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Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Chloe stands in the Horton Town Square, surrounded by Brady's friends and family, facing off with Victor at Brady's memorial.

VICTOR: Who invited this pox on our family, anyway?


Nicole steps in to defend her friend, retorting sassily to Victor.

NICOLE: I did.

Victor gives Nicole the sideeye.

VICTOR: You're lucky you're no longer my employee. I assume word got out that we're selling the station off. If not, surprise! It's your lucky day! Your newest dumb move didn't result in a pink slip. You might want to drop by the corner store and pick up a lottery ticket.


Maggie cuts in, frustrated by Victor's petulance.

MAGGIE:Victor, enough! This is about Brady, and in case you forgot, Chloe happens to have been married to Brady.

VICTOR: Oh trust me, I wish I could forget. The damage she's caused my grandson is the reason we're here today.

Victor turns back to Nicole and Chloe.

VICTOR: You've got some nerve dragging that bitch here. She turned him to drugs, and broke his heart over and over. I hold you responsible in large part for Brady's accident. Both of you.


Nicole steps in to defend her friend, but just then, John interjects, trying to cool down the proceedings.

JOHN: Woah! Woah, Vic. Come on. Chloe's just here to mourn her ex-husband. Now, you two may not see eye to eye, but...just let her be here. This is about Brady.

VICTOR: Yes, it is. And he would want Chloe here. God knows why. Come on, Maggie.

Victor and Maggie walk off, as Chloe leans over to John.

CHLOE: Thank you.

JOHN: Don't thank me. Just trying to keep the peace around here. How've you been?

CHLOE: I'm alright! It's good to see you. I just...wish it were under--

JOHN: ...Better circumstances, I know. But you know, I know that Brady wouldn't have wanted us to dwell on that, and that's exactly why I think this whole wake thing is a great idea.

Chloe smiles, a little misty-eyed. she nods in agreement with John.



Sami and Laura arrive at the Town Square, and Marlena, who has been chatting with Maggie, Roman, Eric, and Nicole (begrudgingly), smiles and reaches out to greet Sami and Laura with hugs.

MARLENA: Ohh it's good to see you both.

SAMI: Hey Mom.

While hugging Laura, Marlena begins to get emotional, and holds her eyes shut a moment to fight back tears.

MARLENA:Ohh, what a...bittersweet day. I'm glad you both could come. You came together?

Sami hesitates to answer, looking Laura's way before telling her mother.

SAMI: Uh...yeah, Laura was at the...house, she offered me a ride down.

Marlena nods, trying to read between the lines. Sami senses Marlena's probing and is immediately uncomfortable.

MARLENA: I see. Sami, you sure you're okay?

Sami responds a bit defensively, hoping Marlena will back off.

SAMI: Yes, Mom. I'm fine. Promise.

MARLENA: Alright. You're in good hands with Laura.

Sami, a bit relieved that Marlena isn't probing any further, smiles.

SAMI: I know.

Hoping to change the subject, Sami interrupts the group's conversation with an almost-too-cheerful question for the group.

SAMI: Hey! Uh, has anyone seen Will or Sonny yet?



Sonny walks into Club TBD, looking more than a little nervous as he looks Will's way. Will sits at the bar, a sour, pissed off look on his face.

SONNY: Will.

WILL: So...hard at work at the club, I see.

SONNY: Will, I--

WILL: ...NO excuses, Sonny. Now, do you wanna tell me where you actually were? Or should I give you this ring back now?

Sonny looks mortified at Will, as his biting question hits him.




Eric stands with the group at Town Square, responding to Sami's question.

ERIC: Haven't seen Will or Sonny yet, why?

SAMI: Well...I wanted to thank them for the offer to stay with them while I was....working on my issues with EJ. I think I'll be okay there at the mansion for now, there's a whole empty wing I can stay in for the time being, and...they're a bit of a full house right now.

Marlena's far from thrilled by the news, and pipes up immediately.

MARLENA: No! No, Sami...you can stay with me if you like.

SAMI: Mom, it's okay. I'll be fine.

Sami immediately tries to change the subject again, hoping her mother will stop trying to insert herself into her affairs.

SAMI: Speaking of Will and Sonny, they've been trying to...give me some news for the past while. Has anyone found out what it is? I'm so curious.

MARLENA: Yes! They did tell me the other day at lunch. They had been hoping to tell you first, actually.

Sami's standoffishness quickly changes, as her own nosiness into HER child's life creeps in. The others in the conversation smile with anticipation.

SAMI: Oooh, tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

MARLENA: Well...I really shouldn't be saying anything. I don't wanna steal their thunder, but...

Everyone huddles up like schoolchildren in on the latest gossip, giggling in anticipation.

MAGGIE: Come on! Tell us!

MARLENA: Okay, okay! (laughs)

Marlena takes Sami by the hands and smiles excitedly as she tells Sami the news.

MARLENA: Your son, and Sonny are engaged to be married.

Sami's eyes light up. The first bit of great news she's had in awhile. She's speechless, as the others in the group gasp in excitement, then begin to chatter away excitedly to each other. Everyone, that is, except for Eric, who looks on in stunned silence, trying to absorb the news.



JJ and Jennifer are having a tense moment in the park just outside Town Square. JJ looks to a stunned Jennifer with worry, as he tells her about what he'd just seen.

JENNIFER: What did you just say?

JJ: Okay, so I...I came to Brady's memorial and on the way in, I saw Liam off the side of the park, and he was on the phone.

Jenn looks at JJ, a bit confused.


