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DAYS #66: Will catches Sonny in his lie, Brady's wake begins





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


Laura reaches out to Sami, as they stand in the foyer of the DiMera Mansion, and Sami gives Laura a grateful hug, almost needing Laura to keep her upright from the emotional exertion she just went through.

SAMI: Thank you so very much, Laura. I....seriously don't know how I could have got through the day without your help.

LAURA: It's my pleasure.Sami, you've grown so much, and...I want you to remember, no matter what's happened in your past, whatever you may have said or done, you're a fantastic mother. And I know you love Johnny so very much. Just remember that.

Sami nods, trying to hold herself together, wiping away tears from her face.

SAMI: I'll try. Umm..hey! Are you going to Brady's memorial today?

LAURA: Yes! I was just going to call Marlena and let her know I'm on my way. Did you...did you need a ride over?

SAMI: Uh...yeah! I can totally go with you. Let me just...grab my keys and a couple other things.

LAURA: Sure.

Sami runs into the living room to grab her things, including her tablet. As she picks it up, she sees a notification on the screen. It catches her eye and she unlocks the screen to read it more closely.

SAMI: Oh my God!

Laura looks up, concerned by Sami's outburst.

The screen reads out the headline from the Salem Spectator's website that's gone around town.


Sami looks up at Laura, the shock still on her face.

LAURA: Sami? What's wrong?

SAMI: Uh...I...nothing. Let's go!

Laura seems unconvinced, but smiles halfheartedly anyway, as Sami guides her out the door of the house.



Will and Gabi lock up the apartment, Gabi rocking the stroller with Ari inside back and forth gently. Will turns to Gabi, still stewing over Sonny's lie. He holds his cell phone in his hand, looking up at Gabi while he texts.

WILL: So, I'll meet you and Ari at Town Square?

GABI: Sure. I hope you guys are alright.

WILL: Yeah...so do I.

Gabi leans over to give Will a hug, before heading off.

GABI: Okay, I'll see you then. Let me know what happens with Sonny.

WILL: Yeah...I will.

Will looks up, sighing heavily as he thinks back to Sonny's rushed exit from the apartment.


FLASHBACK to Episode 64


Sonny turns to grab his jacket from the closet, and calls out to Gabi and Will.

SONNY: I have to go for a minute....there's a...uh...problem with a shipment at the club. Meet you at Town Square?

WILL: Alright.



It's T, calling from the club, where a rush of rowdy customers are calling out to T, who's a bit frazzled behind the bar.

T: Uh...hey, Will! It's T. Any idea where Sonny is?


WILL: I...yeah, he's on his way to the club now, T. Didn't he just tell you that?


T looks confused, looking over his shoulder as he speaks, holding up one finger to a customer.

T: Uh, no. Sonny hasn't spoken with us since this morning, dude. Look, it's really busy at the club, and I can't get Sonny to answer his phone, so can you just let him know to come down here ASAP when he can?


Will shakes his head, as he finishes up his text to Sonny.

How r things @ the club?

WILL: I'm gonna find out what you're up to, Sonny.



JJ runs back into the Town Square to try to avoid getting caught by Liam, who was just in the adjacent park. He tries to casually walk over to get his mother's attention before Liam comes back, but is too late, as he turns around to see Liam surprise Jennifer by wrapping his arms around her as she stands at a nearby table. JJ looks on in fear at the exchange, now worried about his mother's safety.



Maggie knocks on Victor's office door at Titan, as he finishes up putting his documents into his briefcase and closes it up. He looks up and smiles.

VICTOR: Maggie! Aren't you a sight for sore eyes!

Maggie smiles warmly as she walks into the room, ever so casually. She laughs a bit at Victor's comment, obviously flattered.

MAGGIE: Ohh...you're either the sweetest man on Earth, or you had a really rough day.

VICTOR: I'd say a bit of both.

Maggie smiles again as she walks towards her husband, wrapping her arms around his collar.

MAGGIE: You know what? I'll take it.

Maggie quickly kisses Victor on the lips before continuing.

MAGGIE: Now. I've been busy all morning helping Caroline out with the memorial for Brady, and you still haven't told me whether or not you're even going to be there or not.

Victor's face drops at Maggie's implied question. He sighs loudly as he tries to answer.

VICTOR: Maggie--

MAGGIE: Victor, come on now. You heard what Hope said. That car was travelling too fast for Brady to survive.

Maggie pulls Victor's face to look right into her eyes. She barely blinks as she tries to talk sense to Victor.

MAGGIE: Honey, I know you're skeptical. I understand why you would be. But you have to face the real probability that Brady didn't survive that crash.





