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  1. My computer continues to suggest I update to Windows 10.  Should I?  

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    2. Bright Eyes

      Bright Eyes

      I love Windows 10, too. I had Windows 7. It took about an hour to upgrade, I didn't lose any files, and my computer is significantly faster than it was before. However, for some reason, those with Windows 8 seem to have trouble with the upgrade more than those who had 7.

    3. beebs


      Only do it if you hate the 8 interface. It was designed for touchscreen and if you don't have one, there's no real point. You will lose Media Player, keep in mind (if that's important to you), but you can always download VLC to make up for it.

    4. Cheap21


      You do not lose Media Player with W10. You lose Windows Media Center. Big difference. As for interface, it really isnt much different from W8.1. For both, you can always download a free program like Classic Shell to get the style of any past Windows OS

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