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Epi. 10: Viki comforts Blair, Jack is attacked!

JM Fanfiction



Blair is sitting on the couch when Viki walks into the living room

Blair- hey Viki! What brings you by?

Viki- Oh just came by to see how you and the kids are hanging in?

Blair- we're hanging in there the best that we can.

Viki- is there anything that you need me to do anything at all?

Blair- uh... yeah there is something that I need you to do for me.

Viki- you just name it!



Karen is sitting on the sofa drinking a cup of coffee when she hears a knock at the door. Karen walks over and answers the door, receiving a slap across the face.

Karen- what the hell was that for?

Nora- for letting your son turn my son gay!

Nora has a pissed off look on her face



Matthew is in his kitchen when he hears a knock at the door, he answers the door to see Noah standing there

Matthew- what the hell do you want?

Noah- I came by to see how you are handling things now that your parents know that you are gay.

Matthew- What's it to you? You never really cared, you just wanted to ruin my life.

Noah- what are you talking about? I didn't do anything to hurt you.

Matthew- yeah right... then how the hell did someone catch us kissing? They had to have been following you.

Noah- no one has been following me.

Matthew- and how do you know for sure!

Noah- Okay maybe I don't know for sure or not if someone was following me or not but it wasn't my fault that they took the picture and sent it to your mother. Matthew you have to know that I love you and that I'd never do anything to hurt you or Drew. You have to believe me. Tell me you believe me!



Bo is sitting on the couch drinking when he has a flash back from the night before.

Matthew- So what if I'm gay? Are you going to hate me?

Bo flashes back as their is a knock on the door, Bo walks over and answers the door.

Bo- David now is not a good time.

David- when is it ever a good time and besides I just heard about Matthew being a little fairy queen, and I thought I'd get your reaction on camera. So tell me Pap how does it feel to have a gay son?

Bo- I'm really not in the mood for this David.

David- come on you can't leave me hanging the viewers want to know the juicy details.

Bo- I am perfectly okay with having a gay son. The fact that he can finally be honest about himself makes me even prouder to be his father.



Shows Jack slowly walking through the park as he comes across where Zack had raped him two nights ago. Jack has a tear go down his face as he starts to walk off he bumps into a girl.

Jack- Oh I'm so sorry.

Girl- no it's my fault I should have been watching where I was going. Hi I'm Ali!

Jack- Jack! It's nice to meet you.

Ali- you too, have you been crying?

Jack- what me crying? No, men don't cry.

Ali- Okay if you say so... Well it was nice bumping into you.

Jack- you too.

Ali walks off as Jack just stands there for a second. Jack gets ready to walk off as he is hit over the head by a metal object, Jack falls to the ground.



A police officer is sitting behind a desk when a woman walks up beside him

Woman- excuse me I'm looking for Officer Quinn

Officer Quinn- that would be me! Can I help you with anything?

Woman- I'm FBI agent Olivia Carson and I'm here to talk to you about the death of Todd Manning.


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Interesting episode.

I have to say I think my favorite storyline has to be the Matthew gay thing. It gives a character some new layers, that we really haven't gotten a chance to see. And Nora, is completely playing all the emotions that she should be. It is interesting that David throws his opinion in on some things. He always has to say something LOL. I feel so sorry for Blair. Anyways, Olivia Carson. Investigating Todd's death. I wonder what is up with that.


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