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  1. Pretty sure they killed off Caroline so boring as hell Hope could bond with Douglas or whatever Thomas's kid's name is. Thus providing more angst or whatever for the tedious and neverending Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle
  2. I like that they actually look like they could be family/related. That's been pretty consistent since everyone was aged up (except blonde and curly-haired Phoebe)
  3. This is the first time I have ever seen this in English. Now I understand why people on Twitter call him "Ridge the rapist"
  4. It's really sad (and yet indicative of the quality of the writing on soaps for the last decade plus) that 99% of the scenes posted here aren't from the last 15-20 years.
  5. I honestly think B&B remained #2 largely because of the time slot and following directly after Y&R in most markets. I believe it comes on at 1:30 pm in a lot of places, and that's an odd time to try to pick up another soap. I have relatives that have basically hated the show for years but just keep it on because it follows Y&R. It's unfortunate though that when other soaps had the opportunity to overtake it, they squandered it. In 2002, after Sheila shot Taylor and they killed Taylor off (in October) and I think Sheila went to jail and then whole stupid Brooke/Ridge kidnap arc, there was a GOLDEN opportunity for other soaps to move into that slot. Here were the ratings: December 2-6, 2002 HH 1. Y&R 4.7 (+.1) 2. GH 3.6 (same) 2. DAYS 3.6 (+.1) 4. B&B 3.5 (-.2) 5. AMC 3.3 (+.2) 6. ATWT 3.2 (-.2) 6. OLTL 3.2 (same) 8. GL 2.6 (-.2) 9. PSNS 2.1 (+.1) 10. PC 1.8 (+.1) It's just unfortunate that DAYS and GH couldn't sustain the numbers because B&B hasn't really deserved to be the #2 soap since the early 00's (frankly, it never really deserved it outside of 1992-1994 but that's another conversation)
  6. Gina Tognoni and Tom Pelphrey (ex-Jonathan, GL) Gina Tognoni and Don Jeffcoat (ex-Joey, OLTL) Gina Tognoni and Mark Derwin (ex-Mallet on GL, ex-Ben on OLTL) I believe Gina Tognoni also briefly dated Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey on OLTL) Cady McClain (ex-Rosanna, ATWT) and Hunt Block (ex-Craig, ATWT)
  7. His career post-ATWT has been so impressive. Super happy for him!
  8. LOL! Ronn Moss, master thespian! He had some horrid performances through the years but this one was really special lol.
  9. She was bitten by a snake and then had an affair with the man who sucked the venom out of the bite or something - but said something about the bite caused her not to act like herself. It was a strange story. Thanks so much!!!
  10. I'm drawing a blank on this story. Was it a full out affair between Eric and Lauren? Can someone refresh my memory?
  11. I thought it was just a temporary thing too but the way it was paced felt VERY rushed when you look back at the clips. It's funny because I was thinking of how the Taylor/Morocco story would play today. I know they were capitalizing off the fact that Hunter had just done some movies in India where I believe she played a princess with Kabir (who played Prince Omar) and Hunter is like half Native American (I think) so I guess they thought that made it ok - but still they really tried it with some of that story and it would never fly today
  12. Technically but I think Bill Bell was still HEAVILY involved in the writing as he was the sole Executive Producer up until 1996. He did an Emmy TV legends interview in 1998 and it seemed pretty obvious he was still involved in both Y&R and B&B pretty heavily then. Kay Alden said he still oversaw both (read scripts, etc) up until a few years before he passed. I do think 2002 was the last tolerable or somewhat good year of the show.
  13. There have been a lot of Taylor and Ridge clips from the 90's uploaded I've found And now someone is putting up a ton of old Hunter Tylo as Taylor episodes (hope this channel doesn't get taken down they have a lot of stuff I hadn't seen). It looks like a good portion of her scenes from 1993 and 1994 are being put up by this person: Watching these, did the show know in advance that Hunter was leaving in 1994? I know she took a "hiatus" to do some films in India, but how much notice did the show have? The way they had her trapped in Big Bear with James and almost die there only to then "actually die" in a plane crash a week later was VERY weird pacing. And did Bill Bell ever plan to have Ridge find out about Taylor and James (I know Bradley Bell had it come out in some stupid nonsensical plot point in 2004)?
