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  1. I always wonder how many different wrote the Nancy Drew books. Even from one to the next they are sometimes wildly different in tone and quality. I'm reading one now where Nancy actually became a town pariah and had a fight with Ned. That's hardcore for Nancy Drew...

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    2. DRW50


      The originals are the ones that are the densest and have the most genuine sense of danger (she's held captive for lengthy periods of time in freaky places, she's shooting lions who are after her, etc.) but they have some ugly racism, unfortunately.

      That's a cool story about your family friend. Did he ever talk about his experiences?

    3. dragonflies


      you should watch Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mysteries on Netflix

      Pamela Sue Martin was perfect as Nancy

    4. dragonflies


      Did you know Sabine Singh played Nancy in a tv movie about 8 years ago lol

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