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  1. Happy 53rd birthday to me!  Thought I'd give you guys a little something to lighten the mood.  



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    2. Khan


      Happy Birthday!  Hope you're still able to enjoy the day under these circumstances!

    3. ChitHappens


      Thanks guys.  I forgive you all for the underwhelming response...lol


      My brother asked me what I did.  What could I do?  


      In all my 53 years, I don't believe I've ever been this scared of anything.  I go to get in the car and no one is outside.  I go to Target before work in hopes of finding any necessaries I can. 


      I so desperately want to survive this and the anxiety is building.  It's terrible.  

    4. Vee


      Happy birthday, honey. You're tough as nails. You're going to be fine.

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