JJ: He was talking about Abigail's trip. And something about...keeping tabs--

JENNIFER: Woah, woah, woah, no, STOP! JJ, seriously. This has got to stop. First Daniel, now Liam?

Now JJ looks at Jenn, confused as to what she's talking about.

JJ: Wh...what? I don't--

JENNIFER: First you do everything you can to tear me and Daniel apart, and I understood, because you miss your father, and now, once you decide that, oh, Daniel's okay, and I move on with someone else, you decide to go after Liam? I mean, JJ, are you ever gonna be happy with any man that comes into my life?

JJ: Yes! But I don't trust this guy.

JENNIFER: Don't lie to me. You've done enough of that today already.

JJ: Mom, I was respecting Abigail's wishes. Mom, she didn't even want ME to know where she was going. She told me she was going to California. I had to sneak a look at her boarding pass to find out she was actually heading to Rome.

Jenn looks away, incredulous.


JJ: And I'm worried, because when I heard Liam on that phone, he--

A voice interrupts JJ, causing both he and Jennifer to jump.


LIAM: ...I was trying to figure out where she was and if she was okay.

JJ looks on in fear as Liam walks into the park.


Sami steps away from the group, taking a moment to step aside and grabs her cell phone. Holding it up, she texts EJ.

did u read the news? if not, check the spectator website

Sami hits 'send' and looks back up. She talks quietly to herself.

SAMI: Hopefully EJ has some insight on how we can make this deal work for us.

She smiles slyly before turning back to the crowd and rejoins the conversations.


Will and Sonny step into the office at Club TBD, and Sonny shuts the door to the room behind him. Will leans against the desk, arms folded, a contemptuous look on his face, while Sonny is looking worried himself, but angered by Will's outburst in the main room.

SONNY: There, now we can talk like adults instead of some trashy reality show!

WILL: Why? Didn't want your three patrons out there to hear what a rotten liar you are?

SONNY: Will, enough!

Sonny steps toward Will, his expression and tone become a much cooler, calmer one as he continues.

SONNY: I need you to understand what happened today--

WILL: ...Oh, you mean you need to explain why you lied and said you'd be at the Club when you were really...?

Sonny looks down, away from Will. Will follows his eyes, making sure Sonny never gets an opportunity to look away from him. Sonny rolls his eyes.

WILL: Not gonna tell me? Do I really need to take this ring off, for real?

SONNY: How dare you even suggest that...let alone twice.

WILL: Sonny, you need to understand something. I have had such an unstable upbringing between all the guys that my mom would force out of her life,and mine, of course...that I don't put up with lies. And if we're going into this on lies, then we aren't going into it at all. You understand me?

SONNY: Alright. I get it.

Will gestures, waiting for Sonny to spill the beans.

WILL: So? I'm waiting. Where were you this afternoon instead of at the club?

Sonny sighs heavily, closing his eyes as he confesses.

SONNY: I went to see Victor about his company hiring you.

Will shakes his head in stunned disbelief.



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JJ/Jennifer/Liam - Very realistic scene here. That Jennifer would not believe JJ based on what he did when he first came to Salem. Very plausible...and I'm really fearing for JJ and Jenn because Liam overheard them, and now Liam knows that JJ is suspicious.

Marlena/Sami - I can definitely see Sami trying to avoid the subject with Marlena trying to dig as only Marlena does.

Victor/Chloe/John/Nicole - Very in character rant from Victor to Chloe, recalling her history with Brady...and Chloe just took it...

Sonny/Will - Sonny finally told Will what he was doing...the beginning of the end perhaps? Sonny has to face the repercussions going behind Will's back like that.

GOOD EPISODE....Very simple episode as we got closer to Brady's memorial service, and JJ has put he and his mother in danger...

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three patrons. lmao! Shady.

I really like the vic and Chloe scenes. Very in character and I do love Vics rants that he goes on. Glad John played peace keeper.

I also like the history of Sami feeling uncomfortable with Marlena.

JJ needs to learn how to get to the point better lolol. Of course Jennifer thinks the worst of him and while she does have reason I wish she would shut up and listen, but looks like that is too late. I wonder what Liam will do in reaction to this and I do want to see what. Could be fun with both JJ and Jenn in trouble.

Good confrontation with Will and Sonny. I can feel Will getting all riled up over this. Good character driven story.

It was actually a very character driven episode altogether. You know the characters very well and that is great.

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I just love Old man Victors mouth. Yes u let Chloe have it. So funny he is.

SO I dont think JJ ever got the chance to tell his mom what he wanted but what a great come back from jenn in thinking JJ is just trying to keep men out of her life THis will make JJ have to work even harder to prove to his mom that he is right and that something was off about LIAM!. And now Liam knows for a fact that he heard what was said over the phone. SO now I bet JJ is on Liam's radar.

Will shut yo crying ass up

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Loved this episode! Another good one!

Sami: I like that she is trying to move on a little bit. She does not understand, that her world will never be the same with E.J. Maybe she will... soon LOL!

Chloe/John: I kind of enjoyed when John jumped in. But, when it happened, I was missing Victor's lines LOL. He just cracks me up with the things that he says to Chloe every time she visits. However, it is true.

Jennifer/Liam/JJ: I think Jennifer needs to listen. She never wants too. Then, when she is hurt, she cries all over the place. But, when she picks back up with someone who is mysterious, she doesn't want to listen. #ANNOYING

Sonny/Will: Sonny needs to know that he is in the wrong. Will is actually trying to tell Sonny. But, he won't get off his high horse. BUT! I think Will needs to climb off of his too, and realize that Sonny is trying to get him away from Victor sucking him in.

GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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