take or leave.
  21. Has this interview ever been posted? Bill Bell and Claire Labine Interview from 1997 https://www.serialscoop.com/2014/07/bill-bell-claire-labine-on-writing.html?m=1
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