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  1. Said this in Emmy Thread: "I'm glad I got to school those idiots on what daytime is all about. My answers may not have pleased some, but I at least knew what the hell I was talking about. In fact, those dimwits were so clueless one of them had the nerve to ask me if I could help them get into the CBS Daytime After Party. I mean, really? Classless retards."

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    2. ChitHappens


      Get those moron, Errol!

    3. Errol
    4. Errol


      I had NO clue all that nonsense was going on until after the awards ceremony. We were on the red carpet doing our own thing before someone from the Social aspect pulled some of us from different points in time for "interviews." I hear I had the longest one with them. Not sure if it's a compliment or a message of some sort.

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