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  1. Being condescending due to lack of a rebuttal is about what I expected as a response tbh. Anyway, she should absolutely leave soaps alone (unless she wants a check but I think her husband's family has $$$ so probably not)
  2. This is a stupid stance, are you serious? Do you know how many actors have been fired from soaps and gotten work. Also there is Broadway there are a million streaming platforms, there are several opportunities and avenues for actors to work. And Gina has gotten gigs before; Sopranos, SVU, the Royal Pains gig she had to turn down because of her shooting schedule. She has recently mentioned frustration with not being able to audition or pursue outside work because of the Y&R shooting schedule and the commute. LOL and nobody outside of soaps gives one iota of a damn about what happens on soaps or with soap casting. This is 2019. Half the people in the business don't even realize these barely afloat shows are still on the air. I dont know what kind of goofy thought it is to think an actor goes to an audition and they say "oh no we can not cast her because she got replaced by some lady on Y&R"....LMAO!!!!!!
  3. I doubt GT would do another soap. They're all on the West Coast and dying with terrible writing. I doubt she would see any of them as worth the commute (she seemed to not even see Y&R as worth it the last year or so).
  4. I loved Wendy but preferred GT especially because she had a way better arc than being turned into a cartoon for Hart and Cassie for almost 2 years.
  5. No GT is Dinah. A better written far more complex and layered character with actual history and ties on the show and familial relationships that GL actually cared about and a solid foundation. Phyllis has always been a pretty shoddily written character who they never invested much in besides being a cartoon sexpot 99% of the time, lets be real. Never cared much about giving her a family until a Avery rewrite cause Griffith loved Jessica Collins and never invested anything in her backstory besides some dumb plot point of her father running some dumb pyramid scheme. There has never been much there.
  6. I am indifferent to her but that was not the point. MS was always an incredibly polarizing person on and off the show. So saying well some people were mad that GT was getting so much airtime is silly because these are the same folks who literally hated and bashed MS to high heavens and who she fought with constantly. The notion that she will be universaly embraced or something is odd considering that wasnt even the case the first go round and this is a much worse scenario
  7. LOL and you think that means it wasnt worse when MS was there and won't be worse? Let me remind you all
  8. DC claimed on their podcast that this was done becaue Y&R is desperate to improve their ratings and thought this would help. Ummm...lol. We are well beyond the time where one actor can effect ratings in some significant way.
  9. Exactly. GH did not try very hard to keep her. It also isnt fanfic that her years on GH were unsuccessful by every measurement (awards, accolades, popularity, ratings, etc)
  10. Pretty much. It was about time GH smartened up. She had played Nina for like 5 or 6 years and the show had nothing to show for it. No big ratings grabbing story or memorable moment, no Emmys or even noms, no big popular pairing so
  11. Even the old fossils on Facebook do not seem very thrilled with this news and that is pretty shocking to me since the super old viewers seem the most reluctant to recasts and stuff but there isn't some big sense of elation or joy there either. Its quite odd. Also what a weird position for the cast, though some have been more vocal than I was expecting (Camryn, Eileen, EB)
  12. Wow. Kind of shocked that EB retweeted this comment....
  13. Yikes. Y&R actors now liking tweets saying this is total bullshit. That show is already an awful mess behind the scenes, this will just continue.
  14. I can not wait to hear Peter and Sharon's reactions. I know they are PISSED.
  15. How long did people really think GT was going to commute from Jersey to LA every week?
  16. Gina made it pretty clear to everyone when she signed a contract in 2017 that she was u likely to sign another one in 2020. She told people at a fan event she almsot didn't sign in 2017 so she was likely going to leave in the summer od next year. She won the show its first Lead Actress Emmy in like a decade and got another Emmy nom, she's fine. I personally think the character of Phyllis, regardless of who plays her is a dud, though Gina gave her some layers others did 't. Still, the writing for the character has always been lame and shallow. I think Gina thought she was coming to play a Dinah-esque character and ended up severely disappointed. Anyway, Y&R hasn't been worth watching in a while and this news doesn't really change anything.
  17. 1987-early 1994 (1992-1993 possibly being my favorite stretch of the show overall) 1998-2002 I did like some of 1997 actually.
  18. Pretty sure they killed off Caroline so boring as hell Hope could bond with Douglas or whatever Thomas's kid's name is. Thus providing more angst or whatever for the tedious and neverending Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle
  19. I like that they actually look like they could be family/related. That's been pretty consistent since everyone was aged up (except blonde and curly-haired Phoebe)
  20. This is the first time I have ever seen this in English. Now I understand why people on Twitter call him "Ridge the rapist"
  21. It's really sad (and yet indicative of the quality of the writing on soaps for the last decade plus) that 99% of the scenes posted here aren't from the last 15-20 years.
  22. I honestly think B&B remained #2 largely because of the time slot and following directly after Y&R in most markets. I believe it comes on at 1:30 pm in a lot of places, and that's an odd time to try to pick up another soap. I have relatives that have basically hated the show for years but just keep it on because it follows Y&R. It's unfortunate though that when other soaps had the opportunity to overtake it, they squandered it. In 2002, after Sheila shot Taylor and they killed Taylor off (in October) and I think Sheila went to jail and then whole stupid Brooke/Ridge kidnap arc, there was a GOLDEN opportunity for other soaps to move into that slot. Here were the ratings: December 2-6, 2002 HH 1. Y&R 4.7 (+.1) 2. GH 3.6 (same) 2. DAYS 3.6 (+.1) 4. B&B 3.5 (-.2) 5. AMC 3.3 (+.2) 6. ATWT 3.2 (-.2) 6. OLTL 3.2 (same) 8. GL 2.6 (-.2) 9. PSNS 2.1 (+.1) 10. PC 1.8 (+.1) It's just unfortunate that DAYS and GH couldn't sustain the numbers because B&B hasn't really deserved to be the #2 soap since the early 00's (frankly, it never really deserved it outside of 1992-1994 but that's another conversation)
  23. Gina Tognoni and Tom Pelphrey (ex-Jonathan, GL) Gina Tognoni and Don Jeffcoat (ex-Joey, OLTL) Gina Tognoni and Mark Derwin (ex-Mallet on GL, ex-Ben on OLTL) I believe Gina Tognoni also briefly dated Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey on OLTL) Cady McClain (ex-Rosanna, ATWT) and Hunt Block (ex-Craig, ATWT)
  24. His career post-ATWT has been so impressive. Super happy for him!
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