At the Town Square, Jenn chats with Marlena, Eric, and Caroline about Brady, while Liam is off at the desserts table that has been set up for the guests. JJ finally sees an opportunity to talk privately to his mother about what he heard Liam say, and excuses himself from his conversation with Kayla, Adrienne and Justin, interrupting Adrienne's comment as politely as he can.

JJ: Sorry, Aunt Adrienne, I...just gotta ask my mom something real quick.

ADRIENNE: Okay, sure thing, sweetie.

JJ: Thanks.

JJ smiles as he walks off, over to his mother, tapping her gently on the shoulder. Jenn turns to face him, still with that hint of motherly disappointment thanks to their earlier conversation about Abigail's whereabouts.

JJ: Uh, sorry, Mom?

JENNIFER: Hey, Honey!

JJ: Uh...I...when you got a second free, it's...really important I talk to you...alone.

Jenn looks to him, concerned.

JENNIFER: Sure. Is something wrong?

JJ looks around to make sure Liam's still a ways away.

JJ: Uh...yeah. But I think...if we have a minute now might be a good--


As JJ finishes his sentence, Nicole arrives, with a special someone in tow, Chloe. Chloe's arrival stirs everyone in the room and Jenn is immediately distracted by her arrival. Jenn appears pleased but tense with Chloe arriving, reminded of Chloe's machinations from her last visit to Salem. Caroline, however, is pleased to see her.

CAROLINE: Chloe! How good to see you!

Caroline heads over to give her a hug, as Jenn looks up at JJ and smiles. She leans over and whispers to him.

JENNIFER: Yeah, now might be a good time.

JJ: Let's go to the park?


Jennifer takes JJ by the arm and heads over toward the park. As they head off, Liam heads back to where Jenn had been and can't find her. He scans the crowd and sees nobody, and begins to look around the square in vain.

Caroline, Marlena, Eric, and Nicole, meanwhile, hang back to chat with Chloe, catching up with her and reminiscing about Brady. The group is laughing as Chloe tells them stories about her adventures.

CHLOE: ...So I've mostly been dealing with the more...mature ladies and gentlemen, that kind of fans instead of screaming teenage girls, you know?

MARLENA: I'm so glad your singing is going well for you again.

CAROLINE: So am I! We were so worried when you came back from that accident all those years ago.

CHLOE: Honestly, it took a lot of time, training, and patience, but...you know...Brady was always there to help me.

Chloe begins to choke up, thinking back on Brady. She smiles through her tears.

CHLOE: If he hadn't been there for me, I don't think I would've made it back. Oh my God, I'm gonna miss him.

Nicole leans over to give Chloe a comforting hug, as Victor walks in with Maggie in tow. Clearly having overheard the end of Chloe's story, he makes his presence known with a snide remark.

VICTOR: And it's too bad you did come back, seeing as this whole mess we're in now is your fault.

Chloe turns around quickly to face Victor, visibly upset by yet another of his abusive remarks at her expense.


In the park, JJ leads Jenn, before taking her arm and huddling in closer to her, trying to be as quiet about what he knows as possible. Jenn stands back, concerned for her son.

JENNIFER: Okay, what did you need to talk to me about?

JJ: Okay, well...before I tell you, you have to promise me you're not gonna freak out.

Jenn folds her arms, convinced JJ's done something to make her freak out.

JENNIFER: I can't guarantee anything, JJ.

JJ: No, Mom, I'm serious. This is...really important, and you need to know.

JENNIFER: Know what, JJ? Is this about your sister? Because, honestly, I don't know if I can handle much more bad news about her--

JJ: ...Not...not really. I mean, yes, but...

JENNIFER: Oh, God, JJ! What is going on--

JJ: It's about Liam!

Jennifer looks at JJ, stopped in her tracks by his connecting Liam to Abigail's departure from Salem.


Will arrives at Club TBD, and notices the immediately the crowds have dissipated. He looks over to see a relaxed T behind the bar. He notices Will come in and nods at Will in greeting.

WILL: Hey, T. So...did Sonny ever come around?

T: Nah, man. I'm proud of myself, man. I took care of the whole crowd and CLEANED UP. Look, look, look, look.

T reaches into his pockets and pulls out the tips he's collected over the past couple hours. Will looks surprised and laughs with T, slapping his buddy on the back in approval.

WILL: Oh my God, that's amazing. Just...just tips?

T: 100%, dude!

WILL: I...Wow!

T: Yep. So...okay, so did you pass along the message to Sonny.

WILL: I...no, I never had a chance, I just...was on my way out anyway so I decided to come down myself but...it looks like you got it all under control.

T: Yeah, man! Totally!

Will looks down at his phone, having felt a buzz in his pocket. T looks over his shoulder.

T: That Sonny?

WILL: Yeah.

Will checks Sonny's message and frowns, shaking his head at Sonny's response:

yeah got it all figured out, heading out soon


Sonny walks casually past the Brady Pub, texting as he walks. The same frown on his face as Will. He sees Will's response come up on his phone:

gonna call u. got a question

Sonny sighs.

SONNY: Uh oh.

As Sonny's phone rings, he picks up almost immediately.

SONNY: (into phone) Hey Will.


Will looks off, a bit of a bitchy look on his face as he speaks to Sonny.

WILL: (into phone) Hey Sonny, Gabi and I are just heading down the Town Square. I had to pass on a message to T, can I speak to him a moment?


Sonny's eyes widen, a bit panicked by Will's question. He kicks into action and walks away from the pub toward TBD.

SONNY: I, uh...he's downstairs at the moment, just grabbing some condiments for--


Will interrupts Sonny, a smug grin on his face as he cuts in.

WILL: Oh, never mind. He's right here. Say 'hi', T!

Will passes the phone over to T, who awkwardly takes the phone from Will, not sure what he's getting himself into.

T: Hey, Sonny! Where were you, man? It was a madhouse down here!


The colour drains from Sonny's face as he realizes he's been caught. He stops in place, taking a second to figure out what he'll do. Unable to respond for a moment, Sonny stammers as he tries to collect himself enough to continue walking towards the club.

SONNY: I...uh...I'll be there in a sec.


WILL: Yeah, you better be. And you better have a really good explanation, too.

Will hangs up the phone, before slamming it down on the bar. Will breathes in deeply, frustrated, hurt, and angry at his fiance for his lie, but also worried what Sonny was actually up to.



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WHat a great ending!!! I knew it was going there and you set it up so very well. Bitchy look on Wills face yea thats right kuz he is a bitch.

UH Caroline I love you and all but I got news for you honey love, not everyone. LOL. Victor had my setiments about Chloe's return. Bye Chloe. Big eyed frog.

I must say again how clever it was for Will to trap Sonny in his lies.

And Damn JJ just spit it out ur damn mouth!!! We went through this whole show and JJ still couldnt get it out LMAO!!!!

Great Show!!

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  • Members

A lot of nice Salem interactions at the funeral. Of course Victor gets in Chloe's face. Glad Chloe is at the funeral tho. She should be.

The scenes with Maggie and Vic came along tense. I like that crabby tough ol Vic is holding out for hope showing his human side.

I reallyyyy like this vulnerable Sami and Laura helping her out.

Im quite looking forward to this sonny and will confrontation. I am enjoying both aggressive sonny and bitchy will.

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LAURA/SAMI - Sami is doing the mature thing by getting help, but as soon as I thought she turned the corner, she reverts to a familiar form when she finds out about Titan TV LOL

JJ/JENNIFER - Soap interruption when JJ attempts to tell Jennifer about what he heard a few minutes earlier. NOW this is moving :)


Good to see Chloe return. Brady had a very big impact on her life and vice versa.

Victor is obviously distraught about his grandson. He had already lost Isabella and now have to deal with this. Gotta be hard for him, but no it's not Chloe's fault about what happened to Brady.

SONNY/WILL - I'm glad you are exploring this. TV's Days writers do not hold Sonny accountable for what he does. Going behind Will's back to stop him from getting a job is grimey, and any spouse should not go to those lengths to stop them from making a living (this is a soap so it happens and makes for good story). There needs to be repercussions from this, and I'm looking forward to seeing what those are going to be.

GOOD work!!

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  • Members

LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! Really well written and fast moving.

JJ/Jennifer: I liked that JJ pulled away. Jennifer needs to know who Liam is, before she does anything serious. I just hope that Jenn can get on his trail, before he comes back to interrupt.

Laura/Sami: I do love how you write Sami with a true back bone. She spent some of her years with out one. But, you are letting us see a different side to her, that I am enjoying. KEEP THIS UP PLEASE!!!

Sonny/Will: I love what you are doing with these two. You are finally giving them a story that means something. Unlike, how the TV version does. You are having Sonny accountable, instead of Will becoming Sami 2.0. I like this route muccccchhhhh better!

Brady's Memorial: I loved how you kicked things off. Seeing Chloe back was great! I liked how you let us know where she left off, and what she was doing. Usually DAYS just sweeps her 1 week returns under the rugs LOL. Can't wait to see how the Brady story line impacts Salem in the future. You are doing a really good job with this.

KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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