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  1. Kim Catrall to Sarah Jessica Parker..



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    2. Cat


      @Khan Charlotte did end up with her happily ever after in a way -- Harry the divorce lawyer!

    3. YRBB


      ^^The Charlotte story was perhaps one of the most satisfying ones. She did have her Prince Charming. He was no good. Her fantasies did not translate into reality. And then she found another prince charming. He was different than she expected, but made her happy and she was loved. She saw beyond just the physical. I thought that was beautiful.

    4. Cat


      @YRBB same. He was wonderful to her and thought she hung the moon, and she looked beyond projected image and fell in love with the person he was. Truly one of the most satisfying SLs on SATC. I never for one second did not buy that they were totally into each other.


      I also like that she converted to Judaism, ostensibly for him, and really got into it for its own sake lol.