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  1. I think that just means they blocked and rehearsed with masks on and didn't get to take them off until they were actually filming which is expected. But its all the touching that I think has people baffled lol
  2. Does anyone knkw how long LH will be playing Sam? Is it weeks?
  3. I mean today we saw Michael hug Diane, Carly hug Michael, Valentin repeatedly putting his hands around Lucy's waist, Sam and Jason holding hands, Sam kissing Jason on his forehead, etc
  4. I have to say, I do not hate the ELQ story. It is pulling in characters all over the canvas, both newbies and vets, and they are doing a decent job using history (like Lucy having the tiebreaking vote because of her divorce from Alan). Tracy is very much needed her though. Ned and Michael being the only Quartermaines in these scenes is a little lame. I remain very confused by Frank's choices though. It feels like there are a lot of actors on this show that are recurring but have more to do on the show and are in more stories than contract castmembers. The story that is still not working for me is anything involving Peter. Anna looks STUPID. Maxie possibly being pregnant is atrocious. It feels like Anma only shares scenes with Finn, Peter and now Robert and all of her conversations are about Peter. I also think LH is doing a great job as Sam. She has ENERGY something this show desperately needs as it's often quite lethargic (though I think Y&R now has them beat in that department)
  5. I don't agree that CW is bad in the role at all. She's not a cartoon but I greatly prefer her more grounded version to whatever MS was doing. She doesn't have chem with Ingo but given Ingo's recent comments I am perfectly fine with Jax just disappearing. She works well with CL, KS, LH, the Sasha girl, etc.
  6. Ahh yes just what Steffy fans want to see, her fighting a 60 year old for a man. 🙄🙄
  7. At this point, why isn't Lynn Herring on contract? I feel like they pretty much have Lucy connected in some way to every castmember from Maxie to Sasha to Valentin to Nina, last year it was Ava, Ryan, etc. And if they're going to keep that Sasha girl, why didn't they just make her Lucy's daughter Christina? They look JUST alike
  8. Get ready to return to Genoa City! The #1 daytime drama The Young and the Restless is back with all-new episodes, Monday, Aug. 10 at 12:30 PM ET/11:30 AM PT on CBS and CBS All Access. The return will find Victor and Nikki’s family threatened by a secret, Billy and Lilly navigating their new partnership with a shocking scandal brewing, Phyllis and Abby’s rivalry heating up, and Sharon’s family rallying around her during her brave battle with cancer. Storylines for new episodes the week of Aug. 10 are as follows: Monday, August 10 Lily (Christel Khalil) and Billy (Jason Thompson) interview Genoa City residents as they celebrate the anniversary of Katherine’s dedication at Chancellor Park, sparking guests’ memories of the recent past. Tuesday, August 11 Sharon (Sharon Case) struggles with her new normal following her surgery, Billy (Jason Thompson) and Lily (Christel Khalil) disagree on a potential hire for Chancellor Communications, and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) has a bone to pick with Abby (Melissa Ordway). This episode was filmed before the pandemic shut down production. Wednesday, August 12 Victor (Eric Braeden) and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) put their differences aside to help Adam (Mark Grossman), Summer (Hunter King) reveals her true feelings about Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Phyllis’ (Michelle Stafford) reunion, and Amanda (Mishael Morgan) puts the brakes on her budding romance with Nate (Sean Dominic). Thursday, August 13 Jack’s (Peter Bergman) parenting advice strikes a nerve with Victor (Eric Braeden), Adam (Mark Grossman) searches for clues to prove he didn’t commit a decades-old crime, and Esther (Kate Linder) helps Kevin (Greg Rikaart) prepare for fatherhood. Friday, August 14 Devon (Bryton James) bonds with Amanda (Mishael Morgan), Nikki’s (Melody Thomas Scott) attempt to keep the peace in the Newman family backfires, and Jack (Peter Bergman) and Ashley (Eileen Davidson) are reminded of their family’s checkered past.
  9. Yikes. So Y&R is returning with ZERO promotion? CBS just does not care huh? Terrible ABC at least has been showing GH promos in primetime.
  10. For all the good it did them considering their awful ratings for the week they returned Another GH promo and its obviously new because look at Chad's hair
  11. Meanwhile GH seems to not give a damn about social distancing
  12. I like Maura but it kills me how the GH folks have something to say about everyone but their own castmates (namely Ingo and Steve). The DAYS cast was not silent about Missy Reeves but the only person from the GH cast who has said anything about the problematic folks in that cast has been NLG I believe.
  13. They really need to just not do kissing and romantic scenes cause... (lol at the stand-in having sideburns when Wyatt clearly does not)
  14. I have neve seen anything as stupid as today's show. The girl who was tied to the radiator had both of her hands free and they tied her up with some damn stockings. Why didn't she just untie herself? Also, did anyone else expect more from B&B after a pandemic? The episode was mainly just a talky snooze.
  15. Here's the promo. If they aren't airing this on primetime and really promoting the show's return it feels like their ratings will be quite bad Also Brooke is like 60 years old and they are still repeating the tired ass tripe of her trying to seduce Ridge away from someone else. Jesus.
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