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  1. What if Loving never became The City post-Loving Murders?
  2. The general Twitter reaction seems to be a mixture of annoyance and outright anger at Gina’s axing.
  3. Not looking forward to this at all. Gina has made Phyllis her own over these last 5 years and frankly, GH exposed Michelle’s worst traits as an actor.
  4. Anna Holbrook (Sharlene, AW) has a blink and you’ll miss it part on episode 2 of this season’s Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  5. Gia on GH; as played by Marisa Ramirez, she was essentially one of the main ingénues with a front burner romance with Nikolas. The writing took a total 180 with Andrea Pearson in the part; backburnering her, abruptly putting her with Zander and dropping the modeling aspect for law enforcement. Inside of six months she was gone.
  6. Apparently early on in the show, the hours were ridiculously long due to Donald Bellisario taking forever with his scripts and generally being a difficult micromanager; some days went as long as 20 hours. The cast would consistently complain, but Alexander was said to be the loudest voice on set, to the point where she asked to be released from her contract. It was only when Mark Harmon threatened to leave a year or so later that Bellisario was let go.
  7. DAYS: B GH: C+ Y&R: F B&B: F
  8. Debbi Morgan is doing an arc on the coming season of BET's The Quad
  9. Linda Dano's first scenes back on OLTL aired the Monday after Another World's finale.
  10. Eddie Matos (ex-Ricky, PC; ex-Ricky, AMC) guested on tonight's Will & Grace return; still looking good.
  11. It was such a horrific, out of character mess of a storyline, but damn me if Susan Haskell didn't sell the hell out of Marty's breakdown
  12. Annie Ilonzeh (ex-Maya, GH) has booked a major recurring role on Empire later this season http://tvline.com/2015/11/05/empire-season-2-cast-annie-ilonzeh/
  13. Guy Wilson as Billy Abbott...though I get the odd feeling that may actually be an upgrade
  14. BingCherry

    Twin Peaks

    Jennifer Jason Leigh's role confirmed; is Naomi Watts joining too?
  15. BingCherry

    Twin Peaks

    The first woman is definitely JJL; there's no mistaking it to me.
  16. Very little of the NYC years or the first year in Burbank (1962-mid 1973) still exist and what does is almost entirely kinescope. Mid-1973 thru 1992 is said to be mostly intact.
  17. BingCherry

    The View

    Recurring, reportedly doing 3 Fridays a month and serving as primary fill-in.
  18. I never thought I'd see the guy I'd eagerly anticipate the words "Passante IN" but that's what happens...bye Ron-licia!
  19. October 1993 -- The Hollywood Reporter Columbia TV and director Martha Coolidge are developing a primetime soap for ABC set in the world of public relations.
  20. Heather thought she'd be the new Queen Bee of NYC til Bethenny came back and now she's jelly.
  21. Did anyone catch WWHL tonight? I have never seen Andy Cohen so exasperated with Nene ever. Nene was defensive and combative and rude with him like I've never seen her before and he was just over it.
  22. Has to be Tony& Genie or Kristian & Peter with a return announcement as well.
  23. Allison Sweeney back on DAYS?! I never thought for a second she'd be gone for long
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