  14. This was EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you so so much!
  15. Does anyone know where to find B&B episode recaps from 1990-1995?
  16. Oh I agree with you completely. This story has been terrible from top to bottom and the reveal was rushed and underwhelming. Phyllis being so quick to forgive Summer wasn't even a bit believable but at least it seems like Phyllis is still angry and does' trust her moving forward. I don't know, the writing on this show is beyond terrible. Hard to make sense or care that much about any of it.
  17. First, in terms of Gina playing things hard or whatever, I think she walks a line and tries to balance it. She got a lot of criticism around 2006/2007 for making Dinah too soft when she was with Mallet and not being edgy enough and then again last year for taking the claws out of Phyllis and making her too soft and schmoopy or whatever during Phyllis and Billy. Sometimes I think she pushes too much because it's obvious that the tough thing doesn't necessarily come natural to her. She's kind of the antithesis of Phyllis whereas Stafford was essentially playing herself. And it became fairly obvious how different Gina is from Phyllis in this interview (from mannerisms to the way she speaks)
  18. I don't necessarily care about this show in any real way anymore but Gina addresses this in her interview One of the great scenes that you’ve had this year was when Phyllis realized that Summer is going after her man and she confronts her. Phyllis slapped her own daughter and then went on the offense to keep her daughter from meeting up with Billy. Summer did try to seduce Billy, and his gambling addiction wouldn’t have resurfaced at this time in his life, if it weren’t for her. GINA: Yes. Summer did push it. I think in life, people disappoint us in such a profound way. People are human. We will be disappointed. You pray to God that it’s not to certain levels, but it happens. At the end of the day this is still her daughter, and it’s that bond that you have forever, and you love them, and you have to find a way to forgive because it’s natural: that love in your heart for your child. That’s all I can say about this story, because it’s bizarre. (Laughs) It sounds so funny, “My daughter slept with my boyfriend.” (Laughs) You know what I mean? However, when you really think about it, Summer broke her mother’s heart. Even though Summer was a big contributor to the combustion of Billy and Phyllis’ relationship, Phyllis wants what’s best for her? GINA: That’s the way Mal Young (EP and head writer, Y&R) is writing it. I think that’s the most human way to do it. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be angry, or that you have to be trusting in a situation like this.
  19. Gina Tognoni Interview with Michael Fairman https://michaelfairmantv.com/yrs-gina-tognoni-opens-up-about-billys-bombshell-with-summer-whats-next-for-phyllis/2018/10/18/
  20. It's time to kill Billy off or send him back to Hong Kong. Any pretense of still acting like this character is a lovable screw up is gone. He plans and deliberately goes to have sex with Summer (who doesn't even seem totally comfortable with it) to get revenge on Phyllis. We need to stop with the lovable screw up stuff and accept he is more of a slimebag.
  21. Honestly, I doubt anyone will care. Not a single one of these characters will take off or build a substantial fanbase. Mal isn't a good writer and by pushing out the black cast members they'll just be resented.
  22. Right? Who cares about Arturo? Or Rey? And especially after this report: https://tvsourcemagazine.com/2018/08/report-are-the-ashbys-being-phased-out-at-the-young-and-the-restless/ So, where does that leave Cane, Mattie and Charlie while Lily is in jail? We hear they might be slowly phased out. Sources are calling it a “blatant shift from the Winters/Ashbys to the newly created Rosales family.” Speaking of the Winters, if you’re wondering what that means for Devon and Neil, we’re told that Devon’s noticeable lack of screen time in the aftermath of his own wife’s death is no coincidence. While we couldn’t gather contractual information on either Bryton James or Kristoff St. John, we were told “the Winters Wednesdays of years past will look like a feast compared to what’s coming up.” FYI there were NO Fall Previews for any of the Winters or black characters. None. For none of them.
  23. https://www.tvinsider.com/713228/young-and-the-restless-hilary-death-new-characters-mal-young/ That's a lot of lies to digest all at once. Also centering a whole damn family around Arturo who nobody cares about is really something...a brother, sister, mother, father, Rey's ex-wife. Ok.
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