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  1. BingCherry

    The View

    Jenny is probably right that the show will probably end next year, but her and Sherri have made so many Bitter Betty statements about the show since getting fired that I just find it comical.
  2. With any justice, B&B and Days will sweep this year.

  3. There ain't nothing sadder than a classic sitcom with a terrible final season(s).

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    2. Khan


      They didn't need a final season, IMO. Just a final episode where the building is sold and everyone is forced to leave.

    3. Vee


      I look forward to the gritty 227 reboot in which the ensemble faces off against a Mexican drug cartel.

    4. Khan
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  4. BingCherry

    The View

    Watching today only affirmed what I've always thought: Joy is the missing ingredient in this panel. If they go for a five-person panel next season (which I think they will), I hope Joy is a part of it
  5. Brandi was on WWHL tonight and, besides being sober for perhaps the first time ever on that show, spilled some interesting details about the reunion. Apparently she's in front of the firing squad for the first half of the reunion then something happens that causes everyone's "plan" for the reunion to fall apart and things get really truthful, this according to Brandi. Granted how this season has gone and how Kim has been lately, this could literally mean ANYTHING.
  6. http://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/real-housewives-of-beverly-hills-reunion-video-tears-f-bombs-fights-2015193 Trailer for the BH reunion. Holy moly three hours of this is gonna be EXHAUSTING. Say what you will about Brandi, but she doesn't back down.
  7. WOW. If this is done truly right, this story could be one of, if not the last, truly classic all-time soap storylines. WOW. If this is done truly right, this story could be one of, if not the last, truly classic all-time soap storylines.
  8. AMC - Erica, Brooke, Adam, Stuart, Tad GH- Anna, Tracy, Robin ATWT- Holden, Carly, Henry, Margo, Kim, Jessica
  9. BingCherry

    The View

    Whoopi and Rosie O' are okay alone, but together they brought out the worst in each other's personalities, especially on air. Nicolle I think has been a brilliant addition and Rosie Perez is likable but a bit raw; I do think with some more "TV training" if that's even a thing, she's salvageable. But if I were running The View, I'd park a Brinks truck in front of Joy Behar's place right now.
  10. BingCherry

    The View

    From what I read about Whoopi, it was originally intended to be a single-camera show but NBC at the last minute pushed to make it multi-cam.
  11. BingCherry

    The View

    ABC giving Whoopi an escape plan? http://deadline.com/2015/02/whoopi-goldberg-cast-delores-jermaine-pilot-abc-leaving-the-view-1201375497/
  12. Bravo's giving S2 of RHOM a primetime slot: Thursdays @ 9 beginning March 5. One hell of a promotion from Sunday afternoons.
  13. Would the whole Kim/Khoe/Tyga/Kylie/Blac Chyna/Kanye/Amber mess be considered an umbrella story?

    1. NothinButAttitude


      Yep. And one filled with a bunch wh*res.

    2. Cheap21


      Blac Chyna....lol

  14. Jamie Luner (and her cleavage) on tonight's Better Call Saul. Quite the impression despite having no lines (it'll make more sense when you see it).
  15. This isn't about the day-players or the characters on shows already cancelled, but the once-vital, popular and beloved characters on currently running soaps that we haven't seen in a long time and probably won't see again. I'll start with B&B: Sheila Carter Clarke Garrison Jackie Marone Anyone else you have in mind...
  16. Me neither. B&B has always been (even in its down periods) a very well-run show, but I still think the first time they wrote out Macy was the closest to a creative failure the show has ever really committed. Thorne was the never the same storyline-wise after that (even with the Brooke coupling). At the same time though I don't know how Macy would fit in with the current B&B. I'm sure Eakes would return if asked and it would be great to rebuild Spectra with her in charge, but I can't see it within the view of B&B today.
  17. All the flashbacks today reminded me of those couple of months where it kind of seemed (to me, at least) that they were going the psycho direction with Caroline.
  18. I'm sure it's been said before, but I get such classic Brooke v. Taylor vibes from Maya and Caroline.
  19. http://www.accesshollywood.com/rita-moreno-completely-blindsided-by-cosby-allegations_video_2552637 Very interesting reaction from Rita Moreno.
  20. Oh my God, I can't believe Rick actually did THAT. KM totally sold the feelings of reluctance over THAT. God, this show is just delivering.
  21. You know things are rotten in soapland when the best one on the air is B&B. I always forget Bradley Bell can deliver when he's not phoning it in.

    1. BingCherry


      The Rick/Maya/Caroline story is the wildest "straightforward" soap story I've seen in a long time. Everyone's killing it and the writing is just...dishy!

    2. Soaplovers


      That's what disappoints me about Bradley Bell.. he and the writers are capable of crafting stories for all characters yet chooses to only feature Brooke/Hope. You can feature two stories, even three stories per half-hour episode. It's possible with talent and planning.

    3. sheilaforever


      To be fair, B&B has been stellar for 6 months or so...

      while the other have been, well,...

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  22. Julie Marie Berman had a pretty big guest spot on Jane the Virgin last night. Sounds like there's a chance it may be recurring.
  23. BingCherry

    Vanderpump Rules

    Did anyone catch Stassi on WWHL? It was insane. She was getting read left and right; by Andy, by the callers, even by human Scream mask Todd Chrisley. But I laughed the whole time, I have to admit